AJ Styles talks video games, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, more

Apr 11, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

From Evan Prout:

AJ Styles stopped by Under the Mat Radio to discuss his love for wrestling, video games, working in Japan and so much more! You can listen to the full interview below; here are some of the highlights:

AJ Styles on what types of video games he enjoys:

“I’m definitely not an RPG (Role Playing Game) guy I hate RPG games that’s out of the question (laughing while stating this). I enjoy sports games but one of my favorite games is not for the Xbox One they discontinued its NCAA Football so I’m a little bummed out. Madden is cool and all but I’m more of a college guy I’m from down south.”

AJ Styles on the movie The Last Dragon:

“Oh how could you not love that movie it’s a classic. The movie is awesome I’ve watched probably a couple of thousands of times if I could have it on DVD I’d have my boys watch it. I remember as a kid watching this movie thinking the acting sucks. I remember Ernie was in it he did the break dancing beating up his dad.”

AJ Styles on setting up the classic Unbreakable 2005 match with Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe:

“Well you know the crazy thing is we did get together (before the match). Joe’s fault as well as mine he went home early we winged like 10mins of that match on the fly. We talked about and there were a lot of things that could’ve been in the match that was awesome but got cut. It still turned out to be a great match I still think to this day how oh my gosh how awesome it could’ve been if we went with what we had.”

AJ Syles also discusses how he hates Michael Bay movies, thoughts on Optimus Prime, Samoa Joe temper, wrestling injuries, and much more in this exclusive 90-minute interview on Under the Mat Radio.


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