Jim Ross Talks Reaction to WrestleMania 31 Build-Up, Sting vs. Triple H, The Undertaker, More

Mar 29, 2015 - by Marc Middleton

– Jim Ross recently spoke with Cult of Whatever’s Josh Modaberi. The full interview can be found at this link. Below are highlights:

Sting vs. Triple H at WrestleMania 31:

I’ve known Sting since his rookie year, I’ve known him his entire career, he is one of the most honourable, respectful and respected men in the business. This is his WrestleMania moment, at his stage of the game I don’t expect him to have another one, I think he will have one WrestleMania appearance and I’m hopeful that he wins his match on Sunday.

Whether this will be The Undertaker’s last match:

I have no idea and I’m guessing as is everybody else that says they know, the fact is they don’t know, the only person that knows is Undertaker. I think for him to have the opportunity to go out in his last match in his home state in a stadium that, for wrestling, seats over 100,000 people [WrestleMania 32 will be held at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas] is an amazing opportunity for his last match.

John Cena vs. Rusev:

I think John Cena wins the United States title, and goes about his business of trying to regenerate his popularity, so I see Cena winning. If WWE is really serious about Rusev’s undefeated streak then Rusev would win perhaps by sportsman like means. I think from what I’ve seen and the build, John Cena is going to win and he will go about his business of helping add an additional shine to the luster of the United States title.

The WrestleMania build-up:

Everybody can complain and bitch and moan about the build up as if everybody is a booker and have done it before. Now we are talking about all of these things and we’re not sure what is going to happen, we had another card play just this week that Lesnar is staying with WWE, it makes everything so perplexing, it’s a very unique situation. The build may not have suited everybody but where we are today and leading into Sunday now is extremely intriguing and something I will certainly not miss for anything, I will be watching just like any other fan very intently and very closely.

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