More on the passing of Perro Aguayo Jr.

Mar 21, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

Pedro Aguayo Ramirez, AAA’s Lucha Libre star better known as Perro Aguayo Jr., passed away in hospital after injuries he suffered in the ring during a tag team match in which Rey Mysterio was involved. The match, between Aguayo Jr., and Manik vs Rey Mysterio and Xtreme Tiger continued as Aguayo Jr., stayed motionless hanging on the ropes as he was about to get a 619. Mysterio missed the double 619 as Manik moved and he went over Aguayo Jr., and then Konan tried to revive him at ringside as the match went on. The whole incident started when Aguayo Jr., was hit with a missile dropkick and then was quickly on the receiving end of a hurricanrana from Mysterio which sent him out of the ring. When he entered the ring again, Mysterio dropkicked him and Aguayo Jr., then lands on the ropes ready to take the 619 but at that point he was already gone. EMTs took quite a while to respond but eventually came out in numbers. There was not even a stretcher available so they used a large board to transport Aguayo Jr., to the back. Footage shot from the ringside cameraman shows the chaos that erupted when it was realized that he was unresponsive. Aguayo Jr., was transferred from the Municipal Auditorium to Del Prado Hospital earlier today and at 1AM he was pronounced dead. A video published by TV Azteca Baja California shows the backstage chaos and Aguyao, Jr., being transferred from the board to a proper stretcher and
wheeled into a waiting ambulance. According to the El Mexicano newspaper, the cause of death was listed as whiplash although other reports suggest it might have been some kind of spinal injury. In a message on Twitter, AAA wrote, ”The grief overwhelms our hearts. Rest in peace, El Hijo del
Perro Aguayo.” Manik, who was his tag team partner yesterday, also wrote, “Life goes so fast man. I can’t believe some of us pack our bags and don’t
make it home.” The whole thing was caught on video and judging by how Aguayo Jr., was not responding in the ring it’s most likely that he passed on the spot as soon as Mysterio hit the final dropkick.

(thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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