Chris Jericho on Fan Reactions to Roman Reigns, Picking Matches for His New WWE DVD

Mar 20, 2015 - by Marc Middleton

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– Chris Jericho recently spoke with IGN to promote his new WWE DVD. Below are highlights:

IGN: I know you were involved with The Road is Jericho, but how much so? How much of it did you get to curate? The match selection, is that all you?

Chris Jericho: Yeah, one hundred percent all me. I mean, they send me a bullet point list and so I get to choose the ones off there that I want to use. But then also I get to pick some new ones. I see a match with X-Pac on the list but then I know that we had a better one in a cage at some point. So I go and track that one down and use that instead. But that’s the way that it has to be. I’m hands on with all the stuff that I do. Especially when it comes to something like a collection of my matches. I want people to see – not necessarily the greatest ones – but I want them to see the ones that hold a certain significance historically. Or the fact that they’re something a little bit different than from what they’re used to seeing. Or just something fun. So I was very much involved in the final decision on pretty much everything.

IGN: I’d like to get your take on WrestleMania, if I could. At some house shows, Daniel Bryan’s main eventing and Roman Reigns is in the mid-card. Do you think Reigns is currently ready for his match with Brock? Has he been positioned in the right way?

Jericho: Look, like I’ve said before, if you’re going to give someone a shot, give them a shot. There’ve been tons of guys who when they’ve been put in the main event at WrestleMania might not have been quote unquote ready. Who’s to say who’s ready and who’s not? Let’s see how the crowd reacts when they get there. But all I know is that Roman Reigns was everybody’s favorite guy until the Royal Rumble. And then everyone turned on Roman Reigns. It’s so funny how two days before, and the year before, everybody loved Roman Reigns. Everybody. All the fans did. And don’t tell me that you didn’t because they were all saying “Roman Reigns, Roman Reigns, Roman Reigns…what? Daniel Bryan didn’t win the Royal Rumble? We hate Roman Reigns! Boo!” And meanwhile, ever since then – I mean, we did house shows in Calgary and Edmonton and it was like Beatlemania. They were going nuts for him. And that was a week after the Royal Rumble. So I think that he is ready, as much as anyone can be ready in this day and age. So let’s see how it goes. I mean the match he had with Daniel Bryan at Fastlane was incredible. And you can’t tell me that it was all because of Daniel Bryan. Really? Because I always heard in the business that it takes two. And I think I’ve proven myself to be a fairly decent worker, so if I’m telling you it takes two, I think every fan should shut the hell up and listen to what I’m saying. He did a great job of living up to his end of the bargain and he’ll do the same thing at WrestleMania. They will leave no stone unturned to make that a great match. They will get all the benefits. All the bells and whistles. And as long as they can hold it together, I think it’s going to be great.

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