Backstage Update on WWE Taking a Shot at The Young Bucks, “Superkick Party” Talk

Mar 18, 2015 - by Marc Middleton

– It appears WWE is really still bitter over The Young Bucks turning down a tryout in 2014. We’ve noted how WWE has applied to trademark the “too sweet” hand gesture, which is used by The Young Bucks and New Japan Pro Wrestling’s popular Bullet Club stable.

We also noted how Mark Henry apparently took a shot at the brothers during his SmackDown segment with Roman Reigns last week as he said you “young bucks” haven’t been anywhere, talking down to Reigns.

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted on his message board that people within WWE report the line by Henry was indeed done to take a shot at The Bucks.

Back in February, WWE posted a “Fury” video on YouTube that was the “Superkick Party” edition. There was some chatter that this was also done to take a shot at the brothers and apparently that is the case. The term “Superkick Party” has been used by The Bucks for some time now.

We heard a few months back that the superkick move and the word “superkick” was being used on WWE TV a lot more. WWE has had restrictions on the move because it was once considered to be the sacred move of Shawn Michaels. There was talk within WWE that when The Bucks turned WWE down last year, WWE decided to up the use of superkicks in matches.

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