Snoop Dogg Has Words with WWE Superstar, JBL and Bill Simmons Trade Shots, Lilian Garcia, Stock

Mar 17, 2015 - by Staff

– WWE stock was down 2.78% today, closing at $16.07 per share. Today’s high was $16.48 and the low was $15.88.

– As noted, Lilian Garcia released a new single titled “Stung” today. She noted on Twitter that she’s working on a new CD to be released soon.

– WWE announcer JBL and ESPN’s Bill Simmons have been trading shots on Twitter as they prepare to announce next week’s RAW together. Simmons also said he will be calling just a few matches next week. Below are a few of their tweets:

– There has also been an exchange between rapper Snoop Dogg and Curtis Axel, setting up the potential for an angle. Here are their tweets:

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