ROH Trying to Stop WWE from Raiding Their Roster?, The Young Bucks In Talks for Exclusive Deal

Mar 16, 2015 - by Marc Middleton

– It’s been reported how WWE has their eye on several top indie talents, including Ring of Honor stars who are under contract. Word is that ROH officials are looking to lock in several talents that are not currently locked in, possibly as a way to stop WWE from raiding their roster.

After last week’s FWE iPPV in Brooklyn, Reddit insider MetsFan4Ever wrote a report about how The Young Bucks were rumored to be close to signing exclusive, lucrative ROH deals. His report noted that the hold-up had to do with merchandise sales and The Young Bucks being able to work Pro Wrestling Guerrilla shows in California, where they were booked when no one else would give them a chance. While The Bucks have turned down a shot with WWE in the past, MetsFan4Ever claimed they’re not signing with ROH for another reason – because they want to keep their options open in case a secure WWE contract would be worth giving up the big New Japan Pro Wrestling money that they make.

PWInsider confirmed today that ROH is trying to lock in some of their talents, including The Young Bucks. If ROH does sign The Bucks, it will have a ripple effect on the indies as several promotions depend on The Bucks as headliners. ROH wants to sign The Bucks to a deal where they’re paid a full-time salary but are exclusive to ROH and ROH officials have the right to approve or deny any indie dates. ROH likely won’t stop The Young Bucks from working for New Japan Pro Wrestling, where they are big stars with The Bullet Club, but this likely will be a problem for the many indies that depend on the brothers.

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