GRP #93: WWE going after a hand gesture, Summerslam sold out, Chyna on You Tube, Jobber matches today, more

Mar 16, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

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GRP is Raw

In this edition of the Gerweck Report podcast, Steve Gerweck and Frank Dee discuss:

– DeMott refutes allegations of wrong doings as WWE head trainer
– Matt Bloom succeeds DeMott
– WWE braces for lawsuits regarding the DeMott situation
– What does the future hold for DeMott?
– Did WWE drop the ball with Matt Bloom’s wrestling career?
– TNA’s new set
– A look at the Wrestlemania 31 PPV card
– How they are booking Daniel Bryan for Wrestlemania
– The Warrior Award
– WWE going after hand gestures?
– Chyna’s YouTube clips
– The Great Khali wants to return to WWE?
– Summerslam is already sold out!
– Vince McMahon receives a raise
– WWE likely to sign Samoa Joe
– Would you fans watch jobber matches?
– Is John Cena WWE’s only superstar?
– Goldberg returning for one more match?
– And more on this 3/16 day!

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