Commentary: ‘There is a difference between being a drill sergeant and being a bully’

Mar 10, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

RJ Brewer

RJ Brewer via Facebook:

If the Bill Demott rumors are true, shame on him. If the WWE knew about the allegations and did nothing int the past to fix them, then a bigger shame on them. There is a difference between being a drill sergeant and being a bully. One is respected and the other isn’t. My wrestling training was hard, and often times those who couldn’t hang were weeded out quick, but trying to hurt people and degrade them based on skin color, race or nationality is despicable, especially from a “pg” and “anti bullying” company. There certainly is a chance that some people who trained under him had very thin skin and were sensitive, and there is also a good chance that he was a hired bully, paid to degrade his pupils. I was not there so will not take a side. Those defending him will naturally do that for a friend. Those attacking him may likely have valid claims. One thing I do know is that it was brought to WWE’s attention in the past. Regardless, there is a huge difference between hard work and making someone feel like a piece of shit. Nobody ever made me quit, even with military style training. The day someone insults my family or makes me undress and degrade another co worker is the last day I work for that company, and probably the day I get surgery on both my hands,

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