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Mar 6, 2015 - by Colin Vassallo

WWE Performance Center head trainer Bill DeMott has stepped down from his position following more allegations of abusive behavior. “I deny the recent allegations made about me, however, to avoid any embarrassment or damage to the WWE, I’ve decided to step down from my role effective immediately,” DeMott wrote on his Twitter. Two letters from former WWE developmental wrestlers, which were written and sent to WWE in 2013, were leaked this week, detailing DeMott’s aggressive and often rude behavior towards several up-and-coming Superstars. Allegations include no regard to the safety of the developmental wrestlers, name calling, verbally abusing the talent, and much more. Today, another former NXT developmental female wrestler released a story about sexual harassment cover-up by DeMott on the Reddit website. “In developmental, Bill scared us so much that it made us ashamed and scared to speak up about anything. The abusive environment was so hard to operate within, but that fear is very hard to leave behind. The few people who have come forward have alluded to some of what I want to talk about, but understand that this is a harder story to tell,” the anonymous poster going by the name of “DivaJaneDoe” wrote. You can read her full story at . DeMott returned to WWE in 2011 to resume his duties as trainer on Tough Enough and then replaced Tom Prichard as the head trainer at FCW a year later. Since then, Kevin Matthews, Mike Bucci, Devon Nicholson, Chad Baxter, Chase Donovan, Judas Devlin, Briley Pierce, Brandon Traven, and Derrick Bateman all came out publicly accusing DeMott of misconduct. WWE has always denied these allegations and after investigations were launched nothing wrong was found to substantiate the reports.

Today, Bill DeMott, the now former WWE head trainer at the Performance Center, felt the wrath and power of social media. After the two letters from 2013 leaked on Reddit, his name took Twitter by storm and his stories, all of them showing fear and abuse, didn’t went unnoticed this time. Some of his former students voiced their opinion on Twitter again yesterday and today. “Speaking out was not easy but silence makes losers of us all. Stand up against injustice @WWE #BeAStar and #firebilldemott,” Judas Draven wrote yesterday. Terra Calaway, a female wrestler who was apparently present at one of the infamous attacks, wrote a long rant on Twitter and ended with, “In wrestling, in life, anywhere… Bullies are not to be tolerated in any form.” Joey Ryan, another independent wrestler wrote, “It’s important to understand that nobody cost Bill DeMott his position other than himself. Intolerance & discrimination are unacceptable.” Current TNA wrestler Ethan Carter took a swipe at Chris Jericho yesterday after Chris Jericho defended DeMott in a message of his own. His message was deleted afterward, probably realizing it wasn’t smart to talk about it. Carter, who spent several years under a WWE developmental deal, wrote, “I love/sacrificed for pro wrestling. A Hart can stretch me any day. A know nothing dipsh*t slapping me when I’m concussed is different.” Kevin Matthews was one of the men who took charge in trying to get DeMott fired chimed in saying, “If @WWE fired him it would be them admitting all this was true (which they already knew). There was no other option then force him to quit.” Former WWE wrestler and big friend of CM Punk, Colt Cabana, sent his congratulations. “Congrats to so many. Finally one for the good guys.”

Colin Vassallo is the editor of Wrestling-Online

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