Who is the Greatest female wrestler? (Part II)

Feb 27, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

Greatest Female Wrestler tournament

On Sunday, the sixth annual March Madness tournament – The Greatest Female Wrestler – will kick off. You still have time to enter our give away content. I reached out to the wrestling community, wrestlers, journalists, etc. for their thoughts and opinions on whom is the greatest female wrestler of all time. Voting starts on Sunday…

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Roxy Rossi:
roxy rossi 050313
This is tough. Either the Fabulous Moolah or Trish Stratus. Moolah was the first woman inducted into the hall of fame and Stratus won the championship 7 times! So for old school I’m with moolah, and newer school Trish.

Sassy Stephie:
Sassy Stephanie 050311
My top 5 would be…. Moolah, Sherri, Trish, Sara Del Rey, and Allison Danger

Paige Turner:
Paige Turner 021914
I really liked Molly Holly.

Luscious Latasha:
Luscious Latasha 060913

Selene Grey:
Selene Grey 041214
Lita, Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim, prob more that I can’t think of right now

Brodus Clay/Tyrus:
brodus clay
Wendy R she changed the game

Terri Runnels:
madusa and terri 022112
Going with my friend Madusa!

Johnny The Bull:
Trish then Lita.

Paloma Starr:
Paloma Starr 110214
Fabulous Moolah

Ruby Raze 112614
Sara Del Rey

April Hunter:
april hunter
Mima Shimoda.

MaryKate Duignan Glidewell:
Andréa aka Rosie Lottalove 011915
Bull Nakano

Roger Lockridge:
I would say Moolah from the Original Era, Sherri from the 80’s-90’s and a three way tie between Trish, Lita, and Victoria from the modern era. Hope the tournament gets a lot of attention.

Mike Mooneyham:
Penny Banner and Fabulous Moolah.

Eric Perez:
In order Beth Phoenix, Mickie James, Lita

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