2/27/15 TNA Impact Wrestling Recap

Feb 27, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck


Impact Coverage by Bobby James
February 27, 2015

Impact Wrestling opens with a recap of MVP winning the gauntlet to become the number one contender to Lashley’s World Heavyweight Championship.

Kurt Angle enters the ring and calls out Lashley.

Angle says he worked for over a year to have another shot at the title. He declares that he’ll have his opportunity – and that after tonight, he hopes Lashley is still the champion, after facing The Beat Down Clan.

After Angle leaves, The BDC enters to confront the champ. Samoa Joe says Lashley should listen to Angle – and that all of Lashley’s success is owed to every member of The BDC. The fans responds with a chorus of boos and “You sold out!” chants.

MVP says The BDC is united – and that Lashley will be standing alone.

EC3, clippers in hand, enters with Tyrus in tow. Anderson and Spud are out next.

Mr. Anderson mocks Tyrus as the crowd taunts EC3 with a “You can’t wrestle!” chant. Anderson mounts Tyrus in the corner and connects with a series of rights. Spud tags in and continues the assault, until Tyrus overpowers Spud, slamming him to the mat.

Tyrus tags EC3. EC3 grabs Spud by the hair, but Spud counters with a kick to the face. Anderson is tagged back into the match, sending EC3 fleeing back to his corner. Tyrus and Anderson are again the legal men.

Anderson goes on the offensive and the crowd comes alive with a “We Want Spud!” chant. Tyrus takes a cheap shot, sending Spud flying off the apron. Tyrus and EC3 shift the momentum and take control of Mr. Anderson.

EC3 and Tyrus exchange tags and isolate Anderson. Spud reaches for a tag. Tyrus misses a splash from the ropes, allowing Anderson to make the tag! Spud connects with a couple knees to the head before a shining wizard. Spud grabs Tyrus by the head and runs up the turnbuckle – Spud connects with an Underdog!

The referee gets distracted by Spud and EC3, allowing Mr. Anderson to hit Tyrus with a low-blow and a Mic Check! Spud makes the cover to get the win!

Winners: Rockstar Spud and Mr. Anderson

Post-match: Tyrus rolls to the outside as Anderson and Spud stalk EC3 – to make him a client in Spud’s Barber Shop! Tyrus makes the save just in time.

Backstage: Ethan Carter III vows revenge!

Taryn Terrell enters the ring. She says she’s the champion of a locker room full of women she respects. She calls out Awesome Kong – inviting her to try taking the title. Gail Kim answers instead.

Gail says she respects Taryn as a woman – and as a champion – but she cautions Taryn against calling out Awesome Kong. Gail reminds Taryn of what Kong did to Havok. Then, she says Kong is the most dominant woman to ever compete in professional wrestling.

Taryn says she respects Gail and her opinion – but that she’s a fighting champion. Taryn says she needs to fight Kong. Gail leaves the ring. The arena goes dark and when the lights come up, Taryn is face to face with Kong!

Taryn charges Kong, but she’s powered down hard. Kong drops Taryn with an Implant Buster before grabbing the title and hoisting it into the air. Kong drops the belt beside the fallen champion and confidently takes her leave.

Backstage: MVP talks strategy with the rest of The BDC.

Backstage: Austin Aries is asked about MVP vs. Lashley. Aries says he has the perfect surprise ending for the show (he holds up his “Feast or Fired” briefcase).

Intergender Tag Team Match
Angelina Love and Robbie E vs. Brooke and Chris Melendez

DJ Z and Jessie Godderz accompany Angelina Love and Robbie E. Brooke enters before her partner, Sergeant Chris Melendez!

Melendez and Robbie E start that match. Robbie E swats at Brooke. Chris Melendez takes Robbie E down with a suplex. Chris Melendez puts Robbie E in an arm lock and Brooke tags herself in. Robbie E retreats and tags in Angelina Love.

Angelina makes a quick tag back to Robbie E. As Brooke chases after her ex, Angelina takes a cheap shot. Robbie E tags Angelina back into the match. Angelina goes on the offense, dropping Brooke with a series of slams. Angelina misses a clothesline in the corner and Brooke comes alive, sending Angelina into retreat.

Robbie E makes a tag, unknown to Brooke. Brooke climbs the turnbuckle – and Robbie E shoves her from the top rope! He makes the cover and the pin for the win. The BroMans and Angelina use a selfie stick to take a picture with the fallen Knockout.

Winners: Robbie E and Angelina Love

Backstage: Ethan Carter III corners Rockstar Spud in the locker room. He turns on the clippers! Spud screams from inside the dressing room. Anderson rushes in to make the save – but EC3 got a chunk of hair! Tyrus makes the save for EC3.

Backstage: Gunner confronts Kurt Angle about his passive attitude regarding The BDC. Gunner says Angle needs a little motivation – he slaps Angle in the face!

Austin Aries enters the arena! The crowd chants “Aries!”

Aries says, “I have a first name, too!” The crowd changes the chant to “Austin Aries!” He says everyone’s jockeying for power in TNA – but that he has all the power in his hand. He holds up his “Feast or Fired” briefcase.

Aries asks what if he decided to cash in tonight – what if the night ended with “And your NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion – Austin Aries?”

Samoa Joe comes from the back. He says Aries has no chance of cashing in the briefcase. Joe says that he can snap his fingers and make sure Aries cashes in nothing ever again. Aries asks what happened to Samoa Joe. He wonders if Joe is MVP’s lap dog – if he gives MVP foot rubs and gets him chamomile tea.

Joe threatens to snap Aries’ neck. Aries accepts the challenge and dives out of the ring at Samoa Joe!

Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe

Aries and Joe’s impromptu battle carries into the ring. Aries dominates the “Samoan Submission Machine” and gets a two-count. Joe counters a brainbuster attempt by hanging Aries over the top rope and sending him to the outside with a huge kick to the face!

Joe drives Aries into the steel steps, then he tosses him into the steps again for good measure. He rolls Aries back into the ring and crowds him into the corner. Joe is relentless with a series of stomps. Joe connects with a running knee and a headbutt to the kidneys.

Joe and Aries trade forearm shots, but Aries gets the better of the exchange before Joe counters with an atomic drop, a stiff kick and a splash! Joe locks in a bear hug. Aries boxes Joe’s ears. Joe rakes the eyes, but when he charges Aries, he’s sent to the outside.

Aries jumps from the turnbuckle and connects with a clubbing blow. Joe rolls into the ring and Aries mounts some offense. Aries attempts another brainbuster; Joe counters into a full nelson. Joe attempts a muscle buster; Aries counters into a school boy.

Samoa Joe kicks out before two and Aries locks in the Last Chancery. Kenny King comes to ringside and distracts Aries with his briefcase. Aries sends Joe into King before connecting with a crucifix and a 450 splash for the win.

Winner: Austin Aries

Post-match: Low Ki and Kenny King rush into the ring and a three-on-one attack ensues. The BDC drapes Austin Aries over a table. Low Ki climbs the ropes and comes down with a Warrior’s Way – but the table doesn’t break! Joe crashes onto Aries, sending him through the table the rest of the way!

Backstage: Lashley says that if MVP wants to be the champion – he’ll have to go through him. Lashley says he didn’t ask for – and doesn’t need – Angle’s help.

Backstage: MVP enlists Eric Young to help make the title change hands.

British Boot Camp Match:
Nolan Dar vs. Rampage Brown

Nolan Dar and Rampage Brown start what has the potential to be a competitive match, but they’re interrupted by Bram.

Bram destroys the rookie competitors by dropping each with an Impaler DDT. Bram grabs a microphone and asks Magnus if this looks familiar. He calls out Magnus, now!

Grado responds to Bram’s call. Grado climbs into the ring and gets in Bram’s face. Bram powers through Grado and drops him with an Impaler DDT as well.

Bram screams, “I’m waiting for your Magnus!” before leaving the arena as his victims reel in pain.

Winner: No Contest

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
MVP vs. Lashley (c)

MVP, accompanied by The BDC, awaits the champion. “The Destroyer” Lashley enters powerfully and confidently.

Lashley takes MVP off his feet with a huge clothesline. The champion dominates early with a hanging vertical suplex, but their fight spills to the outside. The BDC attempts interference. While the official, Brian Stiffler, is distracted by The BDC, MVP takes control with a running kick to Lashley’s face.

Stiffler ejects Low Ki from ringside, but the interference paid off. MVP rolls Lashley into the ring and makes a cover. Lashley’s out at two. MVP connects with a well-placed kick to the spine before working over Lashley’s arm and shoulder.

MVP tosses Lashley from the ring and distracts Brian Stiffler. Meanwhile, Samoa Joe and Kenny King attack the champion. MVP applies a figure-four wrist lock, but Lashley refuses to quit. Lashley counters with a couple rights before both men catch one another with clotheslines. They’re both down.

MVP and Lashley trade shots until Lashley gains the advantage, sending MVP to the mat. Lashley powers into MVP with a huge shoulder block and spinebuster! Lashley sets up for a spear, but Kenny King grabs his ankle, allowing MVP to rush in with a boot the face and an exploder suplex.

Lashley spears MVP, but as he falls, MVP takes out Brian Stiffler! Eric Young rushes into the ring and attacks Lashley with a steel chair! Eric Young sets Lashley up for the piledriver; Bobby Roode makes the save!

Lashley and MVP make it back to their feet. Lashley drops MVP with a huge powerslam! The champion makes the cover, but Kenny King pulls Brian Stiffler from the ring just before three!

Joe and King attack Lashley. Gunner emerges to combat Joe. Lashley takes out Kenny King – and MVP capitalizes. MVP makes a cover, but there’s no referee. Brian Hebner rushes in – and Lashley powers out at two!

Brian Hebner gets distracted with the medics and Stiffler and MVP grabs the chair. Drew Galloway makes the save by kicking MVP in the face, setting up the challenger for a huge spear! Lashley connects, Hebner reenters the ring and the pin is good for the champion to retain his title!

Winner: Lashley

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