2/20/15 Impact Wrestling Recap

Feb 20, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

Impact Wrestling

source: ImpactWrestling.com

Impact Coverage by Bobby James
February 20, 2015

Kurt Angle kicks off the show from Scotland to declare that he’ll become the number one contender in the 20-man gauntlet. He says he re-signed with TNA Impact to become the World Champion.

Backstage: Lashley is seeking Kurt Angle.

Matt Hardy & The Wolves vs. The Revolution

The Wolves and Hardy attack The Revolution on the ramp. Hardy and Davey Richards double-team Manik in the ring. The Wolves and Matt Hardy sound off with a loud howl before order is restored to the match. Hardy dives toward Manik, who moves – sending Hardy to the outside.

Outside the ring, Khoya takes a cheap shot on Hardy before James Storm takes control of the match. Storm and Abyss exchange tags as they work to isolate Matt Hardy from The Wolves. Storm tags Manik, who catches Hardy with back drop. Manik puts Hardy in a headlock.

Hardy breaks the hold before catching Manik with a Side Effect. Hardy crawls toward his corner. Storm grabs Hardy by the ankle, but Hardy kicks out and tags both members of The Wolves. Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards double team James Storm – then Manik – and finally Abyss. They send “The Monster” Abyss into Khoya and Sanada, who are at ringside.

The Wolves suicide dive onto Abyss, Khoya and Sanada. Then, Hardy and The Wolves triple team Manik and get the pinfall.

Winners: Matt Hardy and The Wolves

Post-match: The Revolution attacks Hardy and The Wolves. Then, Storm orders Abyss to Black Hole slam Manik, as punishment for the loss. The Revolution carries Manik away as they leave.

Ethan Carter III says he’s not in a good mood. He says last week he was going to shave Rockstar Spud’s head, but that someone interrupted his “hair party.” EC3 says he’s issuing a public warning to that someone…

Mr. Anderson’s music hits and Mr. Anderson says, “That someone is a human being – that someone has a name – and it’s Mr. Anderson!”

Anderson threatens to take EC3’s hair. EC3 says nobody will take his dignity – and that no one will ever defeat him. Anderson pulls a pair of hair clippers from his back pocket. He turns them on and they buzz into the microphone. He tells EC3 not to get excited!

Tyrus blocks Anderson from getting in the ring. While EC3 is distracted by Tyrus and Mr. Anderson, Rockstar Spud and Mandrews attack!

Mandrews and Spud hold up EC3. Anderson switches on the clippers – and just as he moves toward EC3’s head, Tyrus attacks all three. Anderson battles back and catches Tyrus with a Mic Check. Spud and Mandrews duct tape Tyrus to the ropes and shave Tyrus’ head!

Rockstar Spud says Tyrus is the first client in the “Rockstar Spud barber shop,” and that Ethan Carter III is next.

Backstage: MVP says The BDC will stand tall at the end of the gauntlet.

Mickie James is spotted outside the arena. She says she has an update on Magnus’ condition.

Al Snow vs. Grado

Snow attacks Grado before the opening bell. Snow dominates early with a knee to the gut and an elbow to the face. Grado attempts to fight back, but Snow overpowers him with a clothesline. Snow chokes Grado using his wrist tape.

The referee breaks the choke. Snow grabs Grado by the head and points to – and taunts Grado’s mom in the audience. Snow bodyslams Grado and covers him for a two-count. Snow slaps Grado in the face. Grado counters with a chop. Snow bodyslams Grado again and heads to the top rope.

Al Snow connects with a moonsault and makes a pin attempt! Grado’s out at two! Snow goes up top again – this time missing the moonsault. Grado hits Snow with a “Wee Boot,” before connecting with a “Roll and Slice.”

Grado misses another Wee Boot. Al Snow misses with head and Grado catches him with a Wee Boot for the win!

Winner: Grado

Post-match: Grado celebrates his victory – and Al Snow makes good on his word by shaking Grado’s hand and hoisting it into the air. The BDC attacks – but Drew Galloway debuts from the crowd to make the save! Drew Galloway catches Low Ki in the head with a metal bar – Low Ki is busted open and blood pours from the side of his head!

Backstage: The BroMans and Angelina Love take an “usie” before heading to the ring for Angelina’s match. As they leave the frame, Awesome Kong is seen in the background!

Knockout’s Championship
Angelina Love vs. Taryn Terrell (c)

At the opening bell, Angelina Love attacks – sending Taryn Terrell back to the outside! Angelina leaves the ring to high five The BroMans. She drops Taryn with a fall-away slam.

Angelina rolls Taryn back into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle. Taryn sends her crashing down before unleashing a flurry of offense! Taryn connects with a snap suplex and a diving clothesline.

Taryn charges Angelina, but Angelina counters with a Botox Injection! Taryn kicks out at two – then she nails the cutter for the three!

Winner: Taryn Terrell

Post-match: The arena goes dark. When the lights come up – Kong is face to face with Taryn Terrell. Taryn yells at Kong, “This is my time!”

Kong chokes Taryn, but she breaks the hold and the two exchange blows! Taryn runs toward Kong, but Kong powers her down with a shoulder block. Kong plants Taryn with an Implant Buster!

Kong grabs the Knockout’s Championship – and from behind, Gail Kim enters the ring! Gail Kim and Kong come face to face with the championship in the background. Kong drops the title over Taryn’s motionless body before retreating. Gail stares from the ring and Josh Mathews wonders if it’s a sign of things to come.

Tommy Dreamer calls out Eric Young.

Eric Young’s music hits – but he no-shows. Dreamer tells him to be a man. EY’s music plays again – but again, he no-shows. Dreamer heads to the back to find him. Young ambushes Dreamer.

“The Innovator of Violence” gains the upper hand and drags Eric Young to ringside. Dreamer demands a referee before taking a swig of fan’s beer and spraying it into Young’s eyes! Dreamer taunts Young too long and gets dropped groin first onto the guardrail.

Eric Young bites Dreamer’s eyebrow! Dreamer bleeds profusely from the eye – but he manages to shift the momentum and get Eric Young into the ring. The bell sounds.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Eric Young

Dreamer drags a table from beneath the ring, but Young kicks the table into his face. Young rolls Dreamer into the ring and drops his elbow across the back of Dreamer’s head.

Young places a chair on the mat and attempts a piledriver. Dreamer counters, but Young slams Dreamer onto the chair and sets up the table! Young lays Dreamer out on top of the table before climbing the ropes. Dreamer counters – he superplexes Eric Young from the top rope, but Dreamer miscalculated the fall and goes through the table!

Dreamer and Young reach their feet and trade blows. Dreamer gets the better of their exchange. Dreamer slams the chair into Young’s groing, but EY fights back, slamming Dreamer head first into a chair mounted in the corner. As Dreamer stumbles, Eric Young connects with a piledriver for the win!

Winner: Eric Young

A video recaps Bram’s attack on Magnus, then “Hardcore Country” rings throughout the arena as Mickie James heads to the ring!

The crowd gives Mickie James a tremendous ovation. Mickie says her visit to Impact is bittersweet – because in the last year, she’s had a son and gotten engaged – but that the action’s of Bram have broken her heart.

Mickie addresses Bram. She says she knows Bram thinks he’s a man’s man – but “attacking someone from behind? You’re nothing but a coward!”

Bram emerges to confront Mickie with a cue ball in hand! Mickie gets in his face!

Bram says he attacked Magnus because he’s become a watered-down version of himself. Bram blames Mickie for that – and says that Magnus is “stuck” with Mickie and a child. He calls Mickie a “needy little redneck.”

Mickie says Bram is only half the man Magnus is – then she fires back with, “You know you’re nothing but a little bitch!”

Bram knocks the microphone out of Mickie’s hand! He backs her into the corner while toying with the cue ball. Mickie slaps him in the face and screams, “You don’t scare me Bram!”

Officials emerge from the back to get between Mickie and Bram. Bram leaves the ring.

Backstage: Lashley confronts Angle.

20-Man No. 1 Contender’s Gauntlet

Kenny King, representing The BDC, starts the gauntlet against Austin Aries.

King drives a knee into Aries’ gut before planting a kick to the back of his head. Aries attempts an early elimination of Kenny King, but King battles out. Aries and King battle back and forth as Crazy Steve enters the gauntlet.

Crazy Steve battles Kenny King. Steve surprises and he leaves King lying on the mat. He high fives Austin Aries, but then Aries delivers and overhead slam.

Jessie Godderz enters next – followed by Bram. Aries and Jessie fight in one corner as Bram attempts to eliminate Crazy Steve. Kenny King attacks Bram. Khoya – the next participant – climbs into the ring.

Crazy Steve attacks Khoya, but Khoya counters Steve and makes the first elimination!

Chris Melendez enters – and immediately attacks Kenny King! Jessie and Bram battle across the ring from Aries and Khoya. Chris Melendez shifts his focus and tries to eliminate Bram.

Mr. Anderson enters the gauntlet, attacking Khoya, Jessie Godderz and Kenny King!

Chris Melendez is eliminated and Samuel Shaw, DJ Z and Sanada enter. Tyrus enters and come face to face with Jessie and DJ Z. Samuel Shaw jumps Tyrus from behind – but he’s eliminated for his efforts.

Tyrus makes another elimination as Rockstar Spud rushes into the match. DJ Z and Jessie Godderz are eliminated. Spud immediately attacks Tyrus, but he’s also eliminated. Tyrus eliminates Khoya. Sanada sparys mist into the eyes of Tyrus – and Mr. Anderson eliminates Sanada. Anderson eliminates Tyrus.

Gunner enters the gauntlet. He immediately goes after Bram. Bram and Gunner battle across from Austin Aries, Mr. Anderson and Robbie E! Robbie E is eliminated as Ethan Carter III enters the gauntlet. Bram and EC3 are eliminated next!

Samoa Joe enters next. Joe powers through Mr. Anderson before attacking Gunner. Joe and Kenny King join forces against Mr. Anderson. Low Ki makes his entrance.

Low Ki instantly attacks Gunner and Austin Aries. The BDC members face off against Gunner, Mr. Anderson and Austin Aries; MVP enters the gauntlet. Mr. Anderson is eliminated before MVP enters the ring. The final participant, Kurt Angle, rushes into the gauntlet!

Angle suplexes Kenny King and then Low Ki!

The BDC eliminates Gunner and Austin Aries, making it a 4-on-1 effort against Kurt Angle.

Lashley emerges from the back – but The BDC continues dominating Angle. Angle attempts to fight out of the corner, but all of the members of The BDC trade shots on Angle.

Kurt Angle creates just enough separation to charge Samoa Joe. Joe catches Joe mid-air and slams Angle to the mat! Angle eliminates Samoa Joe, Low Ki and then Kenny King! MVP and Kurt Angle square off in the center of the ring.

They trade blows and MVP takes the advantage. MVP gets Angle over the top rope, but Angle falls onto the apron and rolls back into the ring! Angle catches MVP with an uppercut before rolling him over the top rope. MVP catches himself and rolls back into the ring.

MVP takes out Angle’s knee. MVP attempts a Black Out kick, but Angle counters into a German suplex! Angle comes off the ropes, but Kenny King grabs his ankle – and MVP connects with a Drive-By to eliminate Kurt Angle!

Winner: MVP

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