2/13 WWE NXT results from Fort Pierce, Florida

Feb 14, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck


Credit: Joseph Smith & PWInsider

First match was Jack Cable vs Jobber #1(sorry I couldn’t catch the name as they had some P.A issues where I was sitting and none of us recognized the new wrestler) Solid opener won by Cable.

Next up is Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder vs The Vaudevillans. Very entertaining tag match won by Dawson and Wilder with a nasty finsher.

Next we have a promo from the new WWE NXT Womens Champion The Boss Sasha Banks! A huge “You Deserve It” chant (personally started by me) breaks out! Sasha takes a moment to compose herself as we all see she appreciates the love for the new champ in Fort Pierce but then she slips into Boss Mode and starts heeling the crowd and those who called her Ratchet and didn’t believe in her. She talks about her win at Rival and how the belt says that she is the best and the baddest diva in NXT! Classic Sasha! Great stuff.

Up next is Baron Corbin vs Jobber #2 (more PA issuses and another new face we didn’t recognize). Corbin wins in a squash in about 2 minutes.

After intermission next up is a NXT Divas Match:

Becky Lynch vs Bayley
Very entertaining match. Becky is showing a lot of anger of the loss at Rival and is very aggressive. Bayley shows she is up for the challenge and wins with the Bayley to Belly. As usual the NXT women show why they are far superior to the main roster Divas with the exception of A.J, Paige and Natalya.

Next up is Bull Dempsey vs Tyler Breeze
The effects of Bull’s losses to Baron Corbin are showing as he is not as over as he usually is here in the Fort. Breeze wins with Beauty Shot. Very entertaining back and forth match. Breeze using a lot of ring psychology to get under Bull’s skin.

Next up is Enzo and Cass w/Carmella vs WWE NXT Tag Team Champions Blake and Murphy. Non Title Match. Enzo and Cass are over huge here in the Fort and the Fort is never S..A..W..F..T…….SAWFT!! Carmella is looking amazing tonight! Another excellent match as Enzo is dominated most of the match. Big Cass is tagged in and as he is about to finish the champs off Enzo tags back in only to get hit with the finisher from the champs for the pin and Cass and Carmella are not happy! They help Enzo back up and he pulls out a ring from his tights and drops to one knee in front of Carmella and appears to propose which she reluctantly accepts. Group hug and all is forgiven…for now. I sense that if this keeps up with Enzo blowing matches for them Big Cass’ paitence is going to run out.

Main Event time Non Title Match Adrian Neville vs WWE NXT Champion Kevin Owens.
Owens wins with the power bomb after a PPV quality match. Lots of back and forth action. Owens plays the crowd masterfully. Both are over huge here in the Fort and the fans realize this is likely the last time we will see Adrian Neville here if he is called up to the main roster after WrestleMania. Crowd is about 50/50 on who they are rooting for however a lot of K.O shirts in the crowd! NXT just keeps getting better and better every time to come to the Fort!

Overall an outstanding show to kickoff the post Rival era. NXT returns to Fort Pierce Saturday April 11th!

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