2/12/15 WWE Smackdown Recap

Feb 12, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

by Scoti Wilkerson

Air Date: 2/12/15
Location: Dayton, Ohio
Announcers: Byron Saxon, Michael Cole, and Jerry “The King” Lawler

Smackdown starts off with various tag teams backstage as Kane announces
there will be a tag team turmoil tonight. He states that the tag teams
will be selected at random and the first team to start the tag team
turmoil off will be the 2 men who face off at Fast Lane to get a shot
at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Daniel Bryan and Roman
Reigns. Big Show says it’s everyone’s chance to show who is the most
dominant tag team and the opportunity to grab the bull by the horn. El
Torito takes exception to that comment and looks ready to fight him as
The Los Matadores hold him back. Show says that’s what he’s looking for
and Kane agrees that’s the right attitude because that is the attitude
that can get you to the top. Kane pumps up the tag teams as they are
motivated and leave the area. Kane and Show both share a laugh as
everyone leaves.

Bray Wyatt vs. R-Truth
Wyatt shoves Truth in the corner and Truth blocks some rights and gives
Wyatt some of his own and R-Truth comes off the ropes but walks into a
right hand by Wyatt to knock him down. Wyatt has Truth in the ropes
working on the neck. Wyatt lets go at the count of 5 and then gets R
Truth against the ropes and R Truth comes back with some rights of his
own. Truth then sends Wyatt to the outside of the apron and then Truth
goes to the outside but Wyatt grabs Truth’s arm and slams it on the
apron and then grabs Truth and sends him against the ring post and
slams his arm against the post. Wyatt enters the ring and then slams
his butt on Truth’s chest. Wyatt then hits the back of Truth’s neck and
gets him in a rest hold. Truth fights out but Wyatt with a kick to the
midsection. Wyatt sends Truth into the ropes and then gets a back drop
on Truth who attempts to turn it into a roll up but Wyatt counters by
going to slam his rear on the chest of Truth again but Truth moves and
Wyatt’s butt hits the mat. R Truth with a heel kick to the face of
Wyatt and then an elbow to Truth with a corkscrew foreaem for a 2
count. Truth with scissors kick attempt but Wyatt ducks and hits a
clothesline on truth. Wyatt does his backwards crawl towards Truth and
hits the Sister Abigail for the pin and win.
winner: Bray Wyatt

We see Paige heading out to the ring as she’s in action next.

Paige vs. Summer Rae
The Bella Twins are at commentary during the match. Paige gets a take
down on Summer Rae and continues to flip Summer Rae around. Paige gets
a small package on Paige but Paige gets out and hit a superkick on
Summer. Paige gets Summer into the corner and gets back elbows on her.
Paige has Summer against the ropes and gives her knees to the abdomen.
Summer gets a spinning heel kick on Paige for a 2 count. Summer then
gets Paige in a submission hold working on her knee. Summer then gets
her boot to the throat of Paige and Paige gets a roll up for a 2 count.
Summer gets some fists on Paige and stands over her. Summer gets Paige
up and then Paige comes back with some lefts and rights and whips
Summer against the ropes and gets a clothesline on her. Paige with
another clothesline and then a dropkick. Paige with a superkick on
Summer and gets the PTO forcing Summer Rae to tap.
winner: Paige

Post Match: The Bella Twins have a stare down with Paige as Nikki Bella
defends the Divas Championship against Paige at Fast Lane.

We are taken back to RAW where Rusev is paying tribute to Cena which
turns into a melee as Cole words it and Rusev gives Cena a thumb to the
eye. Rusev will defend the United States Championship against John Cena
at Fast Lane. That’s something fresh, Cena in the hunt for a mid card

Later tonight, Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns team up in a tag team
turmoil match.

We see another vignette for the return of Sheamus.

We are shown that Rikishi will be inducted into the 2015 WWE Hall Of

Adam Rose’s music plays as he makes his way out to face Fandango in a
rematch from last Thursday’s Smackdown where Fandango beat him. We are
shown last week when Adam Rose did the trust fall and the Rosebuds
didn’t catch him and he attacked them all afterwards. Rose thought
about doing the trust fall this week but decided against it and sent
the Rosebuds to the back.

Adam Rose vs. Fandango
Rose exits the ring and tells the Rosebuds to go and Fandango grabs
Rose to bring him back in the ring but Rose chops Fandango face first
across the ropes and enters the ring with a right hand to Fandango
knocking him down. Rose with a kick to Fandango and then sends him face
first into the turnbuckle. Rose with a take down to Fandango and then
an uppercut. Rose then stomps on Fandango in the corner. Rose with a
vertical suplex to Fandango for a 2 count. Rose with a chin lock to
Fandango and Fandango with a back body drop on Rose to get out.
Fandango with some right hands and multiple take downs on Rose and then
whips Rose into the corner but Rose with a kick to Fandango. Rose then
charges at Fandango only to get a power slam. Fandango comes off the
ropes with The Last Dance for the pin and the win.
winner: Fandango

Post Match: The Rosebuds try to help Adam Rose to the back but he gives
one of them a right hand and walks to the back on his own.

We are taken back to HHH demanding an answer to Sting’s challenge to
have a face to face at Fast Lane. We see Sting send a message by
showing clips of Sting showing up at Survivor Series and HHH
challenging Sting to the face off. We see a Fake Sting come in the ring
and startling HHH causing him to fall down. The words ” I Accept”
appear on the titan tron confirming Sting will be at Fast Lane for the
face off with HHH.

Dusty Rhodes will be on RAW Monday Night to confront Goldust and
Stardust about the issues they’ve been having lately.

Tag Team Turmoil Match
Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns vs. The Miz and Damien Mizdow
We are taken back to RAW when Daniel Bryan and Roman reigns teamed up
against Kane and Big Show, and after the match Daniel Bryan
accidentally gave Roman reigns a running knee when he was going after
Kane but Kane ducked sending him into Reigns. Later in the night when
they teamed up again in a 5 on 2 match against Kane, Big Show, J&J
Security, and Seth Rollins, Reigns blind tagged himself in and got the
pin and win for his team. After the match Daniel Bryan yelled at him
and shoved him and Reigns gave him a spear.

Daniel Bryan and The Miz start the match off. Daniel gets a take down
on Miz right away and gives him a stiff kick to the back. Bryan tags in
Reigns who gives Miz right hands in the corner and trash talks Bryan.
Reigns then tags back in Bryan and Miz tags in Mizdow. Bryan with an
arm lock to Mizdow and then a knee to the abdomen to send Mizdow down.
Mizdow then with a Reality check and then Miz tags himself back in as
Bryan is in the corner. Miz then charges at Bryan but Bryan ducks and
gets a knee to the face on Miz in the corner. Bryan goes for another
one but Reigns tags himself back in and gets the superman punch on Miz.
Bryan tags himself back in and gets a knee to the face of The Miz for
the pin and the win.
winners: Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns vs. The Usos
Daniel Bryan and Jey Uso start off the match and Jimmy gets Bryan in
an arm bar but Bryan back drops Jey and then stomps on the arm of Jey.
Jey tries for a waist ock takedown on Bryan but Bryan fights out and
they then have a stare down.Bryan tags in Reigns, who Michael Cole
mentions is The Usos cousin. Reigns and Jey lock up and then Reigns
with a shoulder tackle to Reigns. Jey tags in Jimmy who comes in and
Jimmy with a side lock on Reigns but Reigns gets out and then gets a
shoulder tackle on Jimmy. Jey blind tags himself in when Jimmy has
Reigns in a sidelock against the ropes and Reigns gets out sending
Jimmy into the ropes but Jimmy gets a right hand on Reigns and then Jey
with a bulldog from behind. Usos with the double clothesline sending
Reigns over the top rope. Roman Reigns back in the ring and tags in
Bryan. Daniel Bryan with a leg lock on Jey Uso. Uso gets out and then
Bryan and Jey trade chops in the corner until Bryan wins the war with
kicks to Jey in the corner. Bryan grabs the leg of Jey then places it
on the rope and then charges at him with a kick to the thigh. Bryan
with an uppercut and Bryan with a right hand and a tackle to the corner
and Jey tags in Jimmy. Jey holds onto Bryan in the corner and Jimmy
then splashes Bryan in the corner and then pins him for a 2 count .
Jimmy holds the arm of Bryan as he tags in Jey who comes off the top
rope with a chop. to the shoulder of Bryan. Jey tags in Jimmy who comes
off the top rope with a chop of his own to Bryan’s shoulder. Bryan then
exits the ring as Smackdown goes to break.

Back from break and Roman Reigns in the ring and then hits a suplex on
Jimmy Uso, Bryan blind tags himself in and stomps on Jimmy and gives
him a right hand to send him back down. Bryan with a snap suplex to
Jimmy. Jimmy with some chops to Bryan. Jimmy sends Bryan in the corner
and tags in Jey. Jey with some chops sending Bryan down and does a back
splash on Bryan in the corner for the pin to get a 2 count. Jey with a
side lock on Bryan and then a take down. Jey with an arm bar on Bryan
and Bryan fights out only to be knocked down by Jey again. Jey with a
headbutt to Bryan for a 2 count. Jey with another rest hold on Bryan.
Bryan is fighting out but Jey with a chop to the throat and then chops
Bryan in the corner. Jey goes to whip Bryan in the corner but Bryan
ducks and then hits a clothesline on Jey. Bryan with then grabs the arm
of Jey and tags in Reigns. Bryan holds the arm of Jey and Reigns with a
chop to the arm of Jey. Reigns with a big boot to Jey for a 2 count.
Reigns then has Jey in a headlock and then Jey fights out but Reigns
whips Jey in the corner but Jey comes back with a kick on Reigns.
Reigns then out of nowhere with a clothesline. Reigns tags in Bryan who
then gets a knee to the chest to Jey. Bryan with a knee to the face of
Jey in the corner but Jey moves and then charges at Bryan in the corner
but Bryan side steps it. Bryan then knocks Jimmy into Jey and off the
apron. Bryan then goes to the outside and repeatedly kicks Jey until
Reigns gets him off of Jey. Roman and Bryan start arguing as Smackdown
goes to another break.

Bryan has Jey in an arm bar as Smackdown returns but Jey fights out but
Bryan with a dropkick on Jey. Bryan with a pin for a 2 count. Bryan
with a twist to the arm and Reigns refusing to tag in. Bryan with slam
to Jey and then an arm bar submission, Bryan then gets Jey up and and
hits an uppercut, Jey then with a flying cross body on Bryan and tags
in Jimmy. Jimmy with a clothesline to Bryan and chops to the chest.
Jimmy then with a suplex on Bryan and Jimmy charges at Bryan but Bryan
ducks and Jey blind tags in and comes off with a cross body for a 2
count as Roman reigns breaks up the pin. Jimmy Uso asks Reigns what
gives and Reigns explains he can’t let them just win and Jimmy with a
dropkick to Reigns knocking him down in the corner, Jey splash attempt
on Reigns but Reigns ducks and Bryan with a dropkick to Jey to the
ropes and Reigns with a big boot to Jey.Bryan suicide dives the Usos.
Jimmy then charges at Bryan but Reigns with a superman punch. Jey then
with a superkick to Reigns. Bryan comes off the top rope but walks into
a kick to the gut. Jey comes off the top rope with a splash but Bryan
with a knee to the gut. Bryan gets the Yes Lock on Jey forcing Jey to
tap out.
winners: Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns tells Bryan to break the hold, since the match with The
Usos is over. Bryan and Reigns argue once again as we go to break as
Tag Team Turmoil continues.

A vignette airs for the second time for the return of Sheamus

Smackdown returns with Bryan and Reigns having a confrontation still as
Los Matadores’ music plays as they make their way out along with El

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns vs. Los Matadores w/ El Torito
Daniel Bryan starts off with Diego, Diego gets a takedown on Bryan as
Bryan looks stunned. Bryan gets Diego into the ropes and Diego
surprises Bryan with a hurricarana and works on him with stomps in the
corner. Bryan with a knee to Diego and gets the Dragon Sleeper.Diego
gets out and gets a drop toe hold and hits the neck of Bryan. Diego
goes to the top rope but Bryan gets up top and tosses Diego off the top
rope and applies the yes lock to Diego forcing him to tap
winners: Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns vs. Slater Gator
Heath Slater and Daniel Bryan are ready to start off but Reigns blind
tags himself in. Reigns with a big right hand to Slater and then the
right arm runs into Slater. Reigns then with a big right arm to Titus
knocking him off the apron. Reigns goes for the superman punch on
Slater but Titus comes in and eats the superman punch. Reigns with the
spear to Slater for the pin and the win.
winners: Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns vs. The Ascension
Bryan starts off with Rick Viktor. Viktor gets some blows on Bryan &
gives him some fists in the corner but Bryan comes back with the kicks
but then Connor pulls Bryan over the top rope and The Ascension double
team Bryan on the outside until reigns makes the save only to get
double teamed as well. The Ascension send Reigns over the Spanish
announce table. The Ascension then send Bryan into the ring post.
Ascension then send Roman Reigns into the ring post. Ascension then
hits the fall of man on Bryan. The Ascension are disqualified. The
Ascension continue to try and beat down Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns
but the referees prevent them from doing so telling them they’ve been
winners: by disqualification, Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns vs. The Big Show and Kane
Roman Reigns starts off with Kane. Kane with a kick to the midsection
of Reigns and a big boot. Kane with an elbow to the throat of Reigns
and then a clothesline. Kane then locks in an armbar on Reigns but
Reigns with a running clothesline on Kane. Bryan tags in with multiple
kicks to Kane and then Kane hits a boot on Bryan. Kane tags in Show who
then hits Bryan in the chest with some chops from the outside and sends
Bryan into the steel post. Show tosses Bryan back in the ring and then
hits a body slam as he enters the ring. Show with a kick to the back of
Bryan and then tags back in Kane. Kane then stomps Bryan in the corner
and then whips Bryan into another corner and clotheslines him and hits
a sideslam for a 2 count. Bryan then comes back and fights off both
Show and Kane but Kane shoves Bryan into Show and Kane with a right
hand. Show and Kane get into an argument as Kane tags in Show. Show and
Kane with a clothesline on Bryan. Show goes for a chokeslam on Bryan
but Bryan fights out and hits a DDT on Show. Bryan tries to tag in
Reigns but Show squashes Bryan for a 2 count. Show keeps trash talking
Kane on the outside saying he has too much negativity. Show then slams
Bryan on the mat and Kane tells him to finish him and Show tells Kane
he has this and he’s having fun. Kane blind tags in and the 2 start
arguing as Kane then walks into the Yes Lock and Big Show breaks it up.
Reigns enters the ring which causes the ref to be distracted telling
him to get out allowing Show to pull Kane closer to his corner. Show
tags in and he and Kane start arguing. Show knocks Reigns off the apron
and then sets Bryan up for a chokeslam but Bryan counters into the Yes
Lock only for it to be broken up by Kane. Kane and Show start arguing
and Show tells Kane to let him handle his business and Kane then gets
in Show’s face arguing with him again. Show responds with a KO Punch to
Kane and then Reigns with a spear to Show. Bryan with a running knee to
Show for the pin and win.
winners of Tag Team Turmoil, Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns

Daniel Bryan both stare at the WrestleMania banner celebrating their
tag team turmoil victory as Smackdown comes to a close

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