Audio: Former WWF/WWE diva Terri talks the Brian Pillman angle, Chris Benoit, Shane McMahon, Rikishi, Russo, and more

Feb 10, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

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In this special edition of the Gerweck Report Podcast, former WWE/WWF diva Terri Runnels talks:

– Her most frequently asked questions by the fans
– Was she ever asked to do something she wasn’t comfortable doing?
– Weight issues after she left WWE
– Her thoughts on Rikishi being announced for the WWE hall of fame
– The infamous Shotgun Saturday Night angle
– Does daughter Dakota have any interest in entering the wrestling business?
– Today wrestling product, and the missing components of the business
– Creating the Marlena character
– Why she isn’t a fan of the Stardust character
– A possible WWE return, and her relationship with WWE today
– Why she turned down Playboy
– Was she ever contacted by TNA?
– Where the Brian Pillman angle was headed
– Vince Russo
– Shane McMahon
– Chris Benoit
– Owen Hart’s ribbing
– The lost art of managing
– The attitude era
– The many changes in the business over the years
– Favorite WWE memories
– Catching up with Perry Saturn
– Thought’s on Triple H and Stephanie gaining power in WWE
– Chances of her induction into the WWE hall of fame
– Her charitable work
– Her love for NFL Football
– and more!

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