2/8 WWE house show results from Canton, OH

Feb 8, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

WWE Live

Thanks to Caylen Root for the following results:

– Show opened with swagger vs O’Neil. Good match ONeil controlled it for the most part. Swagger got the win with the ankle lock.

– 2nd match was 6 man tag. Los Matadors vs Heath slater, hornswaggle, and Curtis axel. Very entertaining match. Los Matadors win via pin

– 3rd match Fandango vs R-Truth. Truth got a big pop from the younger crowd. Back and forth match. R-Truth won with the school boy.

– 4th match CHRIS F’IN JERICHO!!! Vs Luke Harper. Jericho bashed the authority for a couple minutes and called Steph all his old phrases… Except one…because they are “PG”. Jericho won with the code breaker. Great Match.

– 5th Match-Bray Wyatt vs Dean Ambrose. Huge pop for Ambrose being an Ohioan. A brawl for the most part. Wyatt needs to start wearing a cup..When he does his bridge its a bit revealing. PG and all. Ambrose won with modified DDT.

– Intermission. Plugged wwe network and Conner’s Cure. Side note Connors cure = worth it.

– Back from intermission…6th match Diva tag. Nat and Paige vs Fox and ??? Actually an excellent match. Nat wins with Sharpshooter over ???

– 7th match – Miz/Mizdow vs Uso’s for the WWE Tag Championship. Very funny match with Mizdow as expected. Uso’s pin Miz to retain.

– 8th match – Rusev vs Eric Rowen. For the U.S. Title. I really liked this match. Probably my favorite. Rowen dominated most of it. Lots of hard hits and great chemistry between the two. Rusev won in the end via his submission. (Forget the name of it)

– Final match and Main Event. big Show vs Roman Reigns in. Street Fight. Plus side I was about 5 feet from Reigns on his entrance. Minus…the “street fight” never left the ring side area. Good match over all. Three broken tables…a kendo stick was there (Not use like Shamrock would have used it) it made a thumping sound every time they used it….bleh. Reigns won after the 3rd superman punch

Overall a good show leading into Raw.

Top 3 POPS – 1.Ambrose, 2. Jericho, 3. Reigns

Top 3 boos – 1. Miz, 2. Big Show, 3. Wyatt

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