2/7 WWE house show results from Jacksonville, FL

Feb 8, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

WWE Live

By Jay McQuade

The crowd, from what I noticed, was pretty much all families (the Cena audience). Not too many young adult males like myself.

First match was Jack Swagger beating Titus O’Niell. Pretty boring match.

Next was Los Matadores beating Curtis Axel, Heath Slater and Hornswoggle.

Jericho walked out with no introduction – probably would’ve gotten a bigger reaction if he did. He had an impromptu match with Luke Harper after Harper interrupted his promo. Probably the most time given to any match that night. Jericho won via Codebreaker.

Next up was Dean Ambrose beating Bray Wyatt via Dirty Deeds. This was the night’s best match. Ambrose definitely got the biggest pop of the night.

Divas tag match after intermission – Paige/Natalya beat Alicia Fox and Sasha Banks. This was okay. Natalya was way over with this crowd.

Tag titles – Usos beat Miz/Sandow. Sandow was over huge as well. Miz got excellent heel heat and was playing with the crowd all night. Usos were, well, Usos. I guess.

U.S. title – Rusev beat Erick Rowan. Rusev/Lana definitely got the most heel heat of the night. Match was pretty boring.

Street Fight – Roman Reigns beat Big Show – Roman was cheered by about three quarters of the crowd. Big Show got no reaction whatsoever. This was a terrible, boring match. You could hear a pin drop in the building during most of it. Maybe a handful of ‘Daniel Bryan’ chants throughout. Match ended with Roman spearing Big Show through a table.

I’d say it was definitely a fun show, regardless of the main-event. The wrestlers took pictures and signed autographs for fans along ringside after the matches. Jericho/Harper and Ambrose/Wyatt were the highest points.

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