1/30/15 Impact Wrestling Recap

Jan 31, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

source: Impactwrestling.com

IMPACT Results: Monster’s Ball, A 4 Way Heavyweight Title Match, Knockouts Title Action and More

Impact Coverage
by Bobby James
January 30, 2015

“The ‘It’ Factor” Bobby Roode enters the Impact Zone carrying the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Roode says the championship he’s holding doesn’t belong to him, but that it means more to him than anything in the world. He says he lives for professional wrestling – and that on January 7, the championship was stolen from him, by his former best friend Eric Young.

Roode declares he won’t rest until spilling Eric Young’s blood. He invites Lashley to the ring, saying he has something that belongs to him – but also something he wants.

Roode gives Lashley the championship and says that Lashley’s earned his respect by standing up to MVP, Eric Young and the other goons. Roode demands a rematch – tonight! Lashley agrees.

Austin Aries, with his “Feast or Fired” briefcase in hand, interrupts Roode’s call for a referee. Aries says he’s the man with the most options. He says he can have a World Heavyweight Championship match any time, any place.

As Aries considers his options, MVP makes his way toward the ring, addressing them all. MVP says the title belongs to The BDC. MVP says Lashley should defend against him. Lashley agrees – and says he’ll defend his title against all three, tonight!

Backstage: Kurt Angle says he’s going to assemble a team to battle The BDC next week.

Knockout’s Championship
Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell (c)

The bell sounds as Gail and Taryn begin double teaming Madison Rayne. Madison retreats to the outside and Taryn attempts a cover. Gail’s out quickly and Taryn gets hung up between the ropes. Madison rips Gail from the apron and connects with a stiff shot to Taryn’s face.

Madison makes a couple pin attempts before locking the champion in a headlock and connecting with a knee to the side of the head. Madison, with a running knee, keeps Gail at bay. Gail finds her way back into the match and Madison connects with a DDT to Taryn and a neckbreaker to Gail!

Gail and Taryn join forces again and climb the ropes. Madison shoves them both to the outside!

Madison drives Taryn face-first into the steel stairs, then she drops Gail with a facebreaker onto the steps as well! In the ring, Madison connects with the Rayne Drop to Taryn Terrell, but Gail Kim interrupts the count and makes a pin attempt of her own. Madison fights out and counters Eat Defeat. Gail misses a diving cross-body and Taryn connects with the diamond cutter.

Winner: Taryn Terrell

Backstage: Magnus is on his way to meet Bram. He says he and Bram are going to “talk it out.”

Backstage: Tommy Dreamer heads into the arena.

Backstage: Rockstar Spud gives Mandrews (Mark Andrews) a tour of the city and says that tonight, they’ll face EC3 and Tyrus.

Tommy Dreamer heads into the Impact Zone. He says that for 25 years, the people have supported him – and that without them, there would be no him. He says he’s never lied to the people and that he never will. He says there’s a situation that needs to be addressed: He calls out Eric Young.

Eric Young tells Dreamer to stay out of his business. Dreamer says Eric Young is making a mistake. Dreamer says Young shouldn’t to burn a bridge or turn his back on his best friend – or the fans.

Eric Young says Tommy Dreamer’s a fat loser – and that he doesn’t want to burn a bridge with Bobby Roode; he wants to blow it up. Young says being friends with Dreamer and Roode was a mistake and that he no longer makes mistakes.

Dreamer gets in Eric Young’s face – and EY drops him with a piledriver! Eric Young retrieves a chair and punches the time keeper. Bobby Roode makes the save.

Backstage: The Hardys address The Revolution.

Backstage: Kurt Angle recruits Gunner to his team.

Bram and Magnus argue in a bar. Magnus says his “Feast or Fired” briefcase featured a Tag Team Championship opportunity. Magnus asks Bram to be his tag team partner. Bram calms, then they look at pictures of Magnus’ baby boy. They toast to their future.

Bram and Magnus agree to have dinner. Then, Bram ambushes Magnus and smashes his head into a concrete wall! Bram pulls a billiard ball out of his coat pocket and pounds it against the back of Magnus’ head. Magnus lays motionless and Bram screams, “Look at you now!”

Monster’s Ball
Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss

Before the match even starts, Jeff Hardy attacks Abyss backstage. He lodges Abyss behind a door and repeatedly slams the door against “The Monster” Abyss. Hardy leads Abyss into the arena and the bell finally sounds.

Hardy drives Abyss’ face into the ring post before the steps. Hardy sets up a table at ringside, but “The Monster” battles back, attempting to chokeslam Hardy through the table. Hardy counters, but Abyss sends him crashing hard into the stairs!

Abyss loads the rings with weaponry and Jeff Hardy comes from out of nowhere to change the momentum of the match. Jeff counters another chokeslam with a Twist of Fate! Abyss rolls to the outside.

Jeff Hardy leaps off of a steel chair, over the top rope. Abyss moves at the last minute and Jeff crashes through the table (the crowd chants “You still got it.”)!

Abyss rolls Hardy into the ring before grabbing a bag of tacks! Hardy drags a cheese grater across Abyss’ groin! Abyss retreats and Jeff Hardy pursues. Abyss side-steps Hardy, sending him face-first into a steel chair mounted in the corner!

Hardy drops Abyss with a second Twist of Fate before ascending the ring post for a Swanton, but The Revolution interferes! Matt Hardy makes the save, until the numbers game proves too much. The Wolves do a run-in to fend them off.

Abyss returns to his feet and pours the tacks in the center of the ring. He positions Hardy on the top rope and attempts a superplex. Hardy counters into a rolling powerbomb! Abyss lands in the middle of the tacks and then Hardy connects with a Swanton bomb!

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Post-match: James Storm berates Abyss. He slaps Abyss in the face and commands him to the back.

Backstage: “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy says that for a moment – he thought the Monster’s Ball match might be his last match. Matt Hardy says they’ll prevail against The Revolution.

Backstage: Austin Aries says he’s made a career out of being an opportunist – and that tonight, he might lose – but that he may still win (as he shows his “Feast or Fired” briefcase).

Tag Team Match
Rockstar Spud & Mandrews vs. The BroMans w/ Angelina Love

Spud and Mandrews enters, expecting a match against EC3 and Tyrus. EC3 enters the Impact Zone with a microphone – in a suit. EC3 says Rockstar Spud’s request for a tag team match has been denied. EC3 says he has found a suitable replacement though – The BroMans enter with Angelina Love and DJ Z.

Angelina distracts Mandrews very early in the bout, allowing Jessie to capitalize with a big body drop. Jessie and Robbie E exchange rapid tags and double team Mandrews with a double facebreaker – and double running knee.

Mandrews slides through Robbie E’s legs and makes the hot tag to Rockstar Spud!

Spud gets a handful of Robbie E and Jessie, which has both men reeling. Spud drops Robbie E face-first onto the mat and then he tags Mandrews. Mandrews connects with a Shooting Star and the pin.

Winners: Rockstar Spud and Mandrews

Post-match: Tyrus demolishes Spud and Mandrews. EC3 pummels Spud and says that next week, it’ll be Spud and Mandrews vs. Tyrus in a steel cage!

Backstage: Spud goes crazy backstage. He vows to get his revenge on EC3, then he screams, “I’m not a loser!”

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Austin Aries vs. MVP vs. Bobby Roode vs. Lashley (c)

Lashley approaches MVP, MVP retreats. Roode and Aries force MVP back into the ring. They all take shots at MVP and Lashley connects with a huge shoulder block in the corner. Roode turns on Aries and then he and Lashley lock up.

Lashley forces Roode into the corner and chokes him with his foot. Roode is sent to the other side of the ring, but he climbs the ropes and connects with a neckbreaker! Aries flies off the top rope, taking out Lashley. Roode disposes of Aries and then he drops a charging MVP with a spinebuster.

Aries and Roode end up doing battle while Lashley and MVP are relegated to the outside. Lashley charges back into the ring. He drops Roode and counters a brainbuster attempt from Aries. Aries dodges Lashley, sending him back to the outside.

Aries connects with a suicide dive – sending Lashley into the guardrail. MVP has Aries well scouted and he takes an opportunity to connect with a hard forearm, sending Aries into Lashley.

MVP attacks Roode and Aries. As Roode begins to battle back, a distraction from Austin Aries allows MVP to capitalize. MVP makes a pin attempt on Roode. Aries makes the save and locks in the Last Chancery!

Lashley breaks the hold, hoists Aries onto his shoulder and powers him down face-first onto the mat! MVP trips Lashley and then Aries flies again to the outside – connecting with MVP!

Eric Young runs in with a chair to assault Bobby Roode. Meanwhile, Lashley attempts to spear Aries. Aries counters the spear with a Last Chancery! MVP interrupts the count, but Aries sends him to the outside with a discus forearm!

Aries rushes across the ring – to connect with a suicide dive – but Lashley intercepts him with a spear to retain his championship!

Winner: Lashley

Post-match: The BDC attacks Lashley. Kurt Angle and Gunner make the save.

Bobby Roode challenges Eric Young next week! Eric Young responds by saying, “I’m going to take your blood!”

Kurt Angle announces that Austin Aries will join him and Gunner to battle The Beat Down Clan. Angle asks Lashley to join him – Lashley refused, leaving Angle stranded!

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