1/22/15 WWE Smackdown Recap

Jan 22, 2015 - by staff

by Scoti Wilkerson

Location: University of Texas

Airdate: 1/22/15

Announcers: Byron Saxton, Michael Cole ,and Jerry “The King” Lawler

Smackdown starts with a replay from RAW’s main event on Monday night where John Cena gets an opportunity to get Ryback, Erick Rowan, and Dolph Ziggler their jobs back. HHH says since he already got that opportunity last week against Seth Rollins, in order to get that opportunity, he also had to put his WWE Championship shot at the Royal Rumble on the line. Cena faces Seth Rollins, Kane, and The Big Show in a 3 on 1 handicap match. J&J Security are getting involved in the match stacking the odds even more against Cena. Rollins has Cena set up for the curb stomp but Sting appears on the titan tron distracting The Authority. Sting makes his way out the entrance ramp and Cena rolls up a distracted Rollins to win the jobs of Ryback, Rowan, and Dolph back. HHH is then shown being irate to close RAW.

Daniel Bryan’s music plays as he makes his way out. He says the fans seem excited and asks why they wouldn’t be since they’re 3 nights away from the Royal Rumble which begins the road to WrestleMania. Bryan says he could talk about how important his no disqualification match against Kane is. Which is where he will do whatever he has to do to keep his Royal Rumble spot. He says he can also talk about ever since he had to forfeit the title due to injury, he spent every waking second figuring out how he could get it back. He could talk about Sting and how he made his RAW Debut. He says he could talk about how The Authority suck in power or out of power. He says he could talk about all of that but won’t. John Cena did something important on RAW and instead of himself out there yacking, he’ll let some guys who might want to get some stuff of their chest come out and talk.

Ryback’s music plays as he makes his way out. Erick Rowan’s music then plays as he makes his way out, followed by Dolph Ziggler’s music playing as he makes his way out. Daniel Bryan introduces the 3 and asks the guys if they’re ready to get in the ring. The fans chant Feed me more. Ryback responds saying that it seems there are a lot of hungry people in Austin, Texas. He says that on a serious note, both he and Daniel Bryan know what it’s like sitting at home watching people do what they love to do. He says there is no worse feeling than watching the world pass you by. He says he could have felt sorry for himself and given up but he had the dream and passion to do what he loves since he was 12 and no one, especially The Authority will take that from him. Ryback says thanks to Cena, Sting, and the WWE Universe for reminding everyone how bad The Authority sucks. Ryback says the big game is over and the big guy is back. A Feed Me More Chant breaks out and Ryback says everyone loves the big guy.

Erick Rowan takes the mic and says being gone was sort of a blessing. He says he had a lot of time to sit back and think. He used to be a different person. He was naïve and someone’s puppet. He says the last few weeks he had seen himself in a new light. He says everyone knows who he really is.

Dolph Ziggler gets the mic and jokes that he sat around, ate some stuffed crust pizza, and watched the HHH and Stephanie fitness DVD. He says it was a well done DVD done by 2 people he really likes. Daniel Bryan jokingly says “really?” to which Dolph responds “hell no”. He says he was on the verge on showing everyone he belongs on top with the best. He was Intercontinental Champion, Sole Survivor at Survivor Series, and ready to go toe to toe with the best the company has to offer. He says The Authority took it all away. He says they took it away from all of them because they were a threat and saw through all their BS. He says he’d rather stand in the ring and face any punishment they dish out than sit on his couch and complain on a podcast. He says wrestling is what he loves to do and he’s just getting going.

Kane’s music plays as he makes his way out along with The Big Show, Seth Rollins, and J&J Security. Rollins says it looks like a Survivor Series reunion except that Superman wannabe was replaced with the garden gnome Daniel Bryan. Dolph interrupts and says he knows it’s been a while since he’s been around but he almost didn’t recognize Rollins with his nose not stuck up The Authority’s backside. He says ever since he arranged sneakily to get The Authority back in power he’s wanted to fight Rollins and challenges him to a fight. Rollins says as much as he’d love to he’s not going to. He says as Dolph may have noticed when he was watching on programming at home eating his stuffed crust pizza, he has more important things to do than deal with Dolph. A “You Sold Out” chant breaks out to which Rollins responds telling them to get over it because he will beat John Cena and Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble to become WWE Champion. He then tells Dolph that HHH and Stephanie’s Fitness DVD is phenomenal and that Dolph should try using them if he wants to be half the man he is. Dolph says that’s funny he mentions half man as it appears the DVD has a lot of cardio in them after seeing Rollins run away from Brock like he did. Seth asks Dolph if they’re really going to do this as Kane takes the mic.

Kane says Dolph is disrespectful for someone who was hired less than 72 hours ago. Kane says The Authority is still in charge and Daniel Bryan has to go though him if he stands any chance to get into the Royal Rumble. Daniel Bryan says he stands a better chance against Kane than Kane did against Brock Lesnar on RAW Monday night and shows the footage where Brock Lesnar came out after Seth Rollins after the match with Cena. Kane and Big Show try to hold Brock back but both get a F5 for their troubles as Seth Rollins along with J&J Security run away. Dolph asks if Show is all right. Show calls Dolph a greasy mole hamster standing in the ring and says there is nothing he’d like to do than give the 4 of them in the ring along with every other WWE Superstar a first class ticket over the top rope. He says first class would be unique for them and calls them losers. Show says he won’t be able to give them all first class tickets at the Rumble because Daniel Bryan is facing Kane. Kane says Daniel Bryan seems to have forgotten about levels of sadism he is capable of. He calls Dolph the little showoff who could. He says he knows he’s chopping at the bit of an Intercontinental Championship match but technically as a new employee he’s back at the bottom of the ladder. However, he’ll let him face the man who took the title from him and the match is up next.

Royal Rumble Qualifying Match

Bad News Barrett vs. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph and Barrett lock up and Barrett gets a takedown on Dolph. Dolph then gets Barrett in an arm bar and then a headlock. Barrett gets Dolph in the corner and gets a knee to the gut. Barrett then with an arm drag to Dolph. Barrett then whips Dolph into the ropes and Dolph with a dropkick to Barrett for a 2 count. Dolph gets Barrett in the corner with some chops to the chest. Dolph goes to send Barrett into the other corner but Barrett reverses and sends Dolph into the corner as Barrett charges at him. Dolph then grabs the ropes and attempts a hurricarana but Barrett counters and gets a stiff kick to the abdomen of Dolph. Barrett then sends Dolph shoulder first into the ring post sending Dolph out of the ring. Barrett exits the ring and grabs Dolph and then sends him into the ring apron. Barrett then slams Dolph’s elbow against the apron. Barrett then sends Dolph back into the ring for a 2 count. Barrett then works on the left arm of Dolph. Dolph fights out and then Barrett shoves Dolph on the mat. Barrett with an elbow to Dolph for a 2 count. Barrett with a 2 count. Barrett with another elbow and then again works the left arm of Dolph. Dolph then sends Barrett into the corner and gets a DDT on Barrett for a 2 count. Smackdown goes to break.

Back from break and Barrett lays Dolph on top of turnbuckle and chops the back of Dolph. Michael Cole mentions that this is only a Royal Rumble qualifying match for Dolph as Barrett is already in. Barrett with a knee to Dolph sending him to the mat. Barrett pins Dolph for a 2 count. Barrett gets Dolph in a headlock but Dolph with a jawbreaker and then an elbow to the face and Barrett goes shoulder first into the steel post. Dolph then splashes Barrett in the corner and hits a neckbreaker and gets a elbow to the chest of Barrett for a 2 count. Dolph with a kick to the midsection and a zigzag attempt but Barrett with a roll up for a 2 count. Dolph then with a superkick to Barrett for a 2 count. Dolph then tries the zig zag but Barrett gets a kick to the gut of Dolph. Barrett goes for the bull hammer but Dolph gets a dropkick and the zig zag for the pin and the win.

winner: Dolph Ziggler

We are taken back to RAW Monday night when The New Age Outlaws, the now, and The APA all beat down The Ascension. It ends after JBL hits the clothesline from Hell. The Ascension will take on The New Age Outlaws at the Royal Rumble.

Still to come tonight: Kane vs. Daniel Bryan in a no disqualification match, if Bryan loses he’s out of the Royal Rumble.

We see Roman Reigns standing by as we will hear from him after break.

Back from break Renee Young is standing by with Roman Reigns. We are shown what happened when Big Show interrupted the legends panel with Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, and Hulk Hogan. Show threatens the legends to leave the ring or else he’ll give them a Royal Rumble preview. Flair gives Big Show some chops which don’t effect him at all and then Show gives Flair the KO Punch knocking him out. We then see Roman Reigns come out and clear the ring of The Big Show. Renee Young starts to talk and Reigns jokes saying he doesn’t know if Renee knows this or not but Big Show is a giant. He says Show feels the need to remind everyone about it. He says Andre The Giant never felt the need to remind everyone he was a giant so maybe Big Show feels insecure about himself. He assures Big Show he doesn’t want his spot, he wants his own spot. He wants to stand in the ring with Show coming at him with fists and kicks in every direction. He says none of that matters as long as Reigns is on his feet. Reigns says he’s focused and he realizes he has no friends. It’s every man for himself one vs. all and all vs. one. Believe That.

We see Fandango and Rosa Mendes backstage drawing a number for Fandango and Fandango sees his number and tells Rosa excellent work and tells her she’s so good. Dean Ambrose shows up and grabs a number and walks away as we see Fandango and Rosa making out.

Royal Rumble Qualifying Match

Ryback vs. Rusev

It’s mentioned by the announcers that this is only a qualifying match for Ryback as Rusev already has a spot. Ryback and Rusev lock up and Rusev shoves Ryback in the corner and whips him into the ropes and Ryback with a shoulder tackle. Rusev exits the ring and then makes his way back in with a cheap shot to Ryback and gives Ryback repeated kicks. Rusev then attempts to pick up Ryback but Ryback with a vertical suplex on Rusev. Rusev then exits the ring and re enters at the count of 6. Ryback then charges at Rusev in the corner and gives him a head butt in the gut. Ryback with another headbutt to Rusev and then a right hand. Rusev then with a dropkick to Ryback. Rusev then kicks the kneecap of Ryback sending him out of the ring as we head to break.

Rusev with elbows to Ryback. Rusev then chops the leg of Ryback against the ring apron. Rusev then slams the leg of Ryback into the steel post. Rusev chokes Ryback against the ropes until the ref calls for a break. Rusev with a kick to the knee of Ryback and then slams him on the mat. Rusev then slams Ryback on the mat again. Rusev talks trash to Rusev until Ryback surprises him with a suplex and then an elbow to Rusev. Rusev sends Ryback into a corner but Ryback surprises him with a power slam for a 2 count. Ryback with chops to Rusev but Rusev with a kick to the chest of Ryback. Ryback then gets another powerslam on Rusev for another 2 count. Ryback then attempts a powerbomb on Rusev but Rusev gets out and gets a slam on Ryback for a 2 count. Rusev and Ryback trade blows with Ryback winning the war. Rusev gets the better of Ryback and sends him in the corner but Ryback comes back with a belly to belly. Ryback then climbs the top rope and Rusev is quick to his feet and kicks Ryback sending him down for a 2 count. Ryback then goes for the accolade as Ryback fights out and gives Rusev a spinebuster. A Feed Me More chant breaks out and Ryback goes for the meat hook clothesline as Rusev bails from the ring. Ryback goes after Rusev and fights him outside the ring as the ref counts. Ryback beats on Rusev outside the ring and then makes his way back into the ring at 9 as Rusev is counted out.

winner: by countout , Ryback

Post Match: Rusev attacks Ryback after the match. Rusev goes for a superkick on Ryback but Ryback ducks and hits a meathook clothesline. Ryback sets Rusev up for the shell shock but Rusev gets out and bails from the ring.

Still to come: Daniel Bryan vs. Kane no DQ match where Daniel Bryan puts his Royal Rumble spot on the line.

Brie Bella vs. Naomi

Paige and Natalya are at ringside as Michael Cole replays comments from The Bella Twins earlier. Brie asks Nikki if she could imagine being married to Natalya. Nikki says she’d rather cuddle with cats than her husband. Nikki asks Brie if she could imagine dating Paige. Brie says that it would have to be at night so her skin wouldn’t burn. Nikki and Brie agree they don’t have to worry about that and at the Rumble why everyone wants to be a Bella Twin. Naomi gets a roll up on a distracted Brie for a 2 count. Naomi is on an offensive role against Brie with repeated hip tosses and dropkicks. Naomi is then given a jawbreaker against the ropes by Paige sending her to the outside of the ring. Brie gets a 2 count on Naomi. Brie gets Naomi in the corner and gets a bulldog on Naomi for a 2 count. Naomi comes back with some lefts and rights and a clothesline. Naomi with an attempted kick attempt but Brie with a cheap shot and a face plant for a 3 count.

winner: Brie Bella

Post Match: The Bella Twins have a stare down with Natalya and Paige and they exchange words.

Luke Harper is backstage and he says at the Royal Rumble you can send anyone you want after him but do not send anyone you want back. He says after tonight Erick Rowan won’t get the chance. He says not to blink because the monster will get him. The monster that lives in his head. He asks if he’s scared because he should be.

Goldust and Stardust are backstage drawing their numbers. Goldust says it’s time to see where they’ll be in the Royal Rumble match. Stardust keeps changing his mind which ball he wants to pick. He says so many mathematical possibilities that could lead to anarchy and agony. Goldust then asks or if darkness will consume them once again. Stardust and Goldust look at their numbers and Goldust says it’s every man for himself and Stardust repeats after him.

Royal Rumble Qualifying Match

Luke Harper vs. Erick Rowan

This match again is only a qualifying match for one participant. Erick Rowan is the only one who has to win to get a spot in the Rumble as Luke Harper already has a spot in the Rumble. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper trade blows and then Harper with a knee to Rowan’s face which has little effect on Rowan as he gets a big boot to Harper. Rowan sends Harper face first into the turnbuckle followed by a pump handle slam for a 2 count. Harper and Rowan fight on the outside and make their way back in at 2. Rowan tackles Harper for a 2 count. Rowan then tries a powerbomb on Harper but Harper with a headscissors to Rowan. Rowan then gets a back body drop on Harper for a 2 count. Rowan then charges at Harper in the corner and gets a spin kick on Harper for a 2 count. Rowan then gets a full nelson attempt but Harper bites Rowan and goes for a clothesline but Rowan with a powerbomb on Harper for 2. Rowan goes off the top rope and then Harper ducks and gets a kick on Rowan and then a clothesline on Rowan for the pin and the win.

winner: Luke Harper

Pre Show for the Royal Rumble will be a 6 man tag team match with A New Day vs. Adam Rose, Cesaro, and Tyson Kidd

Seth Rollins is backstage with Kane and Rollins is disgusted with how Dolph spoke to him. Kane says he needs to borrow J&J Security.. Rollins agrees as they need to keep Bryan out of the Royal Rumble match. Kane leaves with J&J Security and Rollins says Bryan has to stay out of the Rumble.

The Miz and Damien Mizdow are backstage and Mizdow gives Miz a pumpkin spice latte just like he likes it. Miz asks Mizdow if that’s a way of apologizing after embarrassing him on RAW. Mizdow apologizes saying he doesn’t know what came over him and he got caught up in the moment. He says that the crowd did like it. Miz laughs at the crowd liking him. He says Mizdow is a stunt double an extension of The Miz so when they’re cheering him they’re really cheering The Miz. Miz says the latte isn’t spice enough and to bring him more to his trailer. Usos show up and start to talk to Mizdow asking him if Miz gets eliminated from the Rumble if he will eliminate himself. Usos remind him the Rumble is every man for himself and to think of himself in that match.

No Disqualification Match
Kane vs. Daniel Bryan
If Daniel Bryan loses, he loses his spot in the Royal Rumble
Bryan gets kicks and right hands on Kane until Kane gets the better of Bryan with a knee to the gut. Kane whips Bryan into the ropes but Bryan ducks and goes for clothesline on Kane but Kane ducks sending Bryan outside the ring. Kane exits the ring and gets a neckbreaker on Bryan and then sends Bryan down against the wall. Kane gets a kendo stick and hits Daniel bryan repeatedly with it. Kane sends Bryan back in the ring with the kendo stick and Bryan gets a right hand on Kane and grabs the kendo stick and hits Kane repeatedly with it sending him down on the mat and Bryan gets a kick on Kane for a 2 count. Bryan comes off the top rope but Kane with a right hand to the gut of Daniel Bryan. Kane sends Bryan out the ring as smackdown goes to break.

Kane has Bryan in a headlock and Bryan fights out but Kane with a big boot. We see that J&J Security attacked Bryan during the break. Noble hands Kane a steel chair and Kane hits Bryan with it. Kane covers Bryan for a 2 count. Kane sets the chair in the corner of the ring and Bryan with some punches to Kane and Bryan sends Kane over the top rope. Bryan then charges at Kane outside but Ksne with a right hand to send Bryan down. J&J help Kane remove the top of the announcers table and Kane attempts to tombstone piledriver Bryan on the table but Bryan shoves him off and dives off the table onto Kane but Kane with a chokeslam attempt on Bryan but Bryan gets out and sends Kane into the steel post. Bryan back in the ring and then dives into Kane sending him down. J&J Security attack Bryan but he fights them off but Kane then gets the advantage knocking Bryan down and sends him back into the ring. Kane comes off the top rope but Bryan gets Kane in the Yes Lock. J&J Security break It up and they beat down on Bryan but Bryan gets the better of the 2 and gets a running knee drop on both guys. Kane gets a chokeslam on Bryan for a 2 count. Kane then goes outside the ring with a steel chair and Bryan drop toe holds Kane face first into the chair and gets a running knee to Kane for the pin and the win.
winner: Daniel Bryan

Post Match: Daniel Bryan celebrates outside the ring and starts the Yes Chant with the fans until Big Show makes his way out and attacks Bryan and takes him back inside the ring where Kane, Show, J&J Security attack him. Ryback, Rowan, and Dolph come out to help even the odds. Cesaro, Tyson Kidd, and Titus O’ Neil come out to help take down the faces. Other superstars come from the back and a preview for the Royal Rumble starts. Roman Reigns makes his way out and clears the ring of Big Show and J&J Security. A Staredown between Roman reigns, Ryback, Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, Big Show, and Kane close the show.

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