Audio: Robbie E talks Jersey Shore Gimmick, Focusing On Character vs. Wrestling, TNA Status & More‏

Jan 16, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

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Vince Russo hosted his podcast “The Swerve” from England via Robbie E of TNA and The Amazing Race was the special guest this week, and the highlights are below.

Robbie spending 10 years on the indy scene before being discovered:

“I started wrestling at 16 and signed with TNA at 26. 10 years. I went through college. There wasn’t a moment when I slowed down. 2-3 shows a week. I did some WWE extra work: jobber matches, dark matches, tryouts, developmental systems. There were a lot of times where I was led on to believe I was going to sign a contract but it never happened…Other guys my size were getting signed. During that time, I was 160 lbs and I was very young when I was trying out, so I guess it wasn’t the right place or the right time.”

Robbie on starting with the Jersey Shore character:

“I wasn’t doing it period. I wasn’t doing it until you told me to spike my hair up. I never did a character until that afternoon. Never did one remotely related to Jersey Shore. I zero never remotely liked Jersey Shore; granted my real life was kind of like Jersey Shore probably. Wrestling character: I never had my hair up, never fist-pumped, nothing.”

Robbie on younger wrestlers not focusing on character as much:

“They forget the wrestling they watched when they were a kid. I don’t get why they do that. Everyone when they were younger had characters that were larger than life and polka dot shorts. I don’t know why people forget about that. Polka dot shorts is normal. It’s pro wrestling.”

Robbie on teaming up with Zema:

“Zema was an X-Division guy that did a lot of that stuff. Now that he’s our DJ, doesn’t wrestle as much and has more character, he said the last year of his life has been the best year of his life, in wrestling. He’s having the time of his life, appreciating it more so much and loving it so much more – being full character, goofing off as opposed to having an X-Division match and remembering so many things, getting knocked out.”

Listen to or watch the full podcast and interview where Robbie E talks a lot more about “Character vs. Wrestling”, teaming with Zema and Jessie, his TNA contract status, and much more.

During the free podcast this week, Russo also talks about Macho Man Randy Savage going into the WWE Hall of Fame this year and whether Hogan inducting him is a genuine gesture on Hogan’s part or the biggest rib in wrestling history.

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Robbie E is @RobbieEImpact on Twitter. Impact Wrestling is on Destination America every Fridays at 9pm EST.

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