1/2/15 Smackdown Recap

Jan 3, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

by Scoti Wilkerson

WWE Smackdown
Location: Norfolk, Virginia
Airdate: 1/2/15
Announcers: Tom Phillips, JBL, and Michael Cole

Smackdown opens up with a video showing what happened on RAW when Edge and Christian hosted the first ever edition of the Cutting Edge Peep Show with Seth Rollins as their inaugural guest. Seth Rollins invited Big Show to come out followed by inviting Cena out. Cena didn’t come out so Seth Rollins then laid Christian out with his briefcase and Big Show held Edge face first against the briefcase telling Cena to come out. Cena comes out and Rollins threatens to curb stomp Edge face first into the briefcase if he doesn’t reinstate The Authority. Cena then agrees to reinstate The Authority but Rollins goes to curb stomp Edge anyway but Cena enters the ring and spears Rollins on the mat. Cena is then given a knockout punch by Big Show followed by a curb stomp. HHH and Stephanie McMahon then come out and do a toast to end RAW.

Tony Chimel introduces Edge and Christian as they make their way out, Edge says he feels at fault for The Authority to be back in power and apologizes. He says if he and Christian could, they would beat Rollins within an inch of his life but not to worry because there is a target on his back with Cena’s name on it. Christian says the show must go on and they’re going to have a great show tonight. Edge then says there’s nothing The Authority can do about it.

We see a limo drive arriving to the arena and the limo driver opens the door as J&J Security make their way out the limo. Jaime Noble makes fun of the limo driver as he appears to have stepped into dog crap. Edge and Christian both question what that was about and get ready to get the show started but then Seth Rollins’ music plays as J&J Security make their way out. They make their way into the ring as Mercury is holding a file in his hand, Edge tells J&J Security next time they may want to come in through the 2nd rope because the first one seems to tall for them. Christian says since his twitter was messed up he had hired a Geek Squad to come and tells J&J Security that was fast. Noble says he has a letter from The Authority and Mercury reads it saying they had no idea Rollins was going to pull the antics he did on Monday Night RAW. They neither condone or support what he did and apologize. Edge sarcastically says that sounds sincere and Mercury says he isn’t done. The Authority will respect that Edge and Christian are in charge of Smackdown tonight and will not get in their way.

However, tonight they have appointed J&J Security as official observers and they are to appoint any funny business to WWE Headquarters. Edge says that’s great and all but tonight he and Christian are still in charge. He says the first match he wants to make tonight is a handicap match with J&J Security taking on Ryback. J&J Security look worried as Edge tells them not to worry that he won’t put their lives in danger like Seth Rollins did him. Instead, Ryback will go one on one with The Big Show. Christian says if it’s all right with Edge, he’d like to trump him and in the main event tonight put The United States Champion, Rusev in a singles match against Rusev.

Noble reminds them both he’s taking notes and this will be on their permanent files. Edge says they don’t he doesn’t even work for the WWE anymore. He says he and Christian won’t be in charge again for a while but tonight they are. Christian says it’s time for the show to start right now and then Bray Wyatt’s music plays as he makes his way out. We now go to break.

Bray Wyatt vs. Erick Rowan
We’re back from break as Erick Rowan makes his way out to face his former mentor, Bray Wyatt. Before the match, Wyatt calls Rowan over to him and tells Rowan to lay down for him. Rowan then delivers some lefts and rights to his former mentor and then gives him a big boot. Rowan attempts to send Wyatt into the corner but Wyatt reverses and sends Rowan into the ring post. Wyatt then exits the ring and then splashes Rowan against the ring post. Wyatt gets back in the ring and starts asking Rowan why it has to be this way and Rowan then surprises Wyatt with a few right hands. Rowan attempts to whip Wyatt into the ropes but Wyatt reverses and whips Rowan into corner. Wyatt charges at Rowan but Rowan ducks and splashes Wyatt. Rowan then gets Wyatt to his feet and looks to be showing Wyatt compassion but Wyatt then hits the sister Abigail for the pin and the win.
winner: Bray Wyatt

Post Match: Bray Wyatt is on the mic saying These are the Eyes of The Father. He tells Ambrose that if he was willing to do what he did to Erick Rowan, his flesh and blood. someone he loves. It just shows you the things he’ll be willing to do to Ambrose. He tells Ambrose the story has been fun but it must end Monday night.

The Announcers hype the singles match between Ryback and The Big Show for later tonight.

We see Edge and Christian backstage and Edge starts talking about doing a 5 second pose right there backstage. Christian says that sounds like a good spot to do it for no reason at all. They start to do the pose and J&J Security show up asking them what they think they’re doing. They explain they’re just about to do the 5 second pose but Mercury says they’re doing everything tonight including the 5 second pose. Edge and Christian then walk away as Mercury do the 5 second pose and then we head to break.

Back from break we see Goldust, Stardust, and Adam Rose in the ring for a 6 man tag team match up next. We see a video of Adam Rose attacking The Bunny after losing to R-Truth 2 weeks ago on RAW.

Goldust, Stardust, and Adam Rose vs. R-Truth and The Usos
We see a video of The Usos beating The Miz Monday night on RAW by beating The Miz and Damien Mizdow. Truth and Rose have a popularity contest with the fans which Truth wins. Rose gets distracted allowing R-Truth to take advantage and roll up Adam Rose for a 2 count to start the match .Truth tags in Jey Uso and Adam Rose quickly tosses him out the ring. Stardust tears off his shirt about to go after Uso as we go to break.

Back from break and Goldust is in the ring and stomps on the arms on Jey Uso. Goldust lifts Jey up and slams him on the mat for a 2 count. Goldust tags Stardust in and Stardust gets in and stomps on the leg of Jey Uso. Stardust tags in Rose who then hits a knee drop to the throat of Jey. Goldust is tagged back in and whips Jey into the corner and Jey then surprises Stardust and Rose by giving them both right hands off the apron. Goldust charges at Jey but Jey ducks and makes it to his corner and tags in Jimmy Uso and Rose blind tags himself in. Jimmy Uso gives Rose some lefts and some rights and whips him into the ropes and gives him a hip toss. Goldust tries to get back in the ring but R-Truth surprises him as he comes off the top rope and lands on him. Stardust then surprises R-Truth with a falling star. Back in the ring, Rose kicks Jimmy in the midsection and attempts the Party Foul but Jimmy counters and hits a super kick sending Rose down. Jimmy tags in Jey who hits a splash on Rose for the pin and the win.

Winners: The Usos and R-Truth

Post Match: Some of The Rosebuds enter the ring and try to come off the top rope but The Usos clean house giving each of them super kicks. The Usos and R-Truth celebrate in the ring wearing some of the Rosebuds gear as they retreat up the ramp.

The Announcers hype tonight’s main event between The United States Champion, Rusev and Roman Reigns.

We see a video from Monday’s RAW where Daniel Bryan came out and appeared to be announcing his retirement only to surprise everyone and announce he’s returning at the Rumble and entering the Royal Rumble.

We see a video showing that John Cena was presented a 2014 Celebs Gone Good Award.

We see a video of Ryback talking about his journey to make it in the WWE and he tells Rusev that he’s coming for him.

Ryback vs. The Big Show
Show starts the match with the early advantage as he shoves Ryback against the ropes and then clotheslines him outside the ring. The ref starts to count as Ryback makes his way back in at 2. Show goes to clothesline Ryback out again but Ryback surprises Show with a boot to the face and then gets on the 2nd rope and and hits Show with a double axe handle. Ryback goes to do the same again and connects again. Ryback then goes to heat the meat hook on Show but Show escapes the ring as we head to break.

Back from break and Show is back in control as he has Ryback into a corner with his foot on his throat. Show then starts kicking the leg that Ryback mentioned on RAW got injured. Show then rips off Ryback’s kneepad and then kicked the leg of Ryback’s. Show then waits for Ryback to get to his feet and then bodyslams Ryback on the mat. Show waits for Ryback to get up and charges at him but Ryback moves and Show then goes over the top rope. The ref starts counting and Show makes his way back in at 6 and Ryback gives Show some lefts and rights and then hits a sloppy looking Lou Thesz Press. Ryback then splashes Show in the corner as he makes his way up. Ryback then comes off the 2nd rope with another axe handle attempt but Show catches him and attempts the chokeslam but Ryback gets out and delivers a spinebuster to Big Show. Ryback waits for Big Show to get up but the Russian Flag comes down and Rusev’s music plays as he and Lana make their way out.

Ryback is now outside the ring on the apron challenging Rusev to come to the ring. Show then delivers a KO Punch to the distracted Ryback sending him to the floor. The ref starts the 10 count and Ryback doesn’t make it back in the ring in time.
winner: by countout, The Big Show

Post Match: Big Show exits the ring as Ryback gets back in. Rusev then enters the ring and attempts to apply the accolade on a fallen Ryback but Ryback surprised Rusev with some right hooks and then clotheslines Rusev out of the ring. Rusev then retreated to the back.

We see Edge backstage as J&J Security show up and ask him where Christian is. Edge points to the door saying he’s in the bathroom. Edge tells him certainly he isn’t going in there to which Noble replies he is. Noble goes in and Edge starts to talk to Mercury but we then hear women shouting and Noble heads out the restroom. Edge then moves showing the sign saying it’s the women’s restroom. Edge tells Noble oops, he says Christian’s in the men’s room as he walks off and Noble is embarrassed.

We see a backstage interview with Cesaro, Tyson Kidd, and Natalya where their asked how they feel about The Authority being back in charge. They high 5 each other aying they were glad things are back to normal and walk off seeming to forget about Natalya.

Cesaro & Tyson Kidd vs. Los Matadores
Tyson Kidd starts the match off to be double teamed by the Los Matadores. Fernando pins Kidd for a 2 count. Cesaro blind tags himself in right before Fernando dropkicks Kidd off the apron. Fernando unaware that Cesaro blind tagged himself in went for a suicide dive on Kidd but was met with an uppercut by Cesaro. Cesaro and Kidd then give Fernando a double back body drop outside the ring. Cesaro then gets Fernando back in the ring and then gives him the swing. Kidd then gets a dropkick on Fernando while being swung. They attempt another double back body drop on Fernando but Fernando fights out of it this time, Fernando gives Cesaro some lefts and rights and Kidd comes off the top rope only to get a dropkick by Fernando. Both men are down as they are able to tag in their respective partners.

Diego then charges at Cesaro with some flying headbutts to Cesaro. He then comes off the turnbuckle but Cesaro catches him and sets him up for a powerbomb and Kidd then hits a blockbuster off the top rope for the pin and the win.

winners: Cesaro and Tyson Kidd

We see Dean Ambrose headed to the ring for his match up next.

Curtis Axel vs. Dean Ambrose
Ambrose attacks Axel before the match even starts unloading on him. Axel then escapes the ring but Ambrose cuts him off and hits the Dirty Deeds. Ambrose makes his way to the back with a mic on his hand and we see an ambulance right off the entrance ramp and Ambrose tells Wyatt he hopes he’s listening really well. He says they will be in the first ever ambulance match in RAW History. He says he’s going to show Wyatt how he kicks off the new year. He tells Bray Wyatt he’s going to use that ambulance as his weapon and then put Wyatt in the back of the ambulance and then drive him out of there and give him a Happy New Year Hell.

We see a vignette with The Ascension. They say they’re going to continue the lineage of The Road Warriors and Demolition. They’re up next.

The Ascension vs. Rhett Titus and Lance Anoai
Viktor starts the match with Anoai start the match off with Viktor lifting Anoai up and taking him into the corner with some chops. Viktor tags in Connor and Connor with a fall away slam on Anoai. and then tags in Viktor, Double team by The Ascension to Anoai and Anoai tags in Titus and both Titus and Anoai get a runaway train by Connor. Double Team move to Titus by The Ascension and Viktor pins Titus for the pin and the win.
winners: The Ascension

We see Edge & Christian backstage as J&J Security make their way in. They said they’ve appreciated Edge & Christian’s time on Smackdown tonight but have to get the office ready for The Authority. Christian tells them to be careful with the Canadian Flag as they’re taking down Edge and Christian’s props and replace it with The Authority’s. J&J Security then thank them again and tell them they can see themselves out as they leave. Edge and Christian then start drawing on the Muscle & Fitness Magazine of The Authority. Edge draws a king crown on HHH and an I <3 HBK tattoo on his arm.

We see a video package of Reigns delivering a superman punch to Big Show a couple of weeks ago on RAW as he attempted to enter the ring and then we saw a video of Show attacking Reigns during his match against Rollins on RAW Monday Night.

Roman Reigns vs. Rusev
Rusev gets the advantage early with some chops to Reigns. Rusev sends Reigns in the corner and then goes for a haymaker but Reigns ducks but Rusev still manages to get a take down on Reigns. Rusev goes for a kick on Reigns but Reigns side steps it and then clotheslines Rusev out the ring as we head to break.

Back from break and Reigns charges at Rusev in the corner to the midsection, Reigns then does his routine where he goes out the ring and slings Rusev throat first across the ring ropes. Reigns charges at Rusev in the corner again but Rusev moves and hits Reigns with a German Suplex. Rusev then picks Reigns up and hits another german suplex for a 2 count. Rusev with an elbow to Reigns and and then slams Reigns on the mat. Rusev then with a sleeper hold on Reigns and then looks to send him face first into the turnbuckle but Reigns fights him off. Rusev regains control and tosses Reigns out of the ring. Reigns then re enters the ring and surprises Rusev with a clothesline and then a roll up for a 2 count.

Rusev with a kick to Reigns. Rusev then with an attempted clothesline of his own but Reigns surprises him with a superman punch sending Rusev out the ring. Reigns exits the ring and puts Rusev back in the ring. The Big Show makes his way out and Reigns charges at him and gives him a superman punch. Reigns gets back in the ring and walks into a jumping side kick by Rusev. Rusev covers Reigns for a 2 count. Rusev with another side kick attempt but Reigns ducks and spears Rusev. Reigns pins Rusev but Show pulls Reigns out of the ring causing the disqualification

winner: by disqualification, Roman Reigns

Post Match: Show sends Reigns into the barricade and then gives him a spear. Show then starts taking the announcers table a part and then sets Reigns up for the chokeslam through the announcers table but Reigns fought out and slammed Show’s face on the table. Reigns then surprises Show with a dropkick. Show was still up and then charges at Reigns but Reigns movies and Show goes over the desk. Reigns then turns the desk over onto The Big Show. Show is on the ground busted open as Roman Reigns stands over the table as Smackdown comes to a close.

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