Note on Raw main events in 2014

Dec 31, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

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WWE has a recent knack of not delivering television main events that end in decisive finishes. Just how bad was it in 2014? Out of 52 episodes in 2014, 18 Raw episodes out of 52 (34.6%) had a decisive finish to a main event; the rest of the shows either ended in a segment, or ended in some sort of non-finish. So yes, only 34.6% of Raw episodes had a legitimate main event finish. At one point around Wrestlemania, there was a stretch with one real finish to a main event over an 11-week span. Later in the year, there was also a stretch of eight straight weeks without a finish in a main event. Here are all the 52 finishes to Raw below.

Reigns beat Punk***
Usos beat Wyatt & Bryan***
Orton beat Kofi by DQ
Cena/Bryan/Sheamus beat Shield by DQ
Bryan beat Orton***
Cena beat Orton***
Sheamus beat Orton by DQ
Wyatt beat Reigns by DQ
Bryan beat Batista by DQ
Bryan & Show beat Batista & Orton***
Wyatt beat Kofi (not main event)
The Shield beat Real Americans (not main event)
Orton vs Batista in a no contest
Bryan vs HHH in a no contest
Shield vs Raw Roster in 11-on-3 no contest
Cena beat Wyatts by DQ
Reigns vs Orton no contest
Wyatts beat Shield***
Reigns beat Batista by DQ
Cena beat Harper by DQ
Sheamus beat Del Rio (not main event)
Orton vs Reigns never got started
Ambrose/Cena/Reigns beat Wyatts***
Cena beat Kane***
Cena/Reigns/Sheamus beat Orton/Wyatt/Del Rio/Cesaro***
Cena & Reigns beat Kane & Orton by DQ
Cena vs Rollins no contest
Cena/Reigns beat Kane/Orton/Rollins by DQ
Cesaro beat Ambrose by DQ (not main event)
Rollins vs Jericho no contest (not main event)
Slater beat Rollins (not main event)
Orton beat Sheamus (not main event)
Rollins vs Ambrose no contest in falls count anywhere match
Cena/Henry/Show beat Wyatts***
Cena/Reigns/Jericho beat Orton/Kane/Rollins***
Reigns beat Orton by DQ
Reigns beat Rollins (not main event)
Cena beat Orton by DQ
Cena & Ambrose beat Kane & Orton by DQ
Cena beat Orton/Kane/Rollins by DQ
Ambrose beat Cena in contract on a pole***
Kane/Orton/Rollins beat Cena & Ambrose***
Cena beat Rollins by DQ
Rollins beat Orton***
Cena beat Ryback by DQ
Goldust/Stardust/Miz/Mizdow beat Matadores/Usos (not main event)
Cena/Ziggler beat Rollins/Noble/Mercury***
Cena/Ryback/Ziggler beat Rollins/Kane/Harper***
Cena beat Show by DQ
Rollins beat Cena in steel cage match***
Wyatt beat Ambrose in a street fight***
Ascension beat Miz/Mizdow (not main event)

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