Dixie Carter on 2014: “It was a really good year”

Dec 4, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

TNA president Dixie Carter did an interview with Jeremy Borash that was posted on Impact Wrestling’s web site.

Here are a few notes:

– “I think we did a lot of things right,” said Carter reflecting on 2014.
– She said the vote total percentages were in the “high eighties” for the return of the six sided ring
– On 2014: “It was a really good year, but its definitely a transactional year.”
– Carter thanked Spike TV for their relationship, and giving them a national platform.
– Carter said the company needed to move past the status quo, and seek a partner that would offer more than just their two hour show to grow and expand the brand.
– “It was a great ride” referring to their long-term last relationship
– She told the talent she wanted a new TV partner to help evaluate the brand during the negotiation process
– Carter said she wasn’t going to take a “bad (TV) deal”
– “There are a lot of announcements coming” she said in reference to future changes
– Carter is excited about the fresh start with a new TV network
– She said we will see some new faces in the company
– Carter likes the young talent she has on the roster (“I can’t say enough good things about them”)
– She was surprised Kurt Angle announced his intention to return in TNA in 2015 on Vince Russo’s podcast
– Carter would like to see Angle retire in TNA
– Carter said Angle has been working hard to return to ring, and this could be his year in 2015
– She said Jeff Hardy’s daughter is a big star backstage
– Carter is proud to have Jeff Hardy on the TNA team
– She said Destination America is one of the five fastest growing networks on cable TV
– “This is a global deal” referring to the new TV deal
– She admitted that Destination America is a smaller network than Spike TV
– She is excited about the fan base in India
– Carter is hoping for another season of British Bootcamp III
– Carter said Rockstar Spud has exceeded her expectations
– She is excited about return to New York for more TV tapings. She said they had some surprises planned.
– She thanked the fans for their continued support of the company

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