The many Big Show (Paul Wight) turns

Nov 24, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

big show

Our friend Danny Rodriquez posted on his Facebook page:

Paul Wight Turns:

1. ~Early-mid 1996 – Turned face, not sure how. He debuted as heel, but was face by the time he dropped the title to Hogan at Hog Wild.
2. Aug 1996 – Turns heel, joins nWo.
3. Dec 1996 – Turns face when kicked out of nWo.
4. 1997-1998? – Opposes Nash as a heel.
5. Jan 1999 – Following the nWo Wolfpac and nWo Hollywood merger (feat. Finger Poke of Doom), a face? Giant is pushed out of nWo as he loses to Nash in a match to earn spot in nWo.
6. Feb 1999 – Debuts in WWF has a heel for the Corporation.
7. Spring 1999 – Turns face against Corporation. Forms the Union.
8. Mid-Late 1999 – Turns heel, forms tag team with Undertaker.
9. Late 1999 – Turns face to begin infamously bad feud with Big Bossman.
10. Jan 2000 – Turns heel at Royal Rumble, feuding with Rock.
11. Spring 2000 – Turns face, begins the parody gimmick, feuds with Shane McMahon.
12. Summer 2000 – Turns heel, after returning after two months off, reunites with Shane.
13. Spring 2001 – Turns face to side with WWF during the Invasion.
14. Spring 2002 – Turned heel on Steve Austin, joins nWo.
16. Sept 2004 – Turns face when he chooses to face Kurt Angle at No Mercy 2002. Angle shoots Show with tranquilizer dart gun and shaves his head, a hairstyle he retains to this day!
17. Nov 2005 – Heel by the time he and Kane beat down Rey Mysterio on Smackdown.
18. Dec 2005 – Turns back face to feud with HHH.
19. Jun 2006 – Turns heel at One Night Stand 2006.
20. Feb 2008 – Big Show returns to WWE at No Way Out 2008, seemingly as a face, but turns heel on Mysterio in the same night, setting up the Mayweather match in the process.
21. Mar 2008 – Turns face to feud with Great Khali.
22. Aug 2008 – Turns heel to side with Vickie Guerrero in feud with Undertaker.
23. Spring 2010 – Turns face on Miz after they lose tag title.
24. Spring 2012 – ? Heel by the time he faces Cody Rhodes at Extreme Rule 2012? Was he heel for his title matches with Daniel Bryan also?
25. Spring 2012 – Face by the time he’s fired by John Laurinaitis.
26. May 2012 – Turns heel on John Cena at Over the Limit 2012 to earn an Iron Clad Contract!
27. Spring 2013 – Turns face to team with Randy Orton and Sheamus against the Shield.
28. Mania 29 – Turns heel on Orton and Sheamus after they lose to the Shield.
29. Aug 2013 – Takes time off, returns as face.
30. Survivor Series 2014 – Turns heel on Cena.

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