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Nov 20, 2014 - by staff

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by Scotti

We open with a video package looking at the recent history between Bobby Roode and Bobby Lashley, then we go to the arena as Roode comes out to the ring to open the show. He says that everyone in the world has real, true friends that you can rely on and trust, and Eric Young is his true friend. Last week, Bobby Lashley tried to end his career. Austin Aries tried to get in Lashley’s way, so Lashley tried ending his career as well. He knows Lashley wants a title shot and he’ll get it, but tonight, he wants to fight with no refs or rules, just him kicking Lashley’s ass, and he demands that Lashley come out right now. Lashley comes out and it’s on! They brawl through the crowd and Lashley tries taking Roode’s head off with a chair, but Roode ducks out of the way. Security runs out to break up the fight.

Ethan Carter III is backstage with Tyrus and says that it’s a shame Eric Young got hurt, but he’ll give Spud the opportunity to face him in the ring tonight and see if he’s a real man.

We see a video package of Havok destroying everybody, and she’ll defend the Knockouts Title against Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim in a three way after this commercial break!
Knockouts Championship Match:
Havok (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell

Both girls try to jump Havok as soon as the bell rings, but Havok just shrugs them both off, whips them both into a corner, and crushes them both with an avalanche. Havok lays Terrell out and Gail tries one of those lucha wheelbarrow rolls, but Havok lifts her up and drops her on top of Terrell. Havok with a big spinebuster on Terrell, then Gail catches her in the Royal Octopus hold. Havok goes down to the mat and Terrell adds in a Muta lock, but Havok won’t quit so they both let go. Gail gets pissed at Terrell for getting in her way, then they both boot Havok out to the floor. Terrell tries a crossbody off the apron and Havok catches her, but then Gail comes off the apron with a forearm that wipes both girls out as we go to commercial.

We’re back and Gail Kim is going at it in the ring with Terrell while Havok recovers on the floor. Gail catches a small package for 2, but charges into the corner and gets caught with an elbow. Terrell fires back with some clotheslines and a rolling neckbreaker before getting dragged out to the floor and dropped face first on the barricade by Havok. Terrell really looks like she got dinged good on that one. Havok tries to do the same to Gail, Gail fights out, but Havok crushes Gail with a spinebuster on the floor. Havok dumps them both back into the ring and doesn’t look anything but confident as she drags Gail and Terrell next to each other and goes to the second rope. She comes off with a splash and covers them both, but they both kick out at 2. Terrell avoids a charge into the corner, then Gail avoids one, then Terrell holds Havok on the top rope so Gail can come off the top with a kneedrop to the back of Havok’s head that knocks her to the floor. Terrell quicks capitalizes with a baseball slide to Gail, but Gail comes back with a clothesline of her own and then hits the charging crossbody in the corner. Gail goes to the top and Terrell tries for a superplex, Havok comes in and powerbombs Terrell, causing her to superplex Gail in one of those Tower of Doom spots. Havok misses an attempt at a second splash out of the corner, tries to chokeslam both girls instead, but the other girls fight out and finally manage to chop her down to the mat. She takes Havok out with a top rope crossbody, Havok kicks out at 2, Terrell gets a bodypress of her own for 2, Gail hits eat defeat on Havok and then Terrell hits an Ace Crusher and makes a cover, but Gail pulls her off Havok at 2. Gail and Terrell go back and forth with pinfall attempts and Terrell winds up rolling Gail into a sunset flip for the win.

winner: new Knockouts Champion, Taryn Terrell

Kenny King catches MVP coming into the building and asks why he hasn’t returned his texts and calls. MVP says he needed time to think, and there are a lot of things he’s not okay with around here, but he is okay with reminding everyone what MVP means. King says that’s what he’s talking about, and they walk off.

We look back at a bunch of stuff that happened earlier tonight, then we go backstage to Bobby Roode as he says he’s seen Lashley attacking all his friends, and now he’s going to be the champion challenging Lashley. The rematch is set, and he’s not going to stop until he gets his hands on Lashley.

Kenny King vs. Chris Melendez

King takes Melendez down and wrestles circles around him a couple of times, but Melendez comes back with a couple of hiptosses and King powders out to the floor. Melendez reaches out after him and King rakes his eyes and snaps his neck down on the ropes. Now King is back in the ring putting the boots to Melendez and locks him in a camel clutch. King releases and fires crossfaces at him, but King takes a run at Melendez and Melendez big boots him with the prosthetic leg and then hits a fisherman suplex for 2. Nice bridge for a guy with one leg. Melendez with a running Yakuza kick in the corner and then picks him up in a fireman’s carry, but MVP runs in and nails Melendez with a chair.
winner: Chris Melendez by disqualification

Post Match: MVP continues smashing Melendez with the chair, including several shots to Melendez’ good leg. Ken Anderson finally runs in and chases MVP off as Melendez writhes in pain on the mat. Officials check on him as we go to commercial.

Spud is backstage and says that Mr. Carter wants him in the ring tonight, and just like always, Mr. Carter will get exactly what he wants.

The medics are still checking on Melendez backstage when we come back from commercial, and Kurt Angle comes in to find out what happened. Anderson is irate and wants his hands on MVP, and Angle says MVP has gone too far and he’ll deal with him.

Ethan Carter III comes out to the ring with Tyrus and says that Spud has impressed him and made quite a few friends along the way, but now he’ll give Spud the opportunity to fight him tonight. He knows Spud wants to, and asks over and over if Spud wants to fight him. Spud comes out and EC3 says he knows he’s apprehensive with Tyrus there, so he tells Tyrus to get out of the ring and not get involved no matter what happens. Tyrus leaves and Spud comes in and EC3 says he knows he ruined Spud’s life and it entertains him. He knows Spud wants to hit him, so he tells him he’ll even give him the first shot. Spud says he’s not going to hit him in the face, EC3 smiles, but Spud says he’s going to kick EC3 in the balls. He then attacks EC3, and EC3 just beats the ever loving crap out of Spud. EC3 tries to leave, but Spud grabs EC3’s leg and literally climbs back up to keep fighting. EC3 tosses Spudd to Tyrus, who pops him up and clotheslines him out of midair. Tyrus holds Spud up a EC3 says he’s not going to be done until Spud decides to end his miserable career, and he’s going to start by cutting off that mop on his head. He takes a razor and shaves off part of Spud’s hair and then he and Tyrus leave Spud laying in the middle of the ring.

Kurt Angle comes up to Kenny King backstage and tells him that he’s gone too far out there, and he wants to know where MVP is. MVP comes out of nowhere and knocks Angle out, then stands over him and unloads with a flurry of right hands while King asks him what the hell he’s doing. MVP says this is what happens when Angle wants to play games, and he storms off as King reluctantly trails after him.

We see a video package of Bram’s history in hardcore matches.

Hardcore Match
Bram vs. Tommy Dreamer

Bram attacks Dreamer on his way to the ring, but Dreamer fights back and rams Bram into the post and then comes off the apron with a clothesline. Dreamer dumps the trash can full of weapons out into the ring, then drags the can after him as he chases Bram up the ramp. Bram nails Dreamer and slams him on the ramp, then lays Dreamer out with his own trash can. Dreamer reverses a whip and sends Bram into the ringpost, then a bloody Dreamer suplexes Bram on the floor as we go to commercial.

We’re back and Bram is screaming at Dreamer as he bleeds on the ring steps. Bram wipes Dreamer’s blood on his own chest and sends Dreamer back inside so he can smash a trash can over his head and cover for 2. Dreamer gets a hold of the Singapore cane and nails Bram with it, then uses it to hit a White Russian legsweep for 2. Dreamer sets up a chair and then atomic crotches Bram on top of it before finally coming off the second rope to clothesline Bram off the chair. Dreamer covers for 2, then hangs Bram in the Tree of Woe and baseball slides a trash can into Bram’s face. Bram lays Dreamer out and tries to come off the second rope with a chair, but Dreamer gets the boot up, smashing the chair into Bram’s face, and hits the DDT for 2. Dreamer brings a barbed wire chair into the ring and tries to piledrive Bram on it, but Magnus runs in and lays Dreamer out and flattens him with a uranage. Bram picks Dreamer up so Magnus can nail him with a hard right hand, then Bram gets the barbed wire chair and prepares to nail Dreamer with it. Suddenly, Al Snow runs out and fights Magnus off, brawling all the way to the back with him, and Dreamer mounts a comeback. He gouges Bram’s face with a cheese grater, wedges the barbed wire chair in the corner, and tries to ram Bram into it. Bram stops that, punches Dreamer in the ding ding, then rams his face into the barbed wire chair. Bram hits a leaping DDT and covers Dreamer for the win.

winner: Bram

Kurt Angle is backstage and says that he told everyone on day one that if anyone put their hands on him, there would be consequences. MVP crossed the line, and he’s going to go out there and settle this for good.

We look back at last week when James Storm cashed in his Feast or Fired briefcase so he and Abyss could win the tag title from the Wolves, then we go to earlier today when Mahalabi Shera asks Manik why Storm doesn’t like him. He wants to know what he needs and what he should do, and Manik says that what he needs…is for him to awaken.

X Division Championship Match
Low Ki vs. Manik vs. Tigre Uno vs. D.J. Z

This is to fill the vacancy created last week when Samoa Joe surrendered the X Division Title due to injury. Okay, DJ Z and Low Ki go at it in the ring while Manik and Tigre Uno fight out on the floor. Ki drills Z with a mule kick and covers for 2, but then Manik comes in and blindsides Ki, who cartwheels past Manik and then both are taken out with a double missile dropkick by DJ Z. Manik and Tigre Uno go at it in the ring and Manik tries a surfboard until Ki takes both out with a top rope double stomp. That looked really nasty. Manik dumps Ki to the floor and tries a dive, Ki kicks him coming through the ropes, he winds up brawling with DJ Z, then Tigre Uno takes all three of them out with an Asai moonsault. Okay, now we go into spotspotspotspotspot until Ki hits a top rope Ki Krusher on Tigre Uno for the win.

winner: new X Division Champion, Low Ki

We go backstage with MVP and Kenny King. MVP is desperately trying to get Bobby Lashley on the phone, but he keeps getting sent right to voicemail, so he storms off again and King follows obediently.

Kurt Angle is seen backstage headed to the ring.

Kurt Angle is in the ring and says that MVP abused his power to get himself closer to the World Title, and MVP doesn’t like the way he does things around here and jumped him from behind. But Angle is in charge here and he called the Board of Directors to discuss MVP’s punishment, but before Angle can continue, MVP comes out to the ring and he doesn’t look like he’s in the mood to screw around. MVP reminds us that Angle is an Olympic gold medalist and multi-time World Champion, but now he’s reduced to calling his mommy to protect him from MVP. MVP says he beat Angle’s ass because he’s MVP, he’s sick of this company, he’s sick of these sissy suckers who call themselves the Board of Directors and took his position from him and gave it to Angle because they can’t handle his progressive mindset, and he’s sick of Angle’s snitching ass. So if Angle feels like the best he’s got is calling the Board of Directors to rat on him, MVP will give him his phone. Angle says he didn’t call them to get MVP fired and this will probably get him in trouble, but New Year’s is coming up and he wants to start the new year off right. He attacks MVP and starts beating the crap out of him, but Kenny King runs in and jumps Angle from behind, giving MVP an opening to take Angle out to the floor and fight him out there. Ken Anderson runs in and attacks King, but Bobby Lashley comes out of nowhere and spears Anderson into next week before high fiving King. Bobby Roode runs out, drags King out of the ring, and rams him into the barricade, then he stares down Lashley, takes his shirt off, and runs into the ring to brawl with Lashley. The show ends as they exchange right hands, and we see a promo package for the Best of TNA episodes that will begin airing in two weeks.

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