GRP #67: CM Punk’s tweet, a rant on the WWE hall of fame, best tag teams, over rated wrestlers, and more

Nov 19, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

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In this edition of the Gerweck Report podcast, Steve Gerweck and Frank Dee discuss:

– CM Punk’s tweet
– Gerweck’s rant on the WWE hall of fame
– Why Chyna should be inducted into hall of fame
– The Monday Night War series on the WWE hall of fame
– Speculation on why Randy Savage is not in the WWE hall of fame
– The move to induct the British Bulldog
– Discussion on the best tag teams past and present
– Has the IWC over rated Lance Storm?
– Is Mick Foley over rated?
– Did WCW make any stars besides Goldberg?
– Which stars came out of the WCW power plant?
– Breaking News! TNA signs a new TV deal
– and more!

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