11/12 WWE house show results from Newcastle, England

Nov 12, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

credit: ProWrestling.net

1. Dolph Ziggler beat Antonio Cesaro. Decent match but nothing special, good female reaction for Ziggy Gunn, good male reaction for Cesaro. Ziggler botched a few moves, they did an excellent spot of near pin falls and roll ups. Duelling “lets go Ziggler” chants from the ladies and children and “lets go Cesaro” from the men. Cool spot when Cesaro went up top but Ziggler caught him with a drop kick on his way down. Ziggler kicked out of Cesaro’s power moves but also botched more moves. Cesaro is huge in person, cant understand why a guy so talented isn’t main eventing. Ziggler won with the famouser. Celebrated with the fans, high fives, hugs, kisses for ladies and autographs. A video of Vince apologising for the network mishap aired, which got major heat and chants of “where’s our network?” The announcer asked if we wanted a 1 on 1 Divas match or a 3 on 3, fans overwhelmingly voted for 3 on 3…

2. Naomi, Emma and Natalya beat Summer Rae, Cameron and Alicia Fox. Natalya got a huge ovation, nothing much to say about this apart from Emma and Cameron totally blowing a spot which just looked awkward. Summer Rae tapped to Natalya’s sharpshooter. More celebration with the fans, high fives, autographs etc.

3. Adrian Neville beat Sami Zayn and Tyson Kidd in a Triple Threat Match. Excellent match. Neville, obviously, got the biggest pop of the night. He came to the ring wearing a Newcastle United shirt. Nice. Kidd then got nuclear heat when he pulled on a Sunderland shirt. Chants of “take it off” “Nattie wears the trousers” “Nattie’s husband” and “toon toon black and white army” followed. Neville eventually ripped the shirt off to a good reaction. Neville won by pinning Kidd after his corkscrew shooting star press. He celebrated with his family at ringside. Neville is great, you have to believe he will be a big star.

4. Dean Ambrose beat Kane. Good pop for Ambrose. I didn’t see much of this match as I was more interested in answering mother nature’s call and feeding my face. Ambrose did his usual two or three moves and pinned Kane.

The ring announcer pimped some merchandise then threw t-shirts into the crowd. Intermission Couple more videos aired, one for the WWE video game, one for Wrestlemania tickets.

5. Sin Cara beat Fandango. Urgh. No need to rush back from the bar, even though it was £4.80 a pint.

6. Goldust and Stardust beat The Usos. The Usos mic cut out when they were doing their shouting entrance routine. Haha. The Rhodes Brothers got the bigger pop, which was nice. I’d like to think the Usos were getting booed but I think it was “uuuuuuuuuso” I could hear. Shame. The Rhodes siblings tried to leave halfway though but got brought back. Then the Usos did a dance. Great. Cody pinned one of them.

7. Chris Jericho beat Bray Wyatt in a Newcastle Street Fight. Should that not be a “insert which ever city you are in here” street fight? Anyway, seeing Wyatt’s entrance live is amazing, when the lights went on he got a good pop. Good pop for Jericho too. Cool spot when Wyatt put the ring steps half way up the entrance isle and threw Jericho through it. Wyatt used a kendo stick but didn’t make any contact and it looked really stupid. Fans chanting for tables. Wyatt did his walking upside down thing. Really cool to see that live. Jericho eventually got a table, which was greeted with huge “yes yes yes” chants. Jericho but Wyatt through the table. Kane came out and choke slammed Jericho. Bray covered but Jericho kicked out, then Kane came back and was about to tombstone Jericho but Ambrose made the save. Codebreaker on Wyatt. Jericho wins. Ambrose and Jericho celebrate, Jericho plays to the crowd with “which side of the arena can shout the loudest.”

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