My interview with RVD: His stand up comedy, his WWE status, being insulted by TNA and why he left, Russo, and more

Nov 10, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

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RVD Interview

In this exclusive GERWECK.NET interview with former WWE and TNA world champion Rob Van Dam, RVD discusses:

– His current projects, and doing stand up comedy
– What does RVD to do to relax?
– The concept of the WWE Network, and the content being edited
– No more jobber matches
– His WWE status, and might we see him at Wrestlemania 31?
– Should WWE offer a limited dates deal to Kurt Angle?
– RVD’s thoughts on Stephanie and Triple H gaining more in WWE
– How the WWE backstage atmosphere has changed
– Why WWF didn’t hire Bill Alfonso with RVD in 2001
– Vince Russo’s lack of creativity in TNA
– Why TNA never really clicked with wrestling fans
– Van Dam almost renewing his contract with TNA, and being insulted by the company
– Funny Sabu story in TNA
– and more!

Warning: Strong language

Follow RVD on Twitter @TherealRVD. Follow RVD on Its A Secret. Click here for RVD’s official web site.


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