11/5/14 TNA Impact Wrestling Recap

Nov 6, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

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Results courtesy of Impactwrestling.com:

IMPACT opens with a video recap of Bobby Roode defeating Lashley for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Kurt Angle is in the ring to introduce, “The ‘It’ Factor” Bobby Roode.

Roode says words can’t describe the moment – standing in the ring as the World Heavyweight Champion. He declares his love for pro wrestling – and says that besides his family, it’s all he has. Roode says being champion means he’s the best. He’s proud to be the champion.
Lashley, MVP and Kenny King interrupt.

MVP calls Bobby Roode a sorry excuse for a champion and says he’s manipulated the system to get a title shot. MVP accuses Kurt Angle of cheating Lashley out of the title. MVP says Lashley stepped in for him when he was injured, but that he’ll be happy to be the reason Roode loses the title.

Roode accepts MVP’s challenge for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Lashley looks on with disbelief as Kurt Angle makes the match official. MVP leaves the ring as Lashley continues to look on.

Backstage: Low Ki and Samoa Joe talk about their match with The Hardys.

Match #1:
Tag Team Championship Tournament Final
The Hardys vs. Low Ki and Samoa Joe

Low Ki and Jeff Hardy start the match. Jeff works Low Ki’s arm, then tags out to Matt. Matt assumes control, but Low Ki breaks the hold and mounts some offense. Low Ki tags Samoa Joe.

Joe bursts into the ring with a series of hard rights that ground Matt. Joe tags Low Ki who continues the assault. Matt catches Low Ki with a forearm before driving him into his corner. The Hardys trade tags as they double team Low Ki.

Jeff catches Low Ki with a headscissor takedown. Then, Low Ki battles back with a a kick to the back of the head. Low Ki makes the tag to Joe. Jeff struggles to tag to Matt.

Joe catches Matt with a rear-naked choke. Jeff connects with a hold-breaking Swanton. Low Ki attempts a Ki Krusher on Jeff. Instead, Jeff dropkicks Low Ki and hits another Swanton.

Jeff launches himself over the top rope at Samoa Joe and Matt connects with a moonsault and the pin on Low Ki!

Winners: The Hardys

Backstage: James Storm says he’s giving Davey Richards one week to decide to join The Revolution.

Backstage: Bobby Roode vows to defeat MVP.

In the ring, Samuel Shaw says the “vivacious vixen” Brittany helped him see the light. Brittany says that Gunner was never his friend; and that Christy Hemme could never appreciate the man that he is.

She says nobody can offer him the things that she can. That nobody can do the things that she can do. She licks his neck and face, then they embrace and fall to the mat.

Gunner interrupts; he says crazy attracts crazy – and that the two of them are nothing more than creepy bastards. Samuel throws a punch at Gunner. Gunner counters and he unloads. He dominates Samuel until Brittany jumps him from behind, allowing Samuel to deliver a low blow.

Samuel drives Gunner shoulder-first into the ring post. Brittany hands Samuel his signature gloves. He slides them on and locks in the Kata-Gatame choke hold until Gunner passes out. Samuel and Brittany stand beside the fallen warrior and make out before leaving the ring.

Backstage: MVP thanks Kurt Angle for the title match and reminds him, “It’s all about me Kurt.”

Match #2:
Hardcore Rules Match
Magnus and Bram vs. Devon and Tommy Dreamer

Devon and Tommy Dreamer attack Bram and Magnus as they make their way to the ring. The bell sounds as Devon punishes Bram with a series of closed fists. Devon drags Bram up the ramp, then he and Dreamer double team Magnus in the ring.

Bram attempts to make the save, but Devon disposes of him with ease. As Devon continues his assault on Bram, Magnus counters Tommy Dreamer and drop him across the guardrail.

With Dreamer out momentarily, Bram and Magnus double team Devon. Dreamer battles his way into the ring with a trashcan lid. Dreamer leaves the ring for some weapons. Dreamer’s face is driven into a chair upon re-entry, then Bram and Magnus assault him with an array of weaponry including trash cans, chairs and cookie sheets.

Bram and Magnus hit Dreamer with a double back body drop. Magnus leaps over the tope rope toward Devon, but he connects with a trashcan lid to the face. Devon uses the lid on Bram, then he places a trashcan on Bram’s groin – and smashes the can with a chair!
Magnus and Bram temporarily disable Devon and attempt a double superplex to Tommy Dreamer. Devon hooks their legs and executes a double powerbomb that simultaneously brings down his partner with a superplex!

The crowd chants for tables. Devon sets one up outside the ring, then he sends Bram crashing through! Magnus swings a Singapore cane into Devon’s face before using it to assault Dreamer. Dreamer counters Magnus with a low blow before sends him face-first into a trashcan. Dreamer smashes the Singapore cane into Magnus’ abdomen, then connects with a DDT for the win.

Winners: Tommy Dreamer and Devon

Backstage: Gail Kim warns Havok that she’s coming for the Knockout’s Championship.

JB’s in the ring to interview Rockstar Spud!

Spud says he’s been forced to do things he’s not proud of. That he enjoyed working for Madame Dixie and his best friend Ethan Carter III, until he was fired.

Spud calls Ethan Carter a “complete and utter WANKER!” The crowd chants, “He’s a wanker!”

EC3 enters with Tyrus in tow. EC3 says this is the most pathetic spectacle he’s ever seen. He calls JB the “maestro of this miscarriage,” and says that JB owes everything to the Carters. Like JB, he says, Spud owes everything he is or will be to him – then he demands an apology.

Spud refuses to apologize. Tyrus grabs Spud and again, EC3 demands an apology. Spud gives in – he says, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry you’re a big-nosed douchebag!”

EC3 slaps JB. Spud attacks! Tyrus and EC3 start double-teaming Spud until Eric Young makes the save.

Match #3:
Knockout’s Championship
Havok (c) vs. Gail Kim

Gail Kim attacks Havok during her entrance. Havok connects with a big boot that sends Gail rolling down the ramp. Havok drives Gail face-first into the ring apron. Then, she locks in a hammerlock and attempts to ram Gail into the ring post. Referee Brian Stiffler stops the assault by stepping in the way.

Havok threatens Stiffler and while she’s distracted, Gail Kim attacks. Havok fights her off, taking her to the ground with a hard kick. Havok drives Gail face-first into the ring post. Havok cackles and then she drags Gail up the ramp by her hair.

Gail attempts to fight back but Havok launches her from the stage. Brian Stiffler calls for help from the back. JB announces that upon the recommendation of Brian Stiffler and the medical staff, the match will not go on as scheduled. Gail steals the mic and says the match will go on!

Gail rushes into the ring, but she’s met by Havok. Havok locks in the hammerlock/bear hug and drives Gail into the turnbuckle. Then, she powers Gail to the mat! Gail dodges a stomp and elbow drop from Havok.

Gail rolls out of the ring. Havok attempts to squash her on the steel steps, but Gail moves and Havok crashes and burns. Gail climbs onto the apron and tries kicking Havok in the head. Havok pulls Gail from the apron onto her shoulders, and then she slams Gail face-first onto the steps!!!

Stiffler reaches a 9-count before Havok breaks the count. Havok screams, “I’m not done with you yet!”

Gail counters a bear hug from Havok, turning it into an Octopus hold. Havok drops to a knee before turning the hold into sidewalk slam. Havok attemps a full-nelson, but Gail counters the hold twice – and turns it into a bulldog!

Gail connects with a series of right hands and an armbar. She sidesteps Havok and leaps from the turnbuckle. Havok catches Gail, but Gail counters, sending Havok into the ropes. Gail rushes up the opposite turnbuckle and connects with a flying cross body. Gail attempts Eat Defeat, but Havok counters into a hammerlock bear hug – and again, she powers Gail down with authority! Gail just kicks out before three!
Gail counters a chokeslam attempt into Eat Defeat! Havok’s out at two. Gail climbs the turnbuckle – she flies – but Havok catches her with a chokeslam to claim the victory!

Winner: Havok

Backstage: Manik welcomes Mahabali Shera to IMPACT?

Backstage: Lashley’s packing his bag; MVP asks Lashley where he’s going.

Main Event:
TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Bobby Roode (c) vs. MVP

MVP nails Roode with a double underhook suplex early on and goes for a quick pin attempt. Roode kicks out. He hits MVP with an elbow and a knee to the gut. Roode goes for a cover, but MVP powers out a two.

MVP thumbs Roode’s eye before catching him with a blow to the back of the head. Roode rolls from the ring and MVP rushes up with a clothesline to the back of the head. MVP drives Roode into the guardrail and the steel steps. MVP gets a two-count.

Roode fights back, but MVP drives him face-first into his knee. MVP connects with an elbow drop and locking in an armbar. Roode feeds off of the crowd and gets to his feet, but MVP drops him with a shot to the back.

Roode connects with a huge surprise spinebuster! Roode hoists MVP onto the top rope, then he connects with a superplex. It’s good for two! Roode attempts a Roode Bomb, but MVP counters with a series of elbows to the face.

MVP hits Roode with repeated kicks to the face. He makes the cover; Roode’s out at two. Roode rolls MVP up for two. Roode attempts another Roode Bomb, but MVP again counters and nails a huge boot to the face. MVP attempts a Playmaker, but Roode counters and finally connects with a Roode Bomb for the win!

Winner: Bobby Roode

Post-match: Lashley spears Bobby Roode. Then, he walks out on MVP!

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