10/29/14 TNA Impact Wrestling Recap

Oct 29, 2014 - by staff

by Scotti

Impact Opens up seeing Lashley appearing to the arena in jogging pants and a jogging jacket with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulders.

We see a video package seeing the events that lead up to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship match between Bobby Lashley and Bobby Roode with Kurt Angle as the special Guest Referee,

Semi Final Match for the #1 Contendership for the Tag Team Championship:
Samoa Joe and Low Ki vs. Kenny King and MVP
Kenny King and Low Ki start the match off with Low Ki chants. Low Ki gets a low single on King but King with a drop toe hold and gets Ki in a side headlock. King pie faces Low Ki in the corner and the ref separates both men. Low Ki and King lock up and Low Ki backs King into a corner and chops him. Low Ki and Kenny King lock up again and King with a waist lock on Low Ki and Low Ki gets out but King gets Low Ki in a wrist lock and Low Ki gets out and King tags in MVP and Low Ki tags in Joe. Joe gets MVP in a take down but MVP gets out with a take down on Joe. Joe gets a waist lock on MVP but MVP rolls out with an arm bar on Joe. Joe reaches the rope forcing MVP to break it. Joe gets some kicks on MVP and then gets a leg bar on MVP and MVP gets to the ropes. Joe tags in Low Ki and MVP with a cheap shot on Low Ki and tags in King.

King works on Low Ki in the corner and then with a single leg take down on Low Ki, Low Ki then with a dropkick on Low Ki and whips King into the corner but King reverses and sends Low Ki into the corner, King charges at Low Ki but Low Ki ducks and meets King with a roundhouse kick and tags in Joe. MVP gets in the ring and Joe sends him out the ring and then Low Ki sends Kenny King out the ring clearing the ring out of both men. Joe and King tag in their respective partners and MVP with a hip toss on Low Ki and MVP works on Low Ki with some open fists as Impact goes to break.

Back from break and MVP with an elbow to the back of Low Ki’s neck. MVP sends Low Ki into the ropes and then hits a snap mare and then with an elbow and pins Low Ki for a 2 count. MVP tags in Kenny King and Kenny King with a running knee drop and pins Low Ki for a 2 count. Kenny King stretches Low Ki’s back and Low Ki fights out but Kenny King with a take down and tags in MVP. MVP charges at Low Ki only for both men to do a double clothesline. Low Ki goes to tag in Joe but MVP drags Low Ki back in the middle of the ring and tags in Kenny King. Kenny King whips Low Ki in the corner and charges with a clothesline and tags MVP back in.

A double team attempt but Low Ki ducks and dropkicks MVP and tags in Joe. Joe takes both MVP and Kenny King down. Joe then whips MVP in the corner and then charges with a kick to the face of MVP. MVP then gets Joe in a choke hold but MVP charges at Joe and Joe releases the hold and tosses MVP out of the ring. Kenny King with a stiff kick to the face. King covers Joe only for Low Ki to break up at 2. MVP charges at Low Ki but Low ducks and hits a superkick on MVP and Joe with the rear naked choke on Kenny King forcing him to tap out.
winners: Samoa Joe and Kenny King

We see a replay of last week’s Devon vs. Bram match where Magnus cost Devon the match helping Bram win.We see Devon backstage and he says that he spent the match kicking Bram’s ass until Magnus interfered. He starts to say more but then is interrupted by a phone call and the person appears to tell Devon he’s at the arena. Devon says Testify and says he’ll be right there.

We see Bobby Roode backstage taping up for his World title shot for later tonight.

We see highlights of the first World title match between Lashley and Bobby Roode in which Lashley retained.

Bram’s music plays as he makes his way out to the ring. Bram says he’s rewriting history. He says he’ll systematically destroy the brotherhood of hardcore and nothing will stop him. He says that Devon’s and Abyss’ time is up. He says he wants to call out his “brother” Magnus. Magnus’ music plays as he makes his way out. Magnus says while it may be true they don’t always see eye to eye and see 100% or be brothers by blood, they have been disturbing the peace since they’ve been in the business. Magnus says it doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran, a rookie, or a flavor of the month. He opened the door for the British in professional wrestling. Bram says if he was only as dangerous as he is now these dinosaurs would never have stood a chance. He says the dinosaurs better be aware because they’re going to extinct them one by one.

Devon’s music plays and tells them they can’t possibly believe what they say. Devon says since Magnus got in his business last week in his hardcore match against Bram, he has a friend in the arena tonight who people call The Innovator of Violence, Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer and Devon brawls outside the ring with Bram and Magnus. Dreamer beats Bram up outside the ring while Devon and Magnus fight in the ring. Dreamer and Bram take the fight in the ring. Devon goes outside to get 2 chairs while Magnus and Bram double team Dreamer until Devon enters the ring with the chairs sending Bram and Magnus out. Devon hands Dreamer a chair and they challenge Magnus and Bram to enter the ring but Magnus and Bram continue to the back.

We see Madison Rayne and Taryn Terrell backstage. Madison says she understands why Taryn doesn’t want to talk to her and she then apologizes for pulling her tights to win a few weeks back. She explains that it was for a shot at the knockouts championship and asks Taryn wouldn’t she do the same. Taryn says tonight they should just focus on their tag team match against the Beautiful People and they’ll deal with that later. Taryn leaves as Madison agrees and says sooner or later.

We see Shark Boy backstage eating a hot dog when a little kid shows up and asks for an autograph and Shark Boy signs the autograph with ketchup. A lady shows up with some kids and they ask for a picture and he takes a picture and sends them on their way. Pat Kenney shows up and tells him he watched him sign autographs for 30 minutes and it was awful. He tells him he’s getting a second chance and he’s blowing it. He asks what happened to the old Shark Boy and does he think he can be that Shark Boy again. Shark Boy stands up and says “Shell Yeah” and walks off. Interviewer asks the man if he thinks he really thinks Shark Boy can do it and he answers not a chance.

The Beautiful People vs. Taryn Terrell and Madison Rayne
Angelina and Madison Rayne start the match off. Lock up with Rayne getting a waist lock and a roll up for a 2. Angelina with a roll up for 2. Madison backs Angelina in the corner and tags in Taryn. Taryn with a kick to the gut and a swinging neck breaker. Velvet comes in and gets a hip toss. Angelina and Velvet double team Taryn but Taryn with a double leg drop sending both ladies out. Angelina back into the ring and Velvet distracts Taryn. Angelina tries to charge at a distracted Taryn but Taryn with a kick to the midsection of Angelina but Velvet trips Taryn from the outside. Angelina with clothesline to Taryn. Velvet enters the ring and the 2 attempt to double team Velvet but Velvet gives both ladies a dropkick. Taryn goes to tag in Madison but Madison doesn’t tag in. Madison enters the ring with a clothesline on both Velvet Sky and Angelina Love. Madison then with a boot to Taryn. Madison then hits the Rayne drop and exits the ring as the Beautiful People double pin Taryn for the win.
winners:The Beautiful People

We see a video package of Lashley hyping his World Title defense against Bobby Roode

Kurt Angle says he made himself the special guest referee because both Lashley and Roode are the best on the roster and they deserve a fair fight. He is asked about MVP and King. He says they’re another reason he’s the special guest referee, he says if they show up tonight, he’ll be ready for them.

Semi Final Match for the #1 Contendership for the Tag Team Championship:
Ethan Carter III and Tyrus vs. The Hardys
Matt Hardy and ECIII start the match off with ECIII saying his name and Hardy pie faces EC3. EC3 backs Hardy into the corner and hits him with a couple of rights but Hardy returns the favor with some of his own and sends EC3 into the corner and then delivers a headscissors to EC3. Matt tags in Jeff and EC3 gets the advantage and sends Jeff into the corner and charges at Jeff but Jeff with a hurricarana on EC3 and then a double team on EC3 by the Hardys and Matt is tagged in. Matt with a hip toss to EC3 and EC3 tags in Tyrus who picks Hardy up and tosses him into the corner and then splashes Hardy against the corner. EC3 with a cheap shot on Hardy outside the ring. Tyrus then chokes Hardy with his foot against the ropes and tags in EC3. EC3 then with some kicks to Hardy then holds on to the ring ropes and then jumps on the ribs of Hardy and tags Tyrus back in. Tyrus works on Hardy into the corner with his foot against Hardy’s throat. Tyrus with a bodyslam on Matt and then tags EC3 back in. Matt then surprises EC3 with some chops and then knocks him down. EC3 with the advantage with a take down. EC3 then picks Hardy up but Hardy gets out and hits a side effect and then crawls over and tags in Jeff.

Jeff Hardy then takes EC3 down with a clothesline and hits the whisper in the wind. Matt Hardy with a forearm shot on EC3. EC3 tags in Tyrus. The Hardys attempt to double team Tyrus but Tyrus with a double clothesline to both men. Tyrus then with an attempted splash on both men but they move. Matt with a twist of fate to Tyrus and then Jeff hits the Swanton Bomb for the win.
winners: The Hardys

Post Match: We see EC3 yelling at Tyrus blaming him for the loss. We see the bracket for the finals in the #1 Contendership for the Tag Titles and it’s The Hardys vs. Low Ki and Samoa Joe

We see James Storm backstage with The Great Sanada and Manik and he says his revolution will expand tonight.

We see Lashley backstage preparing for his Title defense tonight.

James Storm is in the ring with The Great Sanada and Manik. He says a storm is coming and is very close. He says that Sanada wasn’t being trained in the right direction when he was under The Great Muta’s guidance and that Manik was a faceless creature who was never spoke.I guess James Storm never saw when Manik actually showed his face in a promo with Hogan once and then another time in a backstage segment. He says they have now seen the light and have been disciplined and have loyalty under his guidance. He says tonight he is out here to extend an offer to Davey Richards and asks for him to come out. Davey Richards makes his way out and Storm says he’s been in Davey’s shoes where he was part of a great tag team. He says he’s been in 3 successful tag teams and that all 3 of them tried to hold him back. He asks Davey to join the Revolution. Eddie Edwards makes his way out and he asks Davey to tell him he’s not listening to James Storm. He tells Storm he’s crazy if he really believes Davey is going to throw everything they fought for away for him. Davey grabs the mic and tells Eddie that he can speak for himself. Eddie asks Davey where his head is at and Storm tells Eddie that this does not concern him and this is Davey’s awakening. Eddie tells Storm he knows nothing of which Storm speaks of because all he knows about is fighting. He says they need a referee to come out so they can have a match right now. Impact goes to break.

James Storm vs. Eddie Edwards
We are back and Eddie with shining wizard knee to Storm. We see Manik talking to Davey Richards and Eddie gets distracted and goes outside allowing James Storm to pop Eddie in the face upon entering the ring. Storm with a clothesline to Eddie. Storm continues to try to get in Davey’s head as he chokes Eddie with the ring apron. Storm with forearm shots against Davey. Storm with some vicious fists to Eddie in the corner as he yells for the fans to shut up. Storm attempts to knee Eddie’s crotch but Eddie gets out and hits a drop kick to Storm. Eddie gets Storm into the corner and then hits a back body drop on Storm for a 2. Storm with a cheap shot on Eddtie and hits a DDT. Sanada distract the ref as Storm tries to hit Eddie with a beer bottle but Eddie ducks and gives Storm a right hand to the face. Storm rolls out of the ring as we see Manik whispering in Davey Richards’ ear and Eddie with a baseball slide to take Manik down. Eddie sees that and exchanges words with Davey and James Storm enters the ring and is waiting for Eddie to turn around to hit the Last Call. Eddie turns around and gets the Last Call and James Storm gets the pin and the win.
Winner: James Storm

We see Bobby Roode headed to the ring for his shot at the World Heavyweight Championship up next.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Lashley (c) vs. Bobby Roode
Special Guest Referee: Kurt Angle
Huge Bobby Roode chants to start the match off. Roode and Lashley lock up and Lashley backs Roode into the corner and Angle attempts to break it up but Lashley with a cheap shot attempt but Roode ducks and decks Roode with a right hand. Lashley and Roode lock up again and Lashley with a waist lock takedown and then lifts Roode up and drives him into the corner. Lashley then with a clothesline to Roode for a 2 count. Lashley then lifts Roode up and whips him into the ropes but Roode with a flying forearm. Roode then with another takedown on Lashley and sends him into the corner. Roode charges at Lashley in the corner but Lashley moves and Roode hits the turnbuckle giving Lashley the advantage allowing him to lift Roode up and give him the vertical suplex for a 2 count. Lashley then gets Roode in a side headlock. Roode fights out but Lashley with a take down on Roode for another 2 count. Lashley whips Roode into the ropes and charges at Lashley but Roode ducks sending Lashley to the outside and then Roode charges at Lashley outside the ring with a forearm sending Lashley into the steel rail as Impact goes to break.

We see Lashley with the advantage when we return from break. During the Break we see Lashley got a backbreaker, a torture rack slam, and a spinebuster on Roode. Roode attempts to fight out but Roode gets sent into the ropes by Roode. Lashley comes after Roode but Roode moves and comes off the top rope with a neckbreaker on Lashley for a 2 count. Roode Lashley both are down. They both get up and Lashley with another spinebuster to Roode for a 2 count. Lashley with an attempted running slam but Roode gets out and almost sends Lashley into Angle. Roode attempts a clothesline to Lashley but Lashley ducks and Roode almost hits Angle but stops himself. Lashley charges at Roode but Roode ducks and hits Angle into the corner. Lashley then gets a clothesline on Roode and Angle recovers to count 2 as Roode kicks out. Lashley sets Roode up for the spear but Roode ducks and he hits Angle. Roode then with a DDT on Lashley. Roode checks on Angle on the outside and Lashley waits for Roode to turn around and then goes to spear Roode but Roode ducks and Lashley hits the stage manager with a spear. Roode then takes advantage and hits the Roode Bomb to Lashley on the ramp. Roode gets Lashley back in the ring and Brian Hebner comes in the ring and counts to 2 as Lashley kicks out.

Lashley then low blows Roode behind Brian Hebner’s back. Lashley attempts to rake the eyes of Roode but Hebner tells him not to and Lashley with knocks out Hebner. Hebner then grabs the TNA World title and lays Roode out with the title. Angle recovers and counts to 2 as Roode kicks out. Lashley then attempts the dominator on Roode but Roode gets out and sends Lashley to the outside apron. Roode attempts to get Lashley back inside the ring but Lashley yanks Roode face first against the top rope then enters the ring only for Roode to set him up for the Roode bomb. Lashley gets out with a roll up attempt but Roode reverses into a roll up of his own for the 3 count.
winner: new World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Roode

Post Match: Lashley exits the ring pissed about his loss as Bobby Roode raises the title in the air and drapes it over his shoulders celebrating his victory as Impact comes to a close.

Next week: The Hardys vs. Samoa Joe and Low Ki in the Finals for the Tag Team title tournament. Winners get a shot against The Wolves.
Also, The Post Match fall out from the TNA World Heavyweight Championship with a twist.

Overall Thoughts: I thought it was a great show. Luckily, I avoid TNA spoilers so I did not know the title was going to change hands tonight. I know everyone have negative opinions on TNA and I will say a lot of behind the scenes work need improvement. But, I think they have some of the best quality programming in wrestling today.My only complaint is how at the end of every episode they pretty much tell you their show is taped. Especially when they say the Post World title fallout will have a twist.

I have to say I think James Storm’s cult following gimmick is being done a lot better than The Wyatt Family. I’m intrigued to see where they go with The Wolves involvement in this storyline. I’m intrigued to see where they’re going with Joe and Low Ki as a tag team too.

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