10/22/14 TNA Impact Results

Oct 22, 2014 - by staff

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by Scotti

Impact opens up with Bobby Roode talking about how he has one last chance tonight. THey show clips if his last title match against Lashley where he came close but was unsuccessful at winning the Championship. Roode vows to win the Championship this time around.

We see a video replay of The Wolves saying they proved to the world they’re the best tag team today after winning the tag team series against Team 3D and The Hardys. They are looking forward to the 18 team tag team tournament to see who wins and faces them for their tag team championship.

Jeff Hardy’s music hits as Matt Hardy makes his way out. Matt Hardy grabs a mic and sarcastically that he knows it’s a big mystery who his partner is. He says it’s the guy who has had his back from day one, The Charismatic Enigma, Jeff Hardy.

Bromans’ music hits as D.J. Zema makes his way out and Zema introduces Jessie as his tag team partner for the 18 teams tag team tournament.

The Hardys vs. The Bromans
Matt Hardy and D.J. Zema start the match off with Zema getting Matt in a headlock. Matt gets out but Zema gets him back in. Matt once again gets out and gets Zema in a headlock of his own. Zema pushes Hardy off but Hardy with takedown on Zema. Jeff tags and cleans house on
Godderz but Zema’s interference prevents him from getting the pin. Hardy comes in with a moonsault. Matt nails a twist of fate on Godderz and Jeff nails a swanton and Matt gets the pin and the win.
winner: The Hardys

Still To Come later Tonight, Bobby Lashley vs. Bobby Roode contract signing for next week’s TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match.

Bram’s music plays as he makes his way out. We see a clip of last week when Bram attacked Devon when he was about to enter the ring for his match against Ethan Carter III.

Bram says there is a sound that gets him going, He says he loves the sound of pain and the pain he caused Abyss when he broke Janice in half. He says that people may think it’s sick to enjoy the sound of that pain but he loves it. He says his latest victim Devon made his enjoyment more pleasurable. He says people will soon get to know Bram and fear him. Devon’s music hits as he makes his way out and he and Bram start brawling right away. Devon clotheslines Bram out of the ring and slams him head first against the steel steps. Devon gets Bram back in the ring and slams his head against the mat. Refs come out to separate the 2 and Kurt Angle’s music plays as he makes his way out and says since Bram wants to make a name for himself he’s going to give him what he wants and that’s a hardcore match against Devon tonight.

We see Brittany walking backstage where she sees Sam Shaw. She asks Sam if he’s going to do what they talked about. Sam says he doesn’t know and Brittany says she’d love it if he did and walks off.

Low Ki makes his way out and grabs a mic to a huge Low Ki chant. Low Ki says upon entering the tournament he knew he’d have to go to war. He says the tag partner he has he’s been to war with many times. He has something he wants and something he’ll eventually want. His tag team partner is the X Division Champion, Samoa Joe.

Sam Shaw makes his way out and says it’s easy who his tag team partner is. The man who helped him through troubling times and he looks up to like a brother, Gunner.

Sam Shaw and Gunner vs. Samoa Joe and Low Ki
Gunner says he always preached never leave a man behind and he means it. He says he wants to go in there with Sam and show how great a team they are. Sam and Joe start the match with Joe tossing Shaw in the corner with many fists to the face. Joe tosses Shaw into another corner with a dropkick. Joe tags in Low Ki and whips Shaw into the corner and Low Ki with a clothesline to Shaw. Shaw with a kick to the midsection of Low Ki and tags in Gunner who gives Low Ki some chops. Low Ki gets some rights on Gunner but Gunner with a take down. Gunner with a headlock on Low Ki. Brittany comes out distracting Sam Shaw as Low Ki gets out and Gunner tags in Sam Shaw who works on Low Ki with some chops to the chest. Shaw tags in Gunner. Gunner slams Low Ki down on the mat and gets on the top rope where he sees Brittany distracting Shaw. Gunner tells Shaw to focus and Low Ki with a dropkick to Gunner.

Low Ki tags in Joe and Gunner and Joe trade blows. Joe whips Gunner in the corner and charges at Gunner but Gunner ducks and hits a Russian leg sweep on Joe. Cover for 2. Sam Shaw gets off the apron with a distraction from Brittany and Joe and Low Ki double team Gunner and Joe gets Gunner in the rear naked choke and Gunner taps.
winners: Samoa Joe and Low Ki

Post Match: Gunner starts yelling at Brittany telling her that he told her to leave him alone. Brittany apologizes and Sam Shaw lays Gunner out with a steel chair. Sam Shaw continues to pummel Gunner. Brittany jumps in Sam Shaw’s arms and they start rolling around in the ring making out,

We see ECIII and Tyrus backstage. ECIII asks Tyrus if they should enter the 18 team tournament and Tyrus says they should. ECIII says he challenges Rockstar Spud to show up with a tag team partner. He says he’ll see if he has the guts to show up.

We see Bobby Lashley and MVP backstage. MVP says it’s unfair that Roode gets a title match after Lashley already beat him fair once. MVP says next week Lashley will do what he’s done every other week; destroy. Kenny King says he and MVP will enter the 18 team tag team tournament and will kick ass and become the new tag team champions when they face The Wolves.

The Menagerie’s music plays as Rebel makes her way out for her match against Angelina Love. Havok’s music plays as she makes her way out and takes a shot at Rebel. Rebel then tosses Rebel around and then hits the Harlet slayer.Gail Kim comes out and starts fighting Havok until Havok easily takes her down. Havok charges at Gail but Gail ducks sending Havok out the ring. The 2 brawl out the ring until referees and security come out to break up the fight. Gail breaks loose and unloads on Havok again until security pulls her apart and they try to get her to the back until Gail breaks loose again fighting Havok.

Bram vs. Devon hardcore match is up next.

We see Kurt Angle backstage and he’s being asked about the contract signing. Kurt says he isn’t having one just for the sake of having one. He says it will be huge and raise the stakes high.

Hardcore Match
Devon vs. Bram
Bram and Devon start fighting on the outside. The fight goes in the ring and Devon clotheslines Bram out the ring. Devon grabs some of water and splashes it in Bram’s face. Devon continues to beat Bram against the steel rail and he hits Bram with a water bottle. Devon then slams Bram against the steel steps. Devon then grabs a trash can lid from under the ring Devon then rings Bram’s head against the ring post. Devon puts Bram back in the ring and hits Bram in the head with the trash can lid sending him down. Devon then lays Bram on one chair and then does the one man conchairto to Bram. Devon has Bram in the corner and hits him with a trash can. Devon then whips Bram into the other corner and hits him with another trash can lid. Devon then charges at Bram but Bram ducks and hits a kick to the midsection of Devon then a DDT. Bram grabs a trash can lid but Devon low blows him. Devon then places the trash can on Bram’s crotch and goes off the top rope and Magnus comes out and shoves Devon off the rope and hits Devon with a steel wrench and pins him for the win.
winner: Bram.

We see Mr. Anderson backstage talking with Chris Melendez. Anderson says he is in the 18 team tag team tournament and is facing MVP and Kenny King and asks Melendez if he knows who he should pick as a tag team partner. Melendez says it needs to be him so he can get back at the 2. Anderson says that’s what he’s talking about and what he was wanting to hear.

Mr. Anderson and Chris Melendez vs. MVP and Kenny King.
Anderson and Melendez clear the ring early of MVP and Kenny King. Anderson and King start the match off as Anderson gets King in a headlock and King shoves Anderson off but Anderson with a takedown to King. MVP then grabs Anderson’s foot distracting him and King with a kick to Anderson’s back and tags in MVP. MVP works on the arms on Anderson. Anderson nearly tags in Melendez but MVP stops the tag. MVP with a knee to Anderson’s shoulder and comes off the top rope but Anderson has his foot up but MVP stops and then grabs Anderson’s leg and slams it. MVP then with an attempted elbow to Anderson but Anderson ducks and both men are down and MVP and Anderson tag in their respective partners. Melendez and King trade blows and Melendez surprises King with a fisherman suplex for a 2 count. a big brawl in the ring with all 4 men allowing King to get a roll up on Melendez for a 3 count.
winners: Kenny King and MVP

We see Eric Young and Rockstar Spud backstage. EY is trying to convince Spud to be his tag team partner in the 18 team tag team tournament. Spud says the last 2 weeks have been hard on him and he just can’t and walks off. EY says if he isn’t gonna see it on his own, he’s just gonna have to make him see it.

WeSee The Wolves backstage saying best of luck to all teams and Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards go different ways as Eddie says he’s going to get something to eat. Davey sees James Storm and Storm talks about great success and says that Manik will show him the beauty of great success.

ECIII and Tyrus make their way out. EY’s music plays as he makes his way out and says tonight his tag partner is someone who he sees a lot of himself in. EY says he started out as a goofy guy but now he’s a former World Champion thanks to all the fans. He says he sees the same future in his tag team partner, Rockstar Spud. Rockstar Spud’s music plays but he doesn’t make his way out. ECIII laughs and says that Spud snuck his way into a bootcamp to get into the business but he failed to realize the bad guys always win. He says Spud is a coward and that the fans, just like Spud, are losers and Spud’s music plays as he makes his way out.

ECIII and Tyrus vs. Eric Young and Rockstar Spud
EY &EC3start the match off but Spud asks EY to start the match off and EY tags him in. Spud and ECIII stand face to face and ECIII tags in Tyrus. Spud and Tyrus stand face to face. Spud gives Tyrus some right and Tyrus shoves Spud into the ropes but Spud ducks and dropkicks Tyrus. Spud then dropkicks Tyrus again getting Tyrus on his knees. Spud with an attempted clothesline on Tyrus but Tyrus with a clothesline on Spud. Tyrus then lifts Spud up and sends him face first into the turnbuckle. Tyrus tries for another one on Spud but Spud gets out and gets a clothesline on Tyrus but Tyrus backs Spud into the corner. Tyrus tags in ECIII. ECIII starts talking trash to Spud and they stand face to face and ECIII slaps Spud but Spud slaps ECIII back and ECIII to the mat and Spud tags in EY. EY starts cleaning house on ECIII and Tyrus. EY knocks ECIII down and ECIII escapes the ring. Tyrus and ECIII are outside the ring together and EY does a suicide dive to ECIII and Tyrus. Spud then does a dive of his own knocking down both ECIII and Tyrus. Back in the ring, Tyrus with a chokeslam to Spud and ECIII covers Spud for the win.
winners: ECIII and Tyrus

We see Kurt Angle headed to the ring with the contracts in his hands for the contract signing for next week’s TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match up next.

Kurt Angle’s music plays as he makes his way out. Angle says next week is the TNA World Heavyweight Champion which has been anticipated for a month. He says in his hands is a contract with stipulations that the champion nor the challenger know about. Bobby Roode’s music plays first as he’s the challenger. Lashley’s music plays as he makes his way out. MVP and Kenny King make their way out with him. MVP says he is out there with Lashley because unlike Angle and Roode, he is actually trusted by Lashley. Roode says that Lashley was the better man in their last match but Roode was only one step away and next week, he will come for a fight. MVP starts to interrupt but Roode says that Lashley is holding MVP down too. MVP makes a Yoko Ono reference to Roode. Roode tells Lashley that while he may be bigger, stronger, or faster than him, he is going to fight him and take that belt from around his waist. MVP tells Roode the results will be the same as the last match and Angle interrupts and says he’s glad MVP came out there because he wants to announce that MVP and Kenny King will be banned from ringside and MVP says that’s fine because Lashley can do it on his own. Angle also adds there will be a special guest referee and MVP says that isn’t fair because EY will be the special guest ref and it will be 2 on 1. Angle tells MVP he’s wrong, since it’s 2 world class athletes, Kurt Angle will be the special guest referee. MVP says they aren’t signing to that as Roode signs the contract Lashley turns around and signs it too and MVP asks Lashley why he did that. Lashley and Roode stand face to face as Impact comes to a close.

Next week: Bobby Lashley vs. Bobby Roode for the TNA World Heavyweight Champioship.
Samoa Joe and Low Ki vs. MVP and Kenny King
The Hardys vs. ECIII and Tyrus

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