Sonny Onoo talks NWO, GFW, racism in WCW, Bischoff, Russo, Kevin Sullivan, Saturn, and more

Oct 15, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

Former WCW mananger Sonny Onoo was a guest on the Atomic Podcast.


– Being hired by WCW, and being the only guy in the company that could speak Japanese
– The origins of the New World Order, and how Eric Bischoff developed into WCW storylines
– In 1998, five million dollars worth of NWO t-shirts were sold in Japan
– Onoo taking his selfies, before selfies were popular
– Working with the Ultimo Dragon, and an update on his whereabouts
– Jeff Jarrett’s new Global Force Wrestling promotion, and possibly working for the company
– Haku’s reputation for being a tough guy
– A Perry Saturn story
– Working with Ernest “The Cat” Miller
– Kevin Sullivan wanting to not use the girls in WCW because they were making the boys look bad
– How he was let go by WCW, and the politics behind removing Bischoff from the company
– Vince Russo not wanting to use the Japanese and Mexican stars, and his racial discrimination lawsuit against WCW. “It was one of the largest settlements ever,” Onoo states.
– His royalties from video games
– and more

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