15th Anniversary of Smackdown results

Oct 10, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

by Scoti Wilkerson

the 15th Anniversary episode of Smackdown shows a replay of highlights on Smackdown over the last 15 years.

Stephanie McMahon is introduced as her music hits as she makes her way out to a chorus of boos. Stephanie welcomes the crowd to the 15th anniversary episode of Smackdown. She quizzes the crowd asking them who coined the catchphrase Smackdown. She acknowledges it was The Rock who lost to her husband on the first episode of Smackdown which you can re live for the low price of $9.99. She says she’s proud to as the first ever General Manager of Smackdown she gets to share many memorable moments with the people. She then starts to say more but John Lauranitis’music hits as he makes his return to Smackdown. Lauranitis asks if someone said people which draws a “people power”chant. Lauranitis introduces himself as Mr. Lauranitis and is the former executive of talent relations and former General Manager of RAW and Smackdown. He asks what is a better way to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Smackdown with the man who created People Power.

Lauranitis says he did research on the WWE Network, and reminds everyone you can purchase it for just $9.99 Stephanie says there’s proof that anyone can load the WWE Network if Lauranitis can. Lauranitis says he has a lot of matches in mind if possible and then Teddy Long’s music plays as he makes his return. JBL gets up and does the hustle and bustle.Long gets a huge pop and he thanks the crowd. Long says he was the General Manager of Smackdown for 6 years. He says he’ll be damned if he’s gonna stand there and let Lauranitis take it away again. Lauranitis says that the reason he replaced him is because he is and always was better than him. Long says the proof is in the playa and asks Lauranitis if he can feel him. Lauranitis says he isn’t feeling him and he doesn’t think Stephanie is either. Lauranitis says he’s going to give the people what they want and it’s going to be a tag team match tonight. Miz and Cesaro vs. Sheamus and Jack Swagger.

Long asks Lauranitis if that’s all he has because he’d make it a 6 man tag match with Bo Dallas, The Miz, and Cesaro vs. Sheamus, Jack Swagger, and Mark Henry. Lauranitis then mentions making a 10 man tag match. Miz, Cesaro, Bo Dallas, Goldust, Stardust, vs. Sheamus, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry, and The Usos. Long says since it’s the 15th anniversary of Smackdown he’s going to propose something that’s never been done before and that’s a 15 man tag team match. Lauranitis has a crazy look on his face and tells Stephanie he can’t do that because it’s not possible. Long says he’s the Mack Millitant, Long says he’s gonna propose The Miz, Cesaro, Bo Dallas, Goldust, Stardust, Mini Gator, and The Slator Gator vs. Sheamus, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry, The Usos, Los Matadores, El Torito, and Tito Santana. Stephanie says Tito Santana isn’t there but she likes it. Teddy Long says 7 men plus a bull and 7 men plus a gator sounds like 15 men to him.

Stephanie tells Teddy he doesn’t have to justify to her. She thinks any match he’s gonna make the fans will cheer because they love him so much. She says that since Teddy Long and John Lauranitis like to compete against each other, she’s going to steal an idea from what they did at Wrestlemania 28 where Teddy Long and John Lauranitis are captain of a team with members of their choosing. Whoever’s team wins is the greatest Smackdown General Manager ever. Stephanie says that after HHH’s announcement of Dean Ambrose vs. John Cena at Hell In A Cell where the winner gets to face Seth Rollins inside the Hell In A Cell later that night, The Miz will host a face off between Dean Ambrose and John Cena tonight on Miz TV. Adam Rose’s music plays as The Exotic Express make their way out followed by Adam Rose.

Adam Rose wishes Smackdown a Happy Birthday. He says it’s time to party to honor 15 years of Smackdown. He asks what a party is without Adam Rose, he tells Stephanie not to be a lemon but to be a rosebud. Stephanie says she thinks he’s right it is time to party. She says he should be in a match. She asks how about Adam Rose vs. Kane. She says for Adam Rose’s music to play as Stephanie starts dancing as The Exotic Express just stand there as Teddy Long and John Lauranitis dance with Stephanie.

We are shown a clip of the first episode of Smackdown where HHH defended the WWE Championship against The Rock with Shawn Michaels as the Special Guest Referee where Michaels cost The Rock the match to help HHH retain the Championship.

Back from break we see The Exotic Express partying as Kane’s music makes his way out. Kane has a mic and he says he’s not a cheeseburger, he’s not a bunny, he’s not a lemon, and he’s certainly not a rosebud. He says from time to time he’s a demon but tonight he’s a party pooper. Kane enters the ring and Rose ducks a lock up and Kane looks at the Rosebuds and they start singing as Rose takes advantage of a distracted Kane. Rose kicks Kane in the midsection and Kane with an irish whip and Rose ducks where Kane lifts up Rose but Rose with a sleeper attempt on Kane but Kane backs Rose into the corner. Kane comes after Rose in the corner with a clothesline but Rose ducks with a kick to Kane. Rose comes off the top rope but Kane with a right hand knocking Rose down. Kane with a chokeslam to Adam Rose for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kane

Post Match: Kane exits the ring as the Rosebuds clear the way for him. The Rosebuds enter the ring to check on Adam Rose. Kane enters the ring and attacks The Rosebuds. Kane targets The Bunny and The Rosebuds enter the ring to save The Bunny but Kane gives them each chokeslams as The Bunny exits the ring.

We see a video of Kurt Angle issuing an open challenge where a newcomer by the name of John Cena debuts accepts the challenge. We see John Cena backstage after the match shaking hands with other Superstars and The Undertaker shows up and asks him his name and shakes The Undertaker’s hand after he offers his hand to shake and Undertaker tells him nice job.

AJ Lee vs. Alicia Fox
Alicia Fox hits AJ in the midsection and then gives her a few right hands and then works her in the corner. We see Paige holding the Divas title saying she”s guarding her baby. Alicia with a fisherman suples for a 2 count. Alicia with a sleeper on AJ and then hits AJ with a side slam for another 2. AJ then surprises Alicia with a black widow causing Alicia to tap for the win.

Winner: AJ Lee

Post Match: Paige attacks AJ. AJ kicks Paige and then kicks Alicia and then shoves Alicia into Paige. AJ exits the ring and grabs her Championship and skips her way back up the ramp.

We see a video replay of Journalist Joan Lunden giving a speech on people battling Breast Cancer.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev later tonight.

We see a replay of last week’s RAW when Seth Rollins got his briefcase back and then was shot with green paint.

Seth Rollins vs. Kofi Kingston
Seth Rollins works on Kofi in the corner and then takes the fight outside the ring where he keeps tossing Kofi against the barricade. Rollins lifts Kofi up and sends him face first on the apron. Rollins tosses Kofi in the ring and then gives him a clothesline. Rollins buries Kofi’s face into the mat grabbing his hair. Rollins works Kofi in the corner kicking Kofi. Rollins tosses Kofi across the ring and pulls his hair against the ropes. Kofi with a rollw up for the 2. Kofi starts making a comeback and goes for a flurry but Seth Rollins with a takedown. Rollins lifts Kofi up and tosses him in the corner. Rollins lifts Kofi up and sends him spine first into the turnbuckle and then a curb stomp to Kofi for the pin and the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

We see Bray Wyatt’s video where he seems to be releasing Luke Harper saying he is all back together. Luke Harper says at the end of the video we’re doomed.

We see a clip of Edge and Jack Swagger each cashing in their money in the bank briefcases to become the World Heavyweight Champion on Smackdown.

Michael Cole acknowledges JBL being the longest running WWE Champion in Smackdown history.

We see a video replay of The Rock’s promo with Rusev where The Rock punked Rusev and Lana and then cleared the ring of Rusev.

Rusev vs. Dolph Ziggler
Rusev goes into the corner after Ziggler but Ziggler ducks and gives Rusev some hits and kicks but Rusev gets Ziggler in the corner with a chop sending Dolph down. Rusev works on Ziggler’s ribs with some kicks. Rusev with a sleeper on Dolph but Dolph fights out and hits a dropkick on Rusev sending him in the corner. Dolph goes for another kick on Rusev in the corner but Rusev ducks sending Dolph out the ring as we head to break.

Back from break and we see Rusev about to for for a punch to Dolph’s face but Dolph gives Rusev some rights but Rusev lifts Dolph up and slams him on the mat. Rusev kicks Dolph”s head against the ropes and then kicks the back of Dolph’s head. Rusev grabs Dolph’s head and yells Russian and Dolph with an opening on Rusev. Dolph then gives Rusev some lefts and rights and whips him in the corner. Dolph comes into the corner but Rusev lifts him up and Dolph attempts to counter with a DDT but Rusev fights it but Dolph manages to get Rusev in a headlock. Rusev backs Dolph into a corner. Rusev then charges at Dolph who moves and then gets the fameasser on Rusev for a 1 count.

Both men down as the fans chant USA to motivate Dolph to get up and Dolph goes for a kick on Rusev who blocks it and hits a super kick on Dolph. Rusev with The Accolade on Dolph forcing Dolph to tap out.

Winner: Rusev

Post Match: Lana gets on the mic and says that Phildelphia is the Birthplace of America. She says that explains why the country never had a chance to succeed. Lana says The Rock is a coward and starts talking Russian. Rusev says The Rock will pay and says The Big Show is a garbage American and he’ll pay for it too. He challenges The Big Show to a match on RAW and The Big Show will be crushed.

The Rock and The Authority up next.

Another highlight celebrating the 15th Anniversary of Smackdown. We see a video of Stone Cold Steve Austin attacking Booker T at a grocery store.

The Philadelphia Eagles are in attendance for Smackdown.

The Big Show vs. Rusev has been confirmed for Monday Night RAW.

We see a video of RAW after it went off the air. HHH says when Rock walks in the door. Stephanie calms HHH down. The Rock comes in and shakes hands and hugs HHH. The Rock hugs Stephanie. They talk about the first episode of Smackdown where they main evented. The Rock mentions HHH cheating to beat him. The Rock mentions on the next week of Smackdown when he gave him The Rock Bottom. He says HHH was on the ground complaining about his stomach. HHH tells him it was Road Dogg and then HHH came in and dropped him. Most times Rock was on the ground after a Pedigree. Rock says they have great memories on Smackdown. Rock says they should have one more match at Wrestlemania. Rock talks about setting up the People’s Elbow. HHH talks about moving and hitting the Pedigree. HHH says the stadium would be huge if they faced off. HHH says the end result would be the same as always where he’d beat him. Rock and HHH argue back and forth who would win if they fought one more time. They agree there’s a tension and argue over who should back out. Rock says they should back out at the same time at the count of 3. HHH says he doesn’t trust The Rock as he’s making trying to make him look a fool. Rock counts to 3. They argue back and forth and Stephanie calms them down and suggests they go to dinner. The Rock tells HHH he should pay the bill and walks off. HHH is complaining to Stephanie that Rock has many A List movies this year and can’t pay the bill. Rock yells that he’s ready to go and HHH and Stephanie leave with him.

Booker T makes his way to the ring for commentary for the next upcoming match.

Team Teddy (Mark Henry, Jack Swagger, Sheamus, The Usos, El Torito, El Matadores,) vs. Team Lauranitis ( Cesaro, Damien Mizdow, Gator Slater, Mini Gator, Goldust, Stardust, Bo Dallas)

Goldust and Fernando start the match up with Goldust working on Fernando in the corner. Goldust with some chops for Fernando and then Fernando gets the upper hand on Goldust. Goldust and Fernando go to lock up and Goldust with a cheap shot. Fernando takes control and Goldust tags in Stardust. Fernando gets a hurricarana on Stardust and an all out brawl takes place as we head to break.

We are back and Titus O’Neil and Jimmy Uso are legal in the ring and Titus tags in Goldust and the 2 double team Uso. Goldust works on Uso and tags in Stardust. Uso gets the upper hand and tags in Jey. Jey gets some chops on Stardust and Goldust distracts Jey who knocks Goldust off the mat allowing Stardust to knock Jey out the ring. Cody gets Jey back in the ring and tags in Goldust who works on Jey and then tags in Mizdow. Mizdow works on Jey and has him in a headlock. Jey attempts to fight out but Mizdow gets him back down. Mizdow tags in Titus. Titus gives Jey a backbreaker, Titus kicks Jey against the corner and gives him some chops to the shoulder. Titus charges at Jey against the corner but Jey ducks sending Titus into the corner. Titus tags in Cesaro. Cesaro gets Jey up and gives him a gutwrench as we head to break.

We are back and see Heath Slater with a headlock on Jimmy Uso who fights out but Heath gets him back down and Jimmy goes to tag out but Heath grabs his leg and Jimmy with a kick to Heath who tags in Cesaro. Cesaro knocks Henry off the mat. Jimmy tags in Sheamus who cleans house of Cesaro, Stardust, and Slater as he gives them each slaps to the chest. Cesaro uses the rope slinging Sheamus. Sheamus then walks into a white noise. Sheamus with a 2 count as Mizdow breaks up the count. Swagger with a gutwrench to Mizdow. Slator Gator knocks Swagger out the ring. Slator Gator knocked out by The Usos. Matadors dive on Slator Gator. Goldust and Stardust are knocked over the top rope by The Usos. Usos dive off members of Team Johnny. El Torito with a take down on Mini Gator. Bo Dallas then presses El Torito over the top rope onto everyone on the outside. Henry charges at Bo Dallas but Bo Dallas sends Henry out. Sheamus then with a kick to Bo Dallas. Cesaro then swings Sheamus. Usos then break up the swing. Mizdow comes in and works on Sheamus and tries the skull crushing finale but Sheamus backs Mizdow in the corner. Sheamus tags in Jey Uso who hits the splash on Mizdow for the pin and the win.
Winners: Team Teddy

Post Match: All members celebrate with Team Teddy as he’s the greatest General Manager of Smackdown ever.

We see a video of Bray Wyatt now releasing Erick Rowan from The Wyatt Family.

We see Stephanie McMahon talking to The Miz backstage as Miz TV with John Cena and Dean Ambrose is up next.

We now see the 9/11 tribute episode of Smackdown replay.

The Miz in the ring and says it’s an honor for everyone in attendance for getting to see The Money Maker live on Miz TV for the 15th Anniversary of Smackdown. He says this might be the most combustible episode of Miz TV after this past week’s RAW. We see a replay of RAW where Dean Ambrose attacked Cena after HHH announced their match. The Miz announces their match at Hell In A Cell will be a No Holds Barred Contract On a Pole match. The Miz introduces Dean Ambrose first. Miz introduces John Cena next mentioning beating him in the main event of Wrestlemania 27, Cena goes into the crowd and hugs a kid from the make a wish foundation and gives him a T Shirt. Miz says that Ambrose embarrassed Cena on RAW leaving him flat on his back. Miz asks why. Ambrose says he did it to show that no matter who you are you don’t cross him.

Ambrose says he takes no crap from anyone, you cross him he’ll make you pay. He says Seth Rollins crossed him and will pay inside the Hell In A Cell. He says Cena is trying to steal from him and no matter how high on the food chain you are, you don’t steal from him. Cena says he and the WWE Univerese are impressed. Cena says he always watches the ring and listens to the WWE Univerese. He says the decision makers are worried about Ambrose because he’ll do and say what he wants. Cena says he admires Ambrose because he’ll take initiative to get what he wants. He tells Ambrose he has”ÏT” Cena grabs some baseball defining what he means by “IT”. He tells The Miz not to look at those, he doesn’t know what they are. He tells Ambrose he impressed him, he says it’s what he wants to see and the WWE Universe wants to see. He says they want to see someone finally tell John Cena they’re gonna knock him down standing right where they are. Cena says they’re cut from the same cloth.He says night after night he has stepped in the ring and kept his head held high. He says he’s proved after 12 years he has 2 things, balls and his word and he breaks neither for anyone.

Cena tells Ambrose to bring his A game at Hell In A Cell. Ambrose may not give a damn who he is but at Hell In A Cell he will know who he is. Cena says he loves his chances. Miz echoes what Cena said and hypes him up, he asks if he has a chance against Cena. The Miz asks Ambrose how does he think he’s gonna do it. Ambrose says he knows he’s gonna do it. Miz asks Cena how he feels and Cena threatens to beat The Miz up if he doesn’t shut his mouth. Cena says he’ll see Ambrose at Hell In A Cell and starts to leave. Miz says Ambrose and Cena are ruining Miz TV because they’re not fighting and the WWE Universe want to see the 2. Cena says the WWE Univerese does want to see Cena and Ambrose fight but not each other.They want to see them fight The Miz. They both attack The Miz, Cena sets Miz up for the Attitude Adjustment but then decides to give him to Ambrose who hits a DDT on The Miz. Cena then with The Attitude Adjustement to Ambrose. Cena then sits in The Miz’s chair as Seth Rollins looks on backstage smiling as Cena’s music plays ending Smackdown.

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