9/20 WWE Live In Lexington, KY Results

Sep 20, 2014 - by staff

Kane taped promo about how he’d be having a no dq no count out match w Cena

Cesaro b Ryder w Neutralizer in about nine minutes. Ryder got a lot of offense but was a bit sloppy.

Cesaro cut a promo about how Ryder lost, said we hadn’t seen enough of him. Issued an open challenge. Great Khali came out. It’s so sad to watch him walk.

Cesaro said to ring the bell and for every one to watch him take care of business. He immediately walked into a brain chop. Cesaro dead.

Matadores d Slater Gator when Slater was pinned after a back cracker. During the match Oneill kicked Torrito off the ring apron. Post match Torrito did a to rope cross body to the floor onto Oneill. Torrito was very over. Heath Slater is such a great lower card heel.

Audio over the PA is pretty awful.

Video recap of NXT Takeover.

They played the countdown for catchphrases where Ric Flair was #1. People have been wooing nonstop since then.

Paige beat Natalya in a best of three falls match. First fall was a Paige win via countout after a running boot on the outside. Second fall went to Natalya via submission to the sharpshooter. Paige almost immediately hit a not bad looking Paige Turner but Nattie kicked out at two. Paige then got a roll up with the tights for the third fall. Weird, anticlimactic finish.

Adrian Neville pinned Ttaon Kidd with the Red Arrow to retain the NXT championship in a ten minute or so match. Crowd got really into Neville’s offense. Kidd is really good as a heel.
Played a Connor the Crusher video.
Sheamus beat Wyatt by a roll up out of the Sister Abigail Wyatt and Rowan come out, no Harper. Wyatt has visibly slimmed down from a year ago. Wyatt and Sheamus are both more over in this house show than on Raw weekly. Crowd was really into this match and Sheamus. Post match Rowan jumped Sheamus but Sheamus tossed Wyatt from the ring before taking out Rowan.

Usos beat Dust Brothers and Big E + Kofi after one if them hit a top rope splash on Stardust. E and Kofi were accompanied by Xavier Woods but acted like baby faces on their entrance. Usos had an obvious mic on a stand on the ramp for their shouting bit. USPS really only worked the light opening and the very end. Big spot was a Kofi plancha over the top with an assist by Big E. I’d nothing else, Stardust is 100% committed to his gimmick.

No return date announced for Lexington.

Main event was John Cena beating Kane in a no DQ, no countout match. Lots of Kane offense. Crowd was super into Cena. There was a “John Cena barely beats the ten count into the ring” spot despite it being no CO. I think the ref may have counted to 11 or 12 too. Ref bump off a AA try, got the STF and Kane tapped but no ref. Cena flashed the dreaded X and then walked into a choke slam. Groggy ref counted to two before the kick out. Kane brought a chair in, missed, AA, place exploded.

Good show. Cena was 100% over. The dueling lets go Cena/Cena sucks chant was done really only because it’s a thing. You could tell who had big matches tomorrow night, but even those matches were enjoyable.


Source: WrestlingObserver.com

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