All Star Extavaganza

Sep 6, 2014 - by staff

The stream is cutting in & out like crazy, but I’ll do the best I can

Jay Lethal (wearing street clothes) comes out with Truth Martini & Selezia to start the show, and Truth’s promo is cutting in and out like crazy, but I get that ACH isn’t here tonight & that ACH’s initials stand for A Crack Head. Truth says Lethal has the night off, but Cedric Alexander comes out and says he doesn’t have an opponent for tonight either. Since he beat Lethal a few weeks ago on TV, he feels like he deserves a shot at the TV Title tonight. Lethal says no way, but Alexander says he wasn’t talking to him, he was talking to someone with balls…& the stream jumps before I hear who he meant. Whoever it was, Lethal didn’t like it because he gets in Cedric’s face & says he got it. Lethal started to make a comment about Cedric’s mother, but Cedric shoves him & Lethal tries a superkick, but Cedric moves & Lethal lays Selezia out instead. Cedric tells Lethal that title is coming to him tonight.

Mark Briscoe vs Hanson

They go nose to nose and Mark dropkicks Hanson’s knee out right off the bat & unloads with right hands. Mark uses his speed to outmaneuver Hanson, but gets backdropped WAY over the top rope to the floor and then gets taken out by a dive through the ropes from Hanson. Well we’re off to a fast start! Hanson keeps up the pressure when they come back inside, planting Mark in the mat with a windmill suplex for 2. Mark drills Hanson with a rebound forearm out of the corner, then hammers Hanson with shots in the corner. They trade right hands in the middle of the ring and Mark goes for a suplex, but Hanson easily blocks and reverses. Mark slips out the back and shoots Hanson into the ropes, but Hanson cartwheels past Mark and wipes him out with a clothesline for 2. Mark tries a sunset flip, but Hanson powers Mark up by the neck, gets him up for a vertical suplex, then gourdbusters Mark onto his knee. OUCH! That only gets 2 though, and they go back to trading punches. Hanson blocks the uranage suplex, but Mark goes to Redneck Kung Fu, German suplexes Hanson, & enziguiris him to the floor. Mark dives off the top rope and takes Hanson out on the floor, then gets to the apron and hits the Cactus elbow. Mark rolls Hanson back in and tries another top rope crossbody, but Hanson catches him, rams him onto the top turnbuckle, repeatedly bashes him in the chest with forearms, then hits Mark with the Bronco Buster. Hanson goes to the top rope and goes for the moonsault, but Mark moves & Hanson hits nothing. Mark goes to the top and hits FroggyBow for the win.

Winner: Mark Briscoe

Great opener! Mark looked better than he has in a long time, and Hanson looked like a monster too. Code of Honor is followed after the match.

Tommaso Ciampa is doing a suspended gimmick.  Nigel McGuiness is out.  They cut his mic off during his promo to make it seem “real.”  McGuinness is telling him to leave.

Four Corner Survival: RD Evans & Moose vs BJ Whitmer & Adam Page vs Caprice Coleman & Watanabe vs Ethan Gabriel Owens & Josh Alexander

Scramble rules apply here…this one’s old school! Whitmer and Watanabe start us off, but neither one gets anywhere, so Page tags in and finds himself on the receiving end of another big backdrop from Watanabe, who then tags Coleman in for a fast paced sequence. Page dumps Caprice to the floor, and Evans comes in…and gets battered by Whitmer. Evans catches him with a single leg dropkick, and then Owens comes in and tells Evans to come on…so Evans tags Moose in. Moose blows through Owens, but Alexander comes in and has some success, but that only lasts until the Decade drags Owens and Alexander out of the ring & go after Moose. He bowls them both over with a double shoulderblock, then Coleman springboard moonsaults to the floor. Now Evans wants a tag, and he & Moose do the old Quebecers finish to the floor. That was visually impressive! Whitmer finally slows Moose down with a big forearm, then he tears Watanabe’s head off with a clothesline. Page tells Whitmer to dive, so Whitmer grabs Page and tosses him over the top to make him dive instead. Cute. Moose comes back in and takes Whitmer out, then he finally hits the dive he’s teased the whole match. Now we get to Everyone Hits A Spot, and Whitmer nearly catches the win after using Moose’s momentum to make him spear Evans and then hits Moose with an exploder, but Moose was out at 2. Owens & Alexander hit Page with an awesome torture rack into a spinebuster, but Evans sneaks in & gives Alexander a crucifix for the win

Winners: RD Evans & Moose

Not a fan of all the spots, but the finish was great. I can’t believe how over Evans is, good for him. He cracks me up

Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian vs Roderick Strong & Jimmy Jacobs

The Addiction starts off quickly, attacking Strong and Jacobs and dumping Jacobs to the floor where Daniels takes him out with a dive. The Decade gets the advantage as they go back inside & Strong suplexes Jacobs onto Daniels for 2. The Addiction quickly regains the advantage, &  trap Strong in their half of the ring for several minutes. Strong finally catches Kazarian in midair & nails him with a backbreaker & tags out to Jacobs. Strong & Jacobs have ridiculously good chemistry as a tag team, & they actually seem to be working together better than I’ve seen either of them work with any other partner, & that’s saying something. They keep control of Kazarian with some great double teams, & Strong distracts the referee so the other 3 Decade members can clubber Kazarian on the ring apron. Kazarian finally pulls some good maneuvers to get to his corner & tag in Daniels, who cleans house on Strong & Jacobs. Jacobs catches Daniels with a springboard cutter and Strong quickly follows up with a half nelson backbreaker for 2. Gutbuster/spear combination nearly gets the fall on Daniels until Kazarian breaks the fall. The Addiction hits a double team powerbomb on Jacobs, then a double goozle on Strong followed by a full rotation back suplex onto Daniels’ knees gets the win.

Winners: Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian

Strong follows the Code of Honor after the match, & Page shoves Strong & yells at him for following the Code of Honor, and Strong gets ready to hit Page but Whitmer catches his arm. This leads to an argument between Strong and Whitmer until Jacobs steps between them and declares that ROH is the house the Decade built, and they need to do this together. Strong and Whitmer are still staring each other down until Jacobs gets them to shake hands, albeit a very tense handshake.Page holds the ropes for Jacobs & Whitmer, but Strong walks away & leaves on the other side of the ring.

IWGP Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles vs Adam Cole

This is non-title, in case you were wondering. Slow feeling out process as they go to the mat early on, but it picks up with a criss cross that ends with Styles hitting a dropkick square on Cole’s chin. AJ catches Cole in the calf killer, but Cole gets to the ropes at like light speed to force the break. AJ keeps up the pressure, but he goes to the second rope & Cole pushes him to the floor. AJ really hit hard on the apron going down, and now Cole takes over on the IWGP Champion and starts to work on the leg. Cole goes for the figure four, but AJ kicks him off, so Cole starts to methodically wear AJ down with hard shots and a strong whip into the corner. AJ catches Cole as he springboards off the ropes, and now he begins to make a comeback. Cole blocks the Styles Clash and nails AJ with a fireman’s neckbreaker, AJ tries for the springboard deathdrop, but Cole dropkicks AJ coming out, then drags him to the corner & rams his leg into the ringpost before getting the ringpost figure four. Cole gets AJ in the ring and puts him in the figure four right in the middle of the ring. AJ gets free & they wind up out of the apron where AJ vertical suplexes Cole onto the ring apron. OUCH! AJ rolls Cole into the ring and hits a 450 splash, but he didn’t hit it clean & looks like he hurt his knee. That won’t play well if Cole gets the figure four again. Cole catches AJ with a superkick as he charges in, but AJ tears Cole’s head off with a roaring clothesline, but then Cole hits a brainbuster onto the knee for a very close 2. Cole goes for the Canadian Destroyer off the second rope, but AJ blocks, backdrops Cole & rolls through, & hits the Styles Clash. AJ hits his knee coming down on that & loses just enough time making the cover that Cole gets his foot on the ropes at 2.99999999999. AJ goes back to the top, Cole nails him & goes to the top for a super German suplex, AJ fights him off, Cole runs back up & hits it on the second try, then Cole hits the Florida Key for another 2.99999999999. I thought he had him there. Cole is getting a little cute with AJ and seems to be taking a little too much time going for the kill, & they wind up trading forearms in the middle of the ring. AJ gets the advantage there, then Cole fires back, AJ hits an enziguiri, Cole with a superkick, AJ hits the Pelle kick, but he goes down and Cole falls on top for a really close 2.99999999999999999. Cole goes to the second rope & boots AJ in the head while telling him to stay down, AJ hits another Pelle kick & goes to the top for a superplex, & they wind up fighting it out for nearly a minute before AJ hits an unbelievable top rope implant DDT for the win.

Winner: AJ Styles

It’s not fair to judge because of the technical issues.  Definitely a good match, probably really good.  It felt like Styles was physically worn down from his last 6 weeks.  Cole dominated the match, they shook hands after & Cole spit on Styles hand after shaking the hand.


Michael Bennett and Maria Kannelis come out to the ring & Maria has an announcement of Biblical proportions. She’ll start by getting on her knees (crowd likes that one) and she gives a prayer before informing the fans that Matt…is coming back. Bennett tells everyone not to fall off their seats because he promised 1 thing to everyone watching that he would show what is underneath Maria’s trench coat, so he’ll be a man of his word, and he hates to share the goods, but he wants to show what’s under there and what he gets to look at every night. Bennett opens the trench coat & reveals…Jay Briscoe’s fake title belt, which Maria covered with pink fluffy stuff & a picture of herself & Bennett kissing. Bennett declares that it’s the title of love, & just like they’re going to consummate their marriage, they want to consummate the belt right now. Briscoe runs down to the ring & chases them out, & gets a microphone & tells them that when Jay sees what they did to his belt, it’s their AAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

ROH TV Title Match: Jay Lethal vs Cedric Alexander

Cedric nails Lethal with an enziguiri that sends him out to the floor right off the bat, then he takes Lethal out with a dive through the ropes. They head back inside where Cedric keeps up the pressure, but Lethal comes back with some chops & a snap suplex. Now Lethal dumps Cedric out to the floor and takes him out with a dive. Lethal viciously goes to the eyes, then they head inside and the ref takes an errant shot and goes down. Cedric goes to the top and Truth Martini shoves him off since the ref is out, and Cedric hits the floor hard. Truth takes cell phone pictures of Lethal beating Cedric up, and Cedric goes for Truth’s neck, but Lethal stops that by running Cedric into the barricade. They go inside where Cedric hits a tornado DDT, then they go toe to toe in the middle of the ring. Cedric hits the Three Amigos, Lethal goes for the Lethal Combination twice but Cedric escapes both times, & he knocks Lethal out with a rolling enziguiri. He goes to the top rope for Overtime, but Lethal catches him coming down in the Koji Clutch. Cedric is able to roll to the ropes, so a back & forth exchange leads to Lethal hitting the Lethal Combination for 2. Lethal goes for a Sharpshooter, but he changes his mind and goes for a superkick. Cedric catches the boot & drops Lethal on his face, superkicks Truth as he goes to the top rope, & catches Lethal with a pinfall attempt for 2. Lethal goes to the top, Cedric follows him up & hits a huge super Frankensteiner, but instead of going for the cover he goes to the top rope for Overtime as Selezia comes out and gets on the ring apron. Cedric shoves Selezia into Lethal, hits a running dropkick that Lethal dodges & ends up connecting with Selezia, &  Cedric hits Lethal with the pop up backbreaker. Cedric makes a cover but Lethal gets his foot over the bottom rope. Lethal counters another Lumbar Check with Matt Taven’s front bulldog, then he hits the Lethal Injection for 3

Winner: Jay Lethal

Yeah, didn’t get the feeling like this was Cedric’s night, but they sure set him up as a potential future champion if he gets Lethal in the ring again. Selezia really stood out with the shots she took tonight

ROH World Title Match: Michael Elgin vs Jay Briscoe

They go at it right off the bell, and Elgin stomps Jay down in the corner. Jay comes back, but Elgin catches him with a kneestrike to the head and comes off the second rope with a somersault guillotine legdrop. Jay tells Elgin to come on, so Elgin goes about crushing Jay with more hard hitting offense. The announcers, joined by Nigel McGuinness, have an interesting discussion about the toll holding the ROH World Title takes on a man as Elgin hangs Jay up in the corner and boots him to the floor. They trade forearms on the outside, and Jay lays Elgin out with a roaring elbow. Elgin responds by powerbombing Jay onto the ring apron, & the crowd gives him a big pop. I think Elgin is the only defending champion to ever be over with the Toronto crowd. Jay reverses a whip & sends Elgin into the ringpost, but Elgin picks Jay up & back suplexes him onto the ring apron. Elgin pulls a table out from under the ring, bashes Jay in the face with it, & then gives Jay an STJoe through a folding chair. They go back inside and Jay desperately tries to fight out of a waistlock, but Elgin elevates him into a bridging German suplex for 2. Jay fights his way out of the powerbomb, nails Elgin with a roaring elbow, and hits a Rude Awakening for 2. The announcers shout out Cary Silkin and mention his recent exploits on Twitter as Jay puts Elgin on the top rope, but Elgin fights him off, leaps off the ropes, & catches Jay with a Codebreaker. Oh yeah. Elgin takes Jay’s head off with a clothesline for 2, Jay gets Elgin with a Death Valley Driver for 2, & both men are down. Elgin blocks the Jay Driller, Elgin hits a dragon screw legwhip, & catches Jay in the Sharpshooter. Jay makes the ropes & rolls out to the apron, Elgin goes out with him and goes to toss Jay through the table he pulled out earlier, but Jay reverses & hits a Jay Driller through the table. He quickly picks Elgin up & rolls him inside, he makes a cover, & Elgin somehow gets out at 2. Jay takes forever to go back after Elgin, but eventually he starts firing right hands into Elgin’s skull as Nigel says that if Jay has an opportunity, this is it. Jay continues firing shots at Elgin, who motions for Jay to keep coming. Elgin piefaces Jay, so Jay nails more right hands, but Elgin nails Jay with the spinning backfist, hits the buckle bomb, but Jay escapes the powerbomb & hits the Jay Driller to regain the ROH World Title.

Winner: Jay Briscoe

Wow, I did not think Jay was winning the title tonight, but he has finally regained the ROH World Title he never lost, & is now only the second ever 2-time ROH World Champion (Austin Aries is the only other 2-time ROH World Champion)! Holy heckity heck, this is good to see. Elgin shoves the referee off as he gets to his feet, & instead of following the Code of Honor, he snatches the belt out of Jay’s hand…& puts it around the new champion’s waist. Wow, totally shocking outcome, but good stuff.

We see a video package hyping Matt Sydal’s return to ROH on 9/27 in Wheeling, West Virginia

And as if all that wasn’t enough, it’s…MAIN EVENT TIME!

ROH World Tag Team Title MAtch (2/3 Falls): reDRagon vs Young Bucks

O’Reilly and Matt do a bunch of lucha stuff to start, then reDRagon gets tired of that and start beating the crap out of the Bucks. The Bucks turn things around and send both Fish and O’Reilly into the barricades, then they double hiptoss O’Reilly and hits the double cartwheel dropkick. O’Reilly gets a hockey stick from somewhere and hits Nick with it, but the Bucks come right back with a double dive through the ropes. Fish avoids the double double team in the corner and reDRagon takes over on Matt, hitting the Decapitator for 2. Bucks hit O’Reilly with the neckbreaker over the knee, then they dump Fish to the floor and Nick wipes both of them out with a springboard moonsault. Fish tackles Matt into the barricade, but Nick is able to hold his own against both of them and hits Fish with a springboard facebuster before taking O’Reilly out with a moonsault off the apron. Nick goes to the top rope and hits Fish with a Swanton for 2, then he goes for the kill on Fish but O’Reilly comes in and hits Nick with the hockey stick behind the referee’s back and Fish covers to win the first fall.

reDRagon leads the Young Bucks 1-0.

There’s no break between falls, so reDRagon keeps up the pressure on Nick, hammering him with MMA strikes including a nasty running diving knee to the back of Nick’s head by O’Reilly. Nick finally hits a superkick and sends both of reDRagon out to the floor and makes the hot tag to Matt. He takes Fish out with a diving dropkick through the ropes, then he and Nick hit a nice series of double teams on O’Reilly, Nick boots Fish’s face off as Matt covers O’Reilly for 2. O’Reilly hits the Regalplex for 2, but the Bucks have a superkick party and give Fish the spike Tombstone on the floor and double superkick O’Reilly for good measure. They roll Fish back inside and hit a superkick/package piledriver combo on Fish to win the second fall.

The Young Bucks tie the match at 1-1.

The fans chant Kill Bucks Kill as they go for More Bang For Your Buck, but Fish bails to the floor as the Bucks work O’Reilly over and hit the running powerbomb/enziguiri combo. O’Reilly double legwhips both Bucks and gives Matt a brainbuster for 2, then he goes to a cross armbreaker. Fish comes off the top rope with a diving headbutt to Matt, knocks Nick to the floor and takes him out with a somersault senton, but Matt rolls O’Reilly to his back for 2. O’Reilly gets a guillotine choke for 2, Fish stops Nick from breaking it up, but Matt northern lights suplexes O’Reilly for 2 as O’Reilly turns it into a front guillotine. Nick finally takes Fish out with a superkick and comes off the top rope with a 450 to O’Reilly, but he kicks out at 2. They go for the springboard double Tombstone on O’Reilly & hit it, but Fish pulls the referee out of the ring before he can count 3. Nick takes Fish and the ref out with a dive, and they go for More Bang For Your Buck on O’Reilly, but O’Reilly catches Nick in a triangle choke as Matt and Fish go through a table. O’Reilly changes it up to a cross armbreaker and Nick taps out.

Winners: reDRagon

Hell of a main event to finish off an absolutely top notch night of wrestling. Tommaso Ciampa comes out of the crowd after reDRagon leaves & lays waste to the Young Bucks, hitting Matt with Project Ciampa & then pulling up a corner of the mat and drops Nick on his head on the bare wood underneath as the show goes off the air.

All Star Extravaganza VI was an absolutely awesome show. The Jay Briscoe title win caught me completely off guard but in a good way, AJ Styles and Adam Cole blew the roof off the place, the main event was excellent, & everything on the show was awesome at a bare minimum. This rivaled Wrestlemania 30 in terms of just being an awesome overall show, & AJ/Cole gave us a MOTYC to boot.

Highly recommended show

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