April Hunter responds to the ALS challenge

Aug 25, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

april hunter

April Hunter posted the following on her Facebook page:

In response to the ALS challenges I keep getting: I think this worldwide challenge is fantastic. Anything that brings more attention and awareness to that form of sclerosis is a GOOD thing. That said, please don’t bother to nominate me. It’s not me “wussing out”…it’s that I choose where I like to go when it comes to charities and in life, I tend to lead. Not follow. I donate all year long quietly and usually without any video footage. If you’re still in a giving mood, I can suggest some GREAT places to check out. WAR DOGS. They need help right NOW. Our government leaves the highly trained IED dogs in war zones (to die) and classes them as “equipment”. It can cost up on average $1000 per dog (or more) to bring back to their soldiers who have to leave them behind. Humane Society. Smile Train. Jane Goodall. People, not corporations. Documentaries that NEED to be made, like the one about the rare skin condition called EB. If your child has this, you cannot touch them…they blister and bleed – everywhere. Imagine that, as a parent. No kissing, no hugging, no breastfeeding. And because it’s so rare, there’s little profit in even bothering to find a cure. My friends’ son has it. Autism is now classed as the MOST expensive disorder to have for any family to deal with because of all the needs that child has. So…there are lots of ways to give…always. To those who have donated to ALS along with the ice bucket dumping…much respect. XO.

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