Ethan Carter III Talks Bully Ray’s Rumored TNA Departure, Vince Russo & SpikeTV‏

Aug 21, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

From Brett Buchanan:

Ethan Carter III did an interview today with’s Entertainment section discussing Bully Ray’s rumored TNA departure, TNA’s SpikeTV status, Jeff Jarrett, Vince Russo, Dixie Carter, and ECW nostalgia. CLICK HERE to read the full interview, below are highlights.

On Vince Russo: “I never knew he was working as a consultant, so I can’t really answer that. But I do appreciate his kind words, as a guy who has seen a bunch of stars, especially guys like Austin and The Rock, rise [to the top]. To have him say anything kind about me is a compliment, but compliments are compliments, and that helps your confidence grow, but you just got to keep doing what you’re doing. I wish I had time to talk to him, because who knows what I could learn from him.”

On Bully Ray’s rumored ‘goodbye’ speech to the locker room: “There was a talk, it wasn’t that he’s leaving, it was more of: ‘If I don’t see you guys in a minute.’ But who is to say? I think it was more, [of a] precautionary [talk], who knows?”

On Dixie Carter’s table bump: “Her preparation was: ‘Let’s do this.’ The aftermath was: ‘My back is broken.’ That’s about it, all the credit in the world to her for being a martyr for her cause, and putting her body on the line to tell a good story that people were truly invested in, and being kind of a catalyst to our new direction going forward, and making dynamite TV. She bit the bullet, when she jumped in the ring the ring, she flew too close [inaudible], but she did it, so [tons] of respect for her.”

On Impact’s move to Wednesday’s: “First off, I thought Wednesday was a great night in the first place to have our shows. Especially considering a lot of the times we get hit by the ratings of big time NBA games on Thursdays, and the NFL is coming back. I wasn’t completely shocked to hear it, but I also was not informed about it happening until we all heard it. But I think it’s a great idea, I like it better, and I think with all of the decisions we’ve made the last couple of months, that have been sort of risky, they have all paid off pretty well, and I assume this one will too.”

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