Impact Wrestling Hardcore Justice Recap

Aug 20, 2014 - by Jason Graening

Join the Starman as he covers Impact Wrestling’s Hardcore Justice.

Impact Wrestling begins with shots of the crowd in the Manhattan Center in NYC as the announce team quickly run down the top matches before we head into the first match of the night.

Match 1: Bram vs. Abyss (Stairway to Janice Match)
Janice is hanging high above the ring as Abyss and Bram come out to the ring and immediately get things going by trading blows. Bram sets up a ladder in the corner and Abyss takes him down with a belly-to-belly onto the ladder. Abyss sets up the ladder but Bram sends Abyss into it before taking the fight out to the floor. Bram sends Abyss into the ring post before hitting him twice with a trash can. Abyss recovers and sends Bram into the steel steps before pulling out two barbed wire boards and sliding them into the ring.

Abyss sets up the boards in opposite corners as Bram crawls back into the ring and is bleeding from his forehead. Bram nails Abyss with a trash can lid and begins climbing the ladder towards Janice but Abyss takes Bram down with a chokeslam from the top of the ladder. Abyss then grabs a bag of tacks from under the ring and pours them on the canvas. Bram then charges as Abyss, but Abyss sidesteps and sends Bram into a barbed wire board. Abyss begins climbing a ladder but Bram pushes it over and sends Abyss into the other barbed wire board, which gets a loud “TNA!” chant going from the fans in New York.

Bram begins climbing the ladder and pulls down Janice and tosses the ladder out of the ring. Abyss staggers to his feet and grabs Bram by the throat but Bram is able to escape, however, Abyss slams Bram down into the tacks with a Black Hole Slam. Abyss then grabs Janice is looks to use it, but Bram nails with a low blow. Bram then nails Abyss with Janice and picks up the pin fall for his third victory in a row against Abyss.

EC3, Rhino and Rockstar Spud are backstage as the cameraman asks EC3 how his time in jail was. EC3 says his time in jail has given him a moment of clarity. Since his aunt’s demise his life has been misery, however, he says those who are accountable will be held accountable next as we head into a commercial break.

A recap of the Stairway to Janice match is aired as the announce team state that they are shocked that Bram won again. Magnus is backstage and congratulates Bram but says he won’t be outshined tonight and will defeat five other guys in the Six Sides of Steel to become the #1 contender tonight.

EC3 makes his way to the ring with Rockstar Spud and Rhino and grabs a microphone. EC3 says two weeks ago his aunt was unnecessarily put through a table. Last week he came back to get his pound of flesh from Bully Ray but Kurt Angle had him arrested. EC3 thanks Angle for doing that as he had a moment of clarity and knows who is to blame aside from Ray.

EC3 turns to Rhino and blames him and Rhino gets in his face and tells EC3 to take his money and stick it up his ass. EC3 slaps Rhino across the face as the two get into it in and around the ring. EC3 then sends Rhino into the railing a few times before Spud tries to peel EC3 off of Rhino. EC3 shoves Spud down before taking Rhino down one last time with a knee lift.

Samoa Joe is backstage and talks about his history with Low Ki, however, Joe calls Low Ki too self confident and Joe will be leaving the ring as the X Division Champion as we head into a commercial break.

The Hardys are backstage and talk about how they have to prove that they are the best team in the world. They talk about the resurgence of the tag team division and they promise to be at the forefront.

A video package on that hypes the Samoa Joe/Low Ki match is aired and that title match is up next.

Match 2: Low Ki vs. Samoa Joe (X Division Championship)
The match begins and the two circle the ring before Low Ki quickly tries to put an armbar submission but Joe fights him off. Low Ki comes back with a series of chops and kicks but Joe takes him down with a running elbow. Joe then takes Low Ki down with a series of strikes and a kick to the head. Joe picks up a two count before hitting an atomic drop, big boot and then a back splash for another near fall.

Joe then sets up for the muscle buster but Low Ki fights Joe off and takes Joe down by stomping on his back. Low Ki then connects with a dropkick and picks up a near fall as the fans begin a “This is awesome!” chant. Joe counters Low Ki’s offense and connects with a powerbomb for a near fall before turning it into a Boston crab and then an STF but Low Ki makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Joe again tries for a muscle buster and connects with it on the second try to pick up the pin fall and retain the X Division Championship.

The Hardys knock on Team 3D’s locker room door and are invited in by Devon. Jeremy Borash is backstage with Mr. Anderson who says he is sick of hearing about Samuel Shaw and wonders if Gunner is an idiot for becoming his friend. Shaw comes out and the two begin to fight in the backstage area as we head into a commercial break.

Match 3: Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw (I Quit Match)
We join this match already in progress as Anderson and Shaw fight their way out of the backstage area and onto the entrance ramp. Shaw begins choking Anderson with a cable but Anderson counters and takes Shaw down. The fight continues and Shaw sends Anderson into the steps but Anderson refuses to quit. The match finally makes it to the ring where Shaw continues on his attack as Gunner looks on from the floor. Shaw then locks Anderson in a camel clutch but Anderson breaks free and takes Shaw down with a series of clotheslines followed by a spinning neckbreaker. Anderson begins to work over Shaw’s arm and shoulder as Shaw refuses to give up. Gunner then enters the ring as Shaw finally gives up and Anderson wins the match. Gunner then gets in Anderson’s face and Anderson leaves the ring.

The Hardys are seen leaving Team 3D’s locker room as the cameraman asks them what the Hardys wanted to talk about. Team 3D says the Hardys had a great idea to breathe new life into tag team wrestling. Ray says there is still one more piece to the puzzle and they are going to go to the ring and see if they are in. The announce team then hype Mike Tenay’s exclusive interview with Dixie Carter, which will be coming up after the break.

Footage from last week is aired where Gail Kim was attacked backstage by Angelina Love. Kurt Angle says Angelina’s actions disgust her and she doesn’t deserve a shot at the title, however, Gail Kim demanded it and he granted the match. The announce team hype that match and the Six Sides of Steel match as we head into footage from earlier in the day where Bobby Roode talks about wanting to become the top guy in the company once again after leaving the Six Sides of Steel as the #1 contender.

The Hardys make their way to the ring and say the timing was right for them to get back together and that they have had some great match together in the past couple of weeks. However, they need to do better but they can’t do it alone and invite Team 3D down to the ring. The future Hall of Famers make their way out and Bully Ray says the two teams have made history together but in order to set their idea in motion, they need to get the Tag Team Champions to come out to the ring.

The Wolves make their way out to the ring as Eddie Edwards gives Team 3D and the Hardys credit for being the best tag teams in the business and they want to be a part of their conversation. Davey Richards says if the two teams want a shot at the titles they are on anytime and anywhere.

Mike Tenay’s interview with Dixie Carter is aired which is aired from Dixie’s home as she is lying in bed. Dixie says she was in tremendous pain after being put through the table and went into the ER. Dixie says says she broke her back and fractured a rib due to going through the table. Dixie says Bully made good on his promise and she came out with a broken back. She says she is going to now focus her energy on taking care of business outside of the ring and promises that we haven’t seen the last of her. Dixie then says Carter’s never forget and ends the interview.

The announce team congratulates Christy Hemme on becoming pregnant and expecting her first baby in December. The video package of James Storm and Sanada that aired last week is played once again and says the Great Sanada will be revealed next week.

Match 4: Angelina Love vs. Gail Kim (Last Knockout Standing for Knockouts Championship)
The bell rings and the fight begins out on the floor for a moment before making its way into the ring. Angelina quickly gains control and takes Gail down a couple of times to get short counts from the referee. Angelina then tries to use a cookie sheet but Gail ducks and dropkicks the weapon into Angelina’s face. Angelina goes out to the floor and Gail climbs to the top rope where Velvet Sky nails Gail with the cookie sheet that knocks her out to the floor. Gail then hits a desperation move and sends Angelina into the side of the ring as they both are out on the floor.

They both get up before the count of 10 and continue to fight around the ring until Velvet Sky gets involved and trips up Gail, which sends her into the steel steps. Gail gets up at a count of eight and Angelina tries to suplex her into the ring but Gail counters and puts Angelina into a figure four around the ring post. Velvet comes in and breaks it up as Angelina tries to continue on the attack, however, Gail sends her into the guard rail. Gail then grabs a chair but Velvet distracts her and Angelina hits the Botox Injection on Gail by kicking the chair into Gail’s face.

Amazingly, Gail makes it to her feet before a 10 count and the fight returns to the ring. Velvet tries to set Gail up but Gail counters and sends Velvet into Angelina. Gail then suplexes Angelina off the top rope and onto a chair that was sitting on the canvas. Velvet tries to revive Angelina but she doesn’t even move after that landing as the referee counts to 10 and Gail retains her Knockouts Championship.

The announce team recap the title match before hyping the Six Sides of Steel match, which is coming up next after the commercial break.

Kurt Angle is backstage and says the Hardys, the Wolves and Team 3D will be in a series of matches for the TNA Tag Team Championship. The first team to win two matches will win the titles and the winner of each match will pick the match stipulation for the next match. It all is going to start next week.

Bobby Lashley, MVP and Kenny King make their way to the ringside area as MVP says Eric Young was their first victim. Jeff Hardy was the next victim to crash and burn against Lashley. Finally, Austin Aries cashed in and cashed out against Lashley. MVP says they are not worried about who wins the Six Sides of Steel match as the winner has already lost by having to go up against Lashley.

The announce team go over the rules of the match, which will be decided by the first man who can escape the cage. We then head into the main event of Hardcore Justice to determine the new #1 contender to the TNA World Championship.

Match 5: Austin Aries vs. Eric Young vs. Gunner vs. Magnus vs. James Storm vs. Bobby Roode (#1 Contender Six Sides of Steel Match)
Five of the six competitors in this Six Sides of Steel match have been TNA World Champion. The cage is locked and the bell rings as this match gets off to a quick start. Magnus and Storm try to make quick escapes but they are both pulled down. Action goes back and forth for the next few moments with nobody getting a long advantage as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the cage match and see Bobby Roode holding on to James Storm by the hair and bringing him back into the confines of the cage. The two continue to fight on the ropes as we also see Aries on top of the cage, however, Gunner is pulling him back down. Meanwhile, Storm is going for the Eye of the Storm but Roode counters and puts him in a crossface as EY has a sharp shooter on Magnus. Aries then puts Gunner in the Last Chancery but Aries breaks the hold and tries to run up the cage, but he is stopped.

Roode then takes Ares down with a spinebuster and Magnus takes Roode down with a slam. EY tries to take Magnus down but Storm connects with a Last Call superkick. Gunner then takes both Magnus and Storm down with a double clothesline. With the five down, Gunner gets to his feet and tries to climb the cage but he is stopped by Aries as Storm connects with a kick on Gunner. Aries begins climbing hte cage but he is stopped by Magnus and the two battle on the top rope until EY takes them down with a powerbomb as Roode also takes Gunner and Storm down with a powerbomb on the other side.

EY and Roode are climbing up the cage on opposite sides as they race up and down the cage and drop down at the same time. Two referees each claim Roode and EY won and try to has things over while EY and Roode claim they won the match. Hardcore Justice then ends without a final decision and we get hype and highlights of the first match of the tag team series as Impact Wrestling comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Bram defeated Abyss by pin fall in a Stairway to Janice match.
– Samoa Joe defeated Low Ki by pin fall to retain the X Division Championship.
– Mr. Anderson defeated Samuel Shaw in an I Quit match.
– Gail Kim defeated Angelina Love in a Last Knockouts Standing match to retain the Knockouts Championship.
– Six Sides of Steel to determine a new #1 contender ended without a decision.

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