This Day In Wrestling History – June 13th

Jun 13, 2014 - by staff


1992 – Gary Strydom won the 2nd & final WBF BodyStars Championship event

1994 – Jushin Liger won the renamed NJPW Best of the Super Juniors (formerly Top of the Super Juniors) Tournament, defeating Super Delfin in the final

2002 – NWA-TNA announced plans to debut the X-Division championship

2004 – Tiger Mask IV won the NJPW Best of the Super Juniors Tournament, defeating Koji Kanemoto in the final

2006 – The revived ECW brand aired for the 1st time on the Sci-Fi Channel, this featured the debut Kelly Kelly in her segment called “Kelly’s Expose”

2008 – WWE released developmental talent & former Spirit Squad member Mike Mondo

2010 – Prince Devitt won the NJPW Best of the Super Juniors Tournament, defeating Kota Ibushi in the final


In 1990, NWA Clash of the Champions XI: Coastal Crush was held at the McAllister Field House (on the campus of the Citadel), in Charleston, South Carolina. With an attendance of 4,100:

– The Southern Boys (Steve Armstrong & Tracy Smothers) defeated The Freebirds (Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin)
– Tommy Rich defeated Bam Bam Bigelow (with Sir Oliver Humperdink) via DQ
– Tom Zenk & Mike Rotunda & Fatu & The Samoan Savage (Tama)
– “Mean” Mark Callous (The Undertaker) defeated Brian Pillman
– The Rock n Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) defeated The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane) via DQ (The Midnight Express retain the NWA United States Tag Team Titles)
– Barry Windham defeated Doug Furnas
– Lex Luger defeated Sid Vicious
– Doom (Ron Simmons & Butch Reed) defeated The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott) to retain the NWA World Tag Team Titles
– Paul Orndorff defeated NWA World Television Champion Arn Anderson in a non title match
– The Junkyard Dog defeated Ric Flair via DQ (Flair retains the NWA World Title)

In 1993, the 1st WWF King of the Ring PPV was held at the Nutter Center, in Dayton, Ohio. With an attendance of 6,500. This was actually the 7th KoTR Tournament, but the 1st to air on PPV & indeed on TV. This was also the final WWF PPV appearance of Hulk Hogan until 2002:

Dark Match:
Papa Shango defeated Owen Hart to retain the USWA Heavyweight Title
– Bret Hart defeated Razor Ramon in a King of the Ring Quarter-Final match
– Mr. Perfect defeated Mr. Hughes (with Harvey Wippleman) via DQ in a King of the Ring Quarter-Final match
– Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Jim Duggan in a King of the Ring Quarter-Final match
– Tatanka fought Lex Luger to a time-limit draw in a King of the Ring Quarter-Final match (as a result Bigelow receives a semi-finals bye)
– Bret Hart defeated Mr. Perfect in a King of the Ring Semi-Final match
– Yokozuna (with Mr. Fuji) defeated Hulk Hogan (with Jimmy Hart) to win the WWF Title
– The Smoking Gunns (Billy & Bart) & The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott) defeated The Headshrinkers (Samu & Fatu) (with Afa) & Money Inc. (Ted DiBiase & Irwin R Schyster) in a 8-man tag team match
– Shawn Michaels (with Diesel) defeated Crush to retain the WWF Intercontinental Title
– Bret Hart won the King of the Ring Tournament, defeating Bam Bam Bigelow in the final

In 1997, AAA TripleMania V-A was held in Tijuana, Mexico:

– Rey Misterio Jr. defeated Juventud Guerrera
– Cibernetico defeated Pierroth Jr. in a Street Fight
– Heavy Metal & Leon Negro defeated Latin Lover & Perro Aguayo Jr, Jerry Estrada & El Picudo & May Flowers, & Halcón Dorado Jr. in a 4-Way Hair vs Hair Match. Halcón Dorado was the man pinned, so his head was shaved
– Perro Aguayo, Tinieblas Jr., & El Canek defeated Jake Roberts, Killer & Gorgeous George III

In 1999, WCW’s The Great American Bash was held at the Baltimore Arena, in Baltimore, Maryland. With an attendance of 11,672:

– Hak (The Sandman) (with Chastity) defeated Brian Knobbs (with Jimmy Hart) in a Hardcore Match
– Van Hammer defeated Mikey Whipwreck
– Buff Bagwell defeated Disco Inferno
– The No Limit Soldiers (Rey Mysterio Jr. & Konnan) defeated The West Texas Rednecks (Bobby Duncum Jr. & Curt Hennig)
– Ernest Miller (with Sonny Onoo) defeated Horace Hogan
– Ric Flair (The Head Nurse & Arn Anderson) defeated Roddy Piper via DQ to become president of WCW
– Rick Steiner defeated Sting in a Falls Count Anywhere Match
– The Jersey Triad (Chris Kanyon & Diamond Dallas Page) (with Bam Bam Bigelow) defeated Chris Benoit & Perry Saturn to win the WCW World Tag Team Titles
– Kevin Nash defeated Randy Savage (with Gorgeous George, Madusa, & Miss Madness (Molly Holly) via DQ to retain the WCW World Title

In 2004, the final WWE Bad Blood was a Raw-exclusive event, held at the Nationwide Arena, in Columbus, Ohio. With an attendance of 9,000:

Sunday Night Heat:
– Batista defeated Maven
– Chris Benoit & Edge defeated La Resistance (Sylvain Grenier & Robert Conway) via DQ (La Resistance retain the World Tag Team Titles)
– Chris Jericho defeated Tyson Tomko (with Trish Stratus)
– Randy Orton defeated Shelton Benjamin to retain the WWE Intercontinental Title
– Trish Stratus (with Tyson Tomko) defeated Victoria, Lita, & Gail Kim in a Fatal Four Way Match to win the WWE Women’s Title
– Eugene defeated Jonathan Coachman
– Chris Benoit defeated Kane to retain the World Heavyweight Title
– Triple H defeated Shawn Michaels in a Hell In A Cell Match

In 2008, AAA TripleMania XVI was held in Mexico City:

– The Black Family (Dark Cuervo, Dark Escoria, Dark Ozz & Dark Espiritu) defeated Real Fuerza Aerea (Aero Star, El Angel & Super Fly) in a Handicap Tag Team Match
– The Mexican Powers (Crazy Boy, Ultimo Gladiator & Ricky Marvin) defeated La Legion Extranjera (Bryan Danielson, Jack Evans & Teddy Hart) & La Familia de Tijuana (Extreme Tiger, Halloween & TJ Extreme) in a 3-Way Elimination Tag Team Match
– Faby Apache defeated Mari Apache in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Hair vs Hair Match. Mari Apache was supposed to have her head shaved, but her father Gran Apache sacrificed his own hair instead
– Vampiro fought El Mesias to a draw in a Hardcore Match
– La Legion Extranjera (Bobby Lashley, Electroshock, & Kenzo Suzuki) defeated Chessman, La Parka, & Silver King
– Cibernetico defeats El Zorro to retain the AAA World Title

In 2009, AAA TripleMania XVII was held in Mexico City:

– X-Pac, Charly Manson & Rocky Romero defeated El Zorro, Dark Ozz & Dark Scoria. As a result, El Zorro gets 10 strikes with a Singapore cane
– Extreme Tiger defeated Alex Koslov, Crazy Boy & Alan Stone in a Four Way Elimination Hardcore Match to win the AAA Cruiserweight Title
– La Hermandad 187 (Nicho El Millionario & Joe Lider) defeated Latin Lover & Marco Corleone to retain the AAA Tag Team Titles
– Dr. Wagner Jr. defeated El Mesias to win the AAA World Title
– Team AAA (El Hijo Del Santo, La Parka, Vampiro, Octagon & Jack Evans) defeated La Legion Extranjera (Silver King, Chessman, Kenzo Suzuki, Electroshock & Teddy Hart) in a Six Sides of Steel Match to take control of AAA

In 2010, TNA Slammiversary VIII was at the Impact Zone, in Orlando, Florida. With attendance of 1,100. This was the first time since 2006 that Slammiversary was held at the Impact! Zone, & the 1st time that a King of the Mountain Match didn’t take place:

– Kurt Angle defeated Kazarian
– Douglas Williams defeated Brian Kendrick to retain the TNA X-Division Title
– Madison Rayne defeated Roxxi to retain the TNA Knockout’s Title in a Title vs. Career Match
– Jesse Neal defeated Brother Ray
– Matt Morgan defeated Hernandez via DQ
– Abyss defeated Desmond Wolfe (with Chelsea) in a Monster’s Ball Match
– Jay Lethal defeated AJ Styles (with Ric Flair)
– The Enigmatic Assholes (Mr. Anderson & Jeff Hardy) defeated Beer Money Inc. (James Storm & Robert Roode)
– Rob Van Dam defeated Sting to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Title

Title Changes

1940 – Orville Brown defeated Bobby Bruns to win the Kansas City version of the Midwest Wrestling Association World Heavyweight Title. The 1st of 2 titles which earned him recognition as the 1st World Heavyweight Champion as recognized by the National Wrestling Alliance. Brown in Kansas City, Kansas

1960 – Tony Borne defeated Bull Curry to win the vacant Texas Brass Knuckles Title

1972 – Alfonso Dantes defeated Rey Mendoza to win the NWA World Light Heavyweight Title in Tijuana, Mexico

1977 – Karl Kox & Jerry Oates defeated The Medics (1 & 2) to win the TSW United States Tag Team Titles

1978 – Jack & Jerry Brisco defeated Mr. Saito & Mr. Sato (The Great Kabuki) to win the NWA Florida Tag Team Title in Miami, Florida

1983 – Tiger Mask defeated Fishman to win the WWF Junior Heavyweight Title

1986 – Lex Luger defeated Ron Bass to win the NWA Bahamas Heavyweight Title in Nassau, Bahamas

1994 – PG-13 (J.C. Ice & Wolfie D.) defeated The Eliminators (Saturn & Kronus) to win the USWA Tag Team Title in Memphis, Tennessee

2003 – Hiroshi Tanahashi & Yutaka Yoshie defeated Cho-Ten (Masahiro Chono & Hiroyoshi Tenzan) to win the IWGP Tag Team Titles

2006 – Paul Heyman awards the revived ECW World Title to Rob Van Dam

2009 – Austin Aries defeated Jerry Lynn, & Tyler Black in a 3-Way Elimination Match to win the ROH World Title


Happy birthday to indy star Jason Cross (35), former Million Dollar Champion Mike ‘Virgil/Vincent’ Jones (52), former AWA World Champion Otto Wanz (71), one-time WWF Tag and Hardcore Champion Headbanger Thrasher (45), & former WWF Intercontinental and Tag Champion Jacques ‘The Mountie’ Rougeau (54)

Also, today would have been the birthday of AAA founder Antonio Pena (63)

In Memoriam

The wrestling world has lost 2 personalities on this date:

Firstly, in 1982, ‘High Chief’ Peter Maivia lost his battle with cancer aged just 45. Maivia is probably best known to modern audiences as being the grandfather of The Rock, but was a talented and decorated wrestler in his own right. Across various NWA territories, he accumulated 8 Heavyweight Title reigns, one United States Title & 5 Tag Team Titles. He was most active in the Mid-Pacific territory, but won titles as far afield as Australia & New Zealand. Some may not know that he appeared in the James Bond film ‘You Only Live Twice’ & also served as the uncredited stunt co-ordinator for the film.

Secondly, in 2009, Japanese superstar Mitsuharu Misawa died at the age of 46. Misawa was a successful amateur wrestler, but always wanted to become a professional. He became a protegé of Giant Baba, who gave him his professional debut in 1981. In the early part of his career, he competed as Tiger Mask II, succeeding Satoru Sayama. There was more than an element of luck in Misawa’s rise to stardom; after the sudden departure of Genichiro Tenryu from All Japan, Giant Baba needed a new face for the promotion and took the decision to push a young talent. Some would say that Misawa was simply in the right place at the right time. He dropped the mask in 1990 and began ascending the ranks, winning his first AJPW Triple Crown Title two years later. Misawa dominated All Japan in the 1990′s until the death of Giant Baba saw him inherit the position of AJPW President, but would last barely a year before a series of fallouts with Motoko Baba led to his removal from the position and subsequently, his leaving the promotion to set up Pro Wrestling NOAH. NOAH quickly became renowned for showcasing some of the best wrestling in the world, regularly putting on 5-star rated matches. Misawa suffered a fatal injury in the ring; teaming with Go Shiozaki to take on Akitoshi Saito & Bison Smith, Misawa took a regulation belly-to-back suplex from Saito, but lost consciousness on impact and never woke up, having suffered a rumoured spinal cord injury (in accordance with Japanese law, the cause of death has not been made public). Misawa is widely considered to be one of the best wrestlers ever to have lived & is held in high esteem all over the world

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