Audio: Former TNA announcer talks Hulk Hogan, Jeremy Borash, Mike Tenay, Taz, and more

May 29, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

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Todd Keneley

Twitter: @gmehaffy

This past Monday, May 26th, I had the opportunity to interview ex-TNA commentator Todd Keneley about all things wrestling. We discussed his career pre, and post, TNA, how he got his break with there, their outstanding talent roster, his time as a ring announcer on Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Wrestling, WWE tryouts, his WrestleMania appearance, how he owes Jeremy Borash a debt of gratitude, who he sees as the future of the business and much, much more. Some of the highlights were:

His thoughts on working with Hulk Hogan:

Getting to stand there and look across out to the judges’ platform and get to introduce Hulk Hogan was a huge thrill for me.

If you would have told seven year old me that you’re going to work with Hulk Hogan and you’re going to direct Roddy Piper for ‘Piper’s Pit’ for the UPW DVD’s…I would have been the happiest person on earth!

Commentating with Paul Bearer/Percy Pringle III:

It was such an incredible opportunity to have Percy around for the amount of time that we did. Everybody that was around him benefited…..Percy was very approachable and he would always take the time to listen………..I had the honour to call a few matches with him. What an honour that was!…….You could not ask to meet a more humble person.

How Mike Tenay and Taz reacted to him joining the TNA announce team:

Mike and Taz were both great, but they definitely put me to the test. I don’t know that they were overjoyed at first – which is a huge understatement – but I think they wanted to see what I was made of and in time I thought the three man team worked…obviously it was going to take us some time to gel, too, but it’s unfortunate because I think at Slammiversary, which was my last match, by then we were really starting to get in our groove. I wish we could have kept going….I definitely benefited from working with two veterans.

His future plans:

I’m looking for the right opportunity whether it’s a return there (TNA) or elsewhere….I definitely have an eye with what Jarrett is doing with Global Force Wrestling and would love to have an opportunity there….I’ve come close a couple of times and have been flown out to Stamford, Connecticut (for a WWE tryout) so that’s the one thing I also might need to try and cross off that bucket list!

In the rest of the interview we talk about his early commentary in UPW, playing sports in college, his career coming full circle, being a full blown Hulkamaniac, dealing with Eric Bischoff, being a jack of all trades in the industry, the upside of ‘Celebrity Wrestling’, why the Dustin ‘Screech’ Diamond and Danny Bonaduce falls-count-anywhere match stands up as a TV wrestling match, his association with Rikishi, touring Australia with Hulk Hogan, his friendships within the TNA locker room, commentating with Michael Cole and Joey Styles, being dropped in at the deep end in TNA by Eric Bischoff, TNA’s talent turnover and it’s change of direction, commentating on the road, TNA’s booking, the reasons why he left TNA and why he didn’t let many people know ahead of time, commentating on Sting and Bully Ray, whether the door is still open in TNA, joining WWE, working in MMA, wrestlers that WWE has their eye on and why they are looking talent over size , Jeff Jarrett’s new promotion, his thoughts Scorpio Sky taking part in MMA, the Samoan wrestling heritage, the independent scene, his advice on getting into the industry as a commentator and much, much more. It’s a great interview, at just over 30 minutes, so have a listen!

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