Audio: Former WWF star Mo Talks Mabel’s Dying HoF Wish, WWE Stealing Men on a Mission Gimmick

Apr 1, 2014 - by Atlee Greene

his week’s Who’s Slamming Who podcast featured a trifecta of guests, with the Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Dave Meltzer coming on for a half-hour to talk about WWE’s ongoing WrestleMania planning. In addition, former WWE star Mo from Men on a Mission and WWE, ROH, and ECW star Tony Devito came in-studio for sit-down interviews as well.

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Check it out as Mo offers memories of his close friend and partner Nelson “Mabel / Viscera” Frazier, coming up through the USWA and his WWE tryout, losing the WWE tag team titles after just two days, and his upcoming Nelson Frazier benefit show and “Real Deal” DVD.

On Mabel as a Possible Hall of Fame Inductee:
The one thing that [Nelson Frazier] talked about more than anything in the weeks before he passed, he wanted to be in the Hall of Fame. He felt like looking at the way the business is now, and he felt like, in his heart of hearts, Men on a Mission … had done enough and we had brought so much to the business because … how [of] many acts have spawned off of just the Men on a Mission characters … He really felt like we should be in the Hall of Fame. He would tell me all the time, “Man, if you’ve got anything bad to say about WWE, anything, just please man don’t say it. Keep it to yourself. Don’t say it. We deserve the Hall of Fame.”

On WWE Still Using Men on a Mission Gimmick:
If you look at 2014 WWE, right now, just about 60% of the gimmicked characters [or] whatever they have on that TV program right now is a take from either Men on a Mission or from Oscar’s character in a sense. Just about everybody’s using some type of rap thing, some type of rap music. Even John Cena comes to the ring rapping. You’ve got the Usos, now, instead of saying “Whoop there it is” they’re saying “U-so, U-so,” you’ve got Ron Killings (R-Truth) instead of going “Whoop there it is” it’s “What’s up? What’s up?.” You know?

On Getting Heat Because of Oscar:
We met Oscar the same day we flew up to New York and took a limo to Connecticut. We didn’t click because Oscar didn’t know about the wrestling business. He knew everything in the world about the entertainment business but he didn’t know anything about our business. So, in the beginning we had a lot of problems trying to get him to realize “We’re going to get heat for this, we’re going to get heat for that,” and all these different things … He did [get us heat] … Nobody ever knew we (Mo and Mabel) [were] separate [from Oscar].

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