TNA Impact Wrestling Results 3/27/14

Mar 27, 2014 - by Atlee Greene

-TNA Impact Wrestling Results 3/27/14

Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida 


MVP opens this episode of Impact Wrestling and he is heated at Abyss. His intention to make sure wrestlers get ahead on their own merits has been thwarted and he has come to a decision with the board of directors. Magnus and Abyss interrupt. The champ reminds MVP that the big man works for him and not TNA. MVP clarifies that Abyss can only be in the ring when Magnus and asks if he can produce the paperwork. Magnus assures him he can. MVP gets in Abyss’ face and tells him he won’t fire him but he will see another side of MVP if he ever puts his hands on him again.

MVP asks if Abyss wants more out of life and a world heavyweight title shot. Magnus says no but MVP reminds him that he said Abyss can only be in the ring when Magnus is in the ring. A three way match for the title is made between Abyss vs. Samoa Joe vs. Magnus. Joe comes into the ring and says the only thing he ever asked for was a fair shot at the title and now he is in a handicap match. MVP assures him that Magnus can’t control Abyss and it will be a true three way battle. Joe tells MVP that he is about to have a problem with him and MVP politely asks Joe to calm down.

Magnus makes fun of the tension between the two and Joe punches him out. Abyss jumps Joe from behind and MVP pulls him off to even things up. Abyss gets the upper hand on MVP until Eric Young comes in to throw a few right hands and knocks Abyss out of the ring with a drop kick and we go to commercial.

We are back and EY says he has the solution to MVP’s Abyss problem. EY says Abyss is his responsibility and wants in the three way match so he can keep Joe and Magnus one on one. MVP says he hasn’t earned a title shot. EY gets right in MVP face and tells him he has been in TNA for ten years while MVP has only been in the company for ten minutes. EY rifles off all of his championship accomplishments and mentions how some feel he is the most entertaining wrestler on the planet.

EY calls himself a world class professional wrestler and Joe cuts in to remind him that there is a line and EY is not at the head of it. Joe says EY gets nothing until he gets his fair world title shot. MVP says he can’t deny a man a chance that wants to do great things and puts him in the match, making it a four way for next week. Joe is pissed and gets right in EY’s face. Joe pie faces him and gets taken down for his troubles and the two brawl until Joe gets the upper hand with vicious elbows. Referees break it up and Joe starts screaming in the microphone and calls out EY for wanting to play with the big boys and asks for a match this evening and MVP grants his request.


Backstage: Bully Ray makes the bull and the horns reference and stats that he has a lot of tables in store for Bobby Roode.


Backstage: The Wolves meet up with MVP behind the curtain and ask him for a favor. MVP reminds them about no special treatment. They ask for Abyss and Magnus in a tag team match. MVP looks fed up and says they are booked for next week. Davey Richards says they want them, tonight. MVP has a rejuvenated look on his face, says he likes the sound of The Wolves vs. The Monster and The Champ and calls the production truck to make it official.


The Hunt for Willow: Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud are walking through the woods. EC III says he hates nature and Spud proceeds behind him. Later on, they find Willow’s cabin and Spud looks on with binoculars and asks Carter to reconsider. Carter says he retired Kurt Angle and will attack Willow in his own home. Spud says this is a suicide mission and not an attack. Carter walks off in disgust and Spud asks if they can at least get some food.


-The Wolves vs. Abyss & Magnus

Magnus and Davey Richards begin things with some arm lock exchanges until Magnus gets Richards in the corner and connects with a back elbow, picks him up and drops him with an uppercut. Richards flips out of a belly to back suplex attempt and tags Eddie Edwards. Edwards unloads with some chops, sends Magnus off the ropes and catches him with a drop toe hold and Richards follows up with a drop kick to the face. Richards tags back in and rams Magnus’ head into Edwards. They send in Magnus into the ropes for a double clothesline but Abyss beats them to the punch with a blind tag and drops them both with a massive clothesline of his own.


Magnus delivers a delayed vertical suplex to Edwards and covers him with one hand for a one count. Edwards fights back but Magnus cuts him off with a back elbow. Edwards catches Magnus with a boot coming into the corner and follows up with a second rope hurricanrana. Edwards makes the tag and Richards cleans house, side steps Abyss which sends him into the corner and squashes Magnus. Richards hits Magnus and Abyss with a missile drop kick. Richards delivers several kicks to Magnus and Edwards follows up with jumping enziguri and Richards follows up with a German suplex in which Edwards jumps over and cradles for a close near fall.

The Wolves turn their attention to Abyss who cuts them off and attempts a double choke slam but they flip out of it and topple the big man with pair of drop kicks to the knees. They connect with double round house kicks that send Abyss to the floor. Richards nails Abyss with a suicide dive while Magnus comes in to cheap shot Edwards. Edwards takes him down and applies a single leg crab and the champ immediately taps out before any real pressure is applied.

Taz mentions that Magnus tapped out simply because he didn’t want to get injured for next week’s title defense. Abyss walks off with the belt, Magnus cuts him off, asks for it back, and the big man walks right by him.

Winners: The Wolves


Angelina Love is in the ring and calls out Velvet Sky for not answering her phone calls and demands that she comes out so she can find out what the problem is. Velvet obliges and says she has more than a problem and asks why she did what she did to Madison Rayne, last week. Love says she did it for Velvet. Velvet screams “THIS IS NOT WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR.”

Love says Velvet used to have swag but has become mediocre ever since the Beautiful People disbanded. She goes on to tell Velvet that she is becoming another forgetful face in TNA. Velvet says a lot has changed and Love says Velvet is the only thing that has changed and that she would rather be blackballed by the business instead of being someone’s beeyotch. Love tells Velvet she better pick a side by the time the ending bell rings in her match against Madison Rayne this evening.

The Hunt for Willow Continues: Carter and Spud are  still looking for Willow. Spud asks if they can quit soon because it’s almost night time. Carter tells him its noon and keeps walking as Spud hobbles behind him. Later on, they find a barn and Carter tells Spud to go in. Spud is too scared. Carter walks in the barn and pretends he is getting mauled. Spud is concerned until Carter reveals he is kidding. They look around the barn and Carter wonders if Willow practiced his Swanton Bombs in the barn. Willow comes up from behind Spud and drags him away but Carter doesn’t see it. Carter turns around to see Spud nowhere to be found. Now, he is actually concerned.

Bully Ray enters the ring, motions to the back and several fans walk down the ramp with tables. There are seven tables in and around the ring side area. Bully asks the crowd if he has enough tables and says he bought every single one that have. He asks if they know who he is and says he is the guy who made sure Dixie Carter is no longer part of TNA. Bully says Bobby Roode would have been just like Dixie Carter if Team Dixie on at Lockdown and the last thing pro wrestling needs is another owner like Dixie Carter.

Bully says no more talking and asks the crowd if they wants to see Roode get put through five tables. Roode comes out to the ramp and says the guy he was at Lockdown doesn’t exist anymore. The thought of being an owner blinded him but not anymore. Roode says he spit in Dixie Carter’s face long before spitting in Dixie Carter’s face was cool. Roode asks Bully “DO YOU KNOW WHO I’AM?” Bully tells him to stop running his mouth, get in the ring and fight him, now. Roode says Bully doesn’t call the shots. Bully disagrees and says the fans want it now. Roode says it’s not going to happen and walks away.

Bully jumps out of the ring, hits Roode from behind and brings him to ring side. Bully rips off Roode’s shirt and lands a few chops. Bully places Roode on a table and goes for an elbow drop off the ring apron but Roode moves and Bully catches himself in time. Bully pounds on him a couple of more times. Bully puts Roode against a table leaning against the ring post, misses a big chop, hits the table and hurts his hand in the process. Roode takes advantage and works over his hand against the steel barricade.

Roode goes for a vertical suplex through a table but Bully blocks it, goes for a Diamond Cutter but Roode pushes him into the steal post. They make their way to the apron and Bully regains the upper hand, tries to power bomb Roode but gets back dropped into the ring. Roode misses an attack off the second rope and Bully lays him out with three punches and an elbow between the eyes. Roode is in front of a table, Bully charges out of the corner and goes for a big kick, only for Roode to move out of the way in the nick of time as Bully’s leg goes through the table. Roode picks him up, Bully regains control and lifts him up for a power bomb but Roode escapes. Bully charges in for a spear but Roode moves out of the way and Bully goes shoulder first through a table in the corner. Bully is down and Roode gets while the getting’s good.

Backstage: Abyss enters the locker room, only to find Magnus waiting for him. Magnus says “You have something that belongs to me.’ Abyss shoves the belt in his chest and yells at him for giving up so quickly in the tag match. Magnus says he has no problem doing what he did when the title is not on the line. Abyss says he hates losing and Magnus tells him he needs to get used to it because their business arrangement states that it’s all about Magnus keeping the world title. Magnus tells Abyss to not let MYP get in his head unless he wants to go back to being a freskshow. Abyss doesn’t say a word and Magnus replies “That’s what I thought” and leaves.


Knux is shown walking around some torn up arcade with every game in the place broken. The damage was the result of a devastating flood. Some girl in booty shorts talks about loosing their moneymaker and yells at him about leaving town to chase his dreams. She tells Knux he needs to make things right with his father. Kunx is hesitant but the bootty short girl tells him it needs to be done.

-Angelina Love vs Madison Rayne

Madison charges to the ring and nails Love with a couple of right hands before getting a close near fall. Love comes back with a jawbreaker. She spots Velvet outside and argues with her until Madison comes back with some forearms and a Northern Lights suplex. Maddison follows up with a dropkick that sends Love to the floor. Madison lands a few more punches and throws Love in the ring. Velvet DDT’s Madison on the floor and rolls her in the ring so Love can get the 1-2-3. Velvet Sky and Angelina Love celebrate in the ring and the Beautiful People are back.

Winner: Angelina Love

Backstage: Kenny King enters MVP’ office and asks him what he has in store for “the King” this evening. MVP says he has nothing for him tonight. King is offended and MVP tells him things heated up from the start and says he will have a match for him next week. King seems pleased and says he will show everyone what he brings to the party.

-Samoa Joe vs. Eric Young

Young hits s drop kick that sends Joe into the corner. Joe counters with a knee to the gut but Young comes back with a flying forearm. Joe avoids a shoulder block from the apron and kicks Young in the face for his troubles. Joe takes control with some chops in the corner. Young comes back with two clotheslines, dropkick and follows it up with a bodyslam. Young goes off the top rope but Joe ducks the clothesline attempt. Joe whips Young into the ropes, Young kicks him in the face and goes for a moonsault. Joe moves out of the way and locks in the rear naked choke. Young tries to reach for the ropes and kicks off the turnbuckle, but Joe firmly locks in the Coquina Clutch. Young passes out and referee Brian Hebner proclaims Samoa Joe the winner. Earl Hebner comes out and disputes the call his son made. It looks as if Earl is telling Brian that Joe’s shoulders were down when the choke was applied.

Winner: Samoa Joe




-James Storm vs. Gunner – NO DQ Match:

Gunner attacks James Storm on the entrance ramp, drops him with some punches, throws him into the steel steps, and immediately sets up a table. Strom cuts him off and throws him into the steps. Storm tries to ram is head into the apron but Gunner blocks it and delivers a vertical suplex on the floor. Storm comes back with a vicious running knee lift to Gunner’s head and follows up with his own suplex on the floor. In the ring, Gunner shows some signs of life but Storm connects with a DDT off the second rope and the cowboy looks to have things well in hand.


We are back and Gunner regains control with a slingshot suplex for a two count. Both men grab trash can lids and they two trade shots to the head until Storm lands the shot to win the exchange. Storm runs off the ropes and Gunner hits an explosive spear for a two could. Storm comes back with a slingshot into the corner and follows up with a Backstabber and a top rope elbow drop and a two count. Storm throws several chairs into the ring along with a beer bottle. Storm climbs to the apron but Gunner spears him into a table and on to the floor.

Gunner sets up two chairs and superplexes Storm into them for a two count. Storm comes back with code breaker and follows up with a last call super kick for a two count. Storm is shocked that Gunner kicked out and a “This is awesome” chant breaks out. Storm picks up a beer bottle but unbeknownst to him, Gunner has one as well. Gunner blasts Storm with the bottle and follows up with Hanger 18 for the victory.

Winner: Gunner

We take one last trip to the woods where Ethan Carter threatens to burn the cabin down if Willow doesn’t release Spud. Carter finds Spud tied up, only for Willow to attack him from behind and repeatedly hit him with his umbrella. Willow exits, leaves the umbrella, and Carter gets enraged at the sight of it. He yells “GAME ON” as Spud is begging to be untied in the background and that’s out show.

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