WWE’s secret weapon: How Sara Amato (Del Rey) is changing the Divas division

Mar 12, 2014 - by staff

WWE.com has a really good article up looking at Sara Del Rey real name Sara Amato, & the work she is doing in NXT with training the divas.

You can read the full article: HERE

“To me, [Sara Amato] is the best American female professional wrestler I’ve ever seen. And I’m talking about ever — including people who’ve been on national television, who wrestled in any era,” Dave Prazak, a producer of Illinois-based all-women’s league Shimmer Women Athletes, told WWE.com. “Sara is that good.”

This claim may come as a surprise — if not sound like complete hyperbole — to fans unfamiliar with the onetime Sara Del Rey. But those who have seen her trade forearms with Kharma in New York City or relentlessly headbutt Manami Toyota in the dojos of Japan know that the fierce “Death Rey” — who unabashedly prioritized striking ability over sex appeal — spent a decade pursuing perfection in her chosen craft of wrestling.

Now, Amato is helping shape the look and feel of NXT’s women’s division and, in turn, WWE’s Divas division, for years to come. It just so happens she’s making history doing it, as the first female coach at the WWE Performance Center.

For the self-described tomboy — a protégé of Daniel Bryan who has an affinity for “manipulating people with holds” and considers training her favorite aspect of the game — there couldn’t be a more perfect scenario. When she was approached with the idea of joining the training staff in mid-2012, Amato knew she had knowledge to impart, especially to young women entering an arena dominated by men.

“It’s just not the same for men and women to learn, and I thought I’d love to share what I learned along the way with anyone who’s listening,” she said. “It was a very natural fit. It felt like the ultimate dream.”

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