3/7/14 WWE Smackdown Recap

Mar 7, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck


by Brian Leeman

We kick off the show with Dolph Ziggler up against Christian!

Match #1
Christian vs Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler and Christian exchange taunts before Ziggler gets the upper hand. Multiple elbow drops from Ziggler to Christian. Another big set of elbow drops followed by the jumping elbow drop. Christian takes control on the outside and swings Ziggler into the steel steps. Christian chokes Ziggler on the ropes. Clothesline from Christian and he tosses Zig out of the ring. Flying dropkick from Christian. Headlock from Christian. Christian guillotines Ziggler on the bottom rope. Chinlock from Christian. Ziggler with a running cross body and punches in bunches. Neckbreaker from Dolph. Ziggler reverses the Killswitch and hits a jumping DDT. Christian with a roll up but the ref catches his feet on the ropes. Ziggler goes for the Zig Zag but Christian defends. Ziggler with a facebuster off the top rope! Alberto Del Rio distracts Ziggler and Christian hits the Killswitch for the win.

Winner: Christian

Renee Young comes in the ring and interviews Christian. Christian starts talking about Sheamus until he interrupts and the two fight until Christian escapes.

Batista makes his way to the ring and insults Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan makes his way out. Batista claims he’s the hero here, but the crowd disagrees. Daniel Bryan clears up the misconceptions and talks about how he had Batista beat on Raw. Kane & Batista attacks Bryan, only for Big Show to make the save and even the odds.

Match #2
Ryback & Curtis Axel vs The Usos

Ryback & Axel beat down one of the Usos and tag back and forth. Hot tag fairly quickly and Jey gets in and takes out Ryback and Axel. Full nelson slam to Ryback. Samoan drop from Jey. Curtis Axel breaks up the pin. Usos hit the double super kicks on Ryback, followed by the diving big splash for the win.

Winners: The Usos

Match #3
Eva Marie & Natalya vs Tamina & AJ

Tamina and AJ take turns beating down Eva Marie. AJ toys with the inexperienced Eva Marie in the ring. Chokehold from AJ. Hot tag is made to Natalya. Suplex from Natalya, followed by a second one! Michinoku Driver from Natalya. AJ goes for a roll up which gets turned into the sharpshooter. AJ taps and Natalya gets the win!

Winners: Natalya & Eva Marie

Paul Bearer is going into the hall of fame!

Ambrose & Reigns make their way to the ring and talk about Rollins abandoning them. Rollins says that he left to prove a point that they all needed each other. After some arguing between each other, Seth shows that he got Reigns and Ambrose back on the same page. Ambrose and Rollins each hit each other before eventually reconciling, much to the crowd’s delight.

Match #4
Alberto Del Rio vs Sheamus

Del Rio gets to work early, taking out the arm of Sheamus. Multiple submissions to soften up the arm of Sheamus. Sheamus with a clothesline onto the apron to regroup. Sheamus with the clubs to Del Rio until he hangs his arm up on the ropes and superkicks him. Sheamus fights back but gets caught in the armbar. Sheamus powers out and slams Del Rio into the ground. Del Rio locks it back in but Sheamus gets the ropes. Sheamus holds onto the rope and Brogue Kicks Del Rio for the win!

Winner: Sheamus

Bray Wyatt backstage promo, talking about John Cena and Wrestlemania.

(There is supposed to be a Big E/Jack Swagger match according to the spoiler report but apparently it didn’t air, at least in the international version.)

Lana comes out and introduces Rusev to the WWE audience.

Main Event
Big Show & Daniel Bryan vs Kane & Batista

Kane and Bryan start it off with Bryan in control. Big Show comes in and works over Kane before Kane gets the tag to Batista. Double suplex from Big Show. Bryan suicide dives onto Batista and Kane. Big Show and Bryan keep on working on Batista. Big chops to Batista’s chest. Bryan with multiple kicks to the chest of Batista but Batista counters with a spinebuster for two. Kane gets the tag in. Bryan and Kane both on the ropes. Bryan knocks Kane off and hits a missile dropkick! Batista gets tagged in and attacks Bryan. Clothesline from Batista. Spear from Batista. Batista shakes the ropes. Bryan fights out of the Batista Bomb with a headkick and tags in Big Show as Kane also gets tagged in. Big Show with the upper hand on Kane. Tag back in to Bryan. Diving headbutt from Bryan for two. Big Show throws Batista off the ring post. Kane goes for the chokeslam but Bryan turns it into a roll up. Kane tries to fight off the roll up but Big Show KO punches him, allowing Bryan to win with the roll up!

Winners: Daniel Bryan & Big Show

And that’s the end of the show!

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