TNA Impact Wrestling Results 3/6/14

Mar 6, 2014 - by Atlee Greene

– TNA Impact Wrestling Recap March 6, 2014

 Wembley Arena in London, England


Bobdy Roode heads to the ring with Bro-Mans and Zema Ion in tow. Roode says things in TNA will be run the Roode way after Lockdown. He claims MVP is the only thing in his way and is interrupted by Austin Aries. Aries reminds Roode of how he helped him beat MVP last week and says he wants his hands on Roode’s 10% ownership of TNA.


Aries says he will never work under Roode and wants 5% of the company if they win at Lockdown. Bro-Mans interrupts and says if he gets a percentage then they want a percentage too. Roode gets mad, says not a chance and reminds them that he came to them and not the other way around. Aries calls himself a difference maker because no one else on the roster can do what he can do for Roode come Lockdown.


MVP and The Wolves come out. MVP says he made a mistake of trusting Aries but he hustled to find a new partner. Before he could reveal the news, Dixie Carter’s music hits and out comes the President. Dixie gets right in MVP’s face and says it doesn’t matter who the fourth partner is because she has already secured the victory while in New York last week.


MVP baits Dixie with the identity of their partner. Dixie gets irritated and demands to know who it is. MVP announces Jeff Hardy will join his team in Lethal Lockdown this Sunday. Dixie says that can’t happen because she fired Hardy and the only way he would ever come back to the company is over her dead body. MVP says he can send some Texas sized wreathes to her funeral. Bobby Roode jumps in MVP’s face and calls him a son of a bitch which prompts a brawl in the ring and sets up the six man tag.


-Elimination Six Man Tag for One Man Advantage at Lethal Lockdown: MVP, Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards vs. Bobby Roode, Austin Aries and Robbie E

Robbie E works over Edwards in the corner and follows up with an elbow off the ropes for a two count. Edwards counters a belly to back suplex and tags MVP who delivers a flap jack and a running kick to the face for the three count.

Robbie E is eliminated

Roode comes charging in but MVP cuts him off and tags in The Wolves who deliver a drop toe hold drop kick to the head combination off the ropes for a two count. Roode take control with forearm smashes to the head and Austin Aries knocks Richards off the apron but miss a double team attempt on Edwards. Edwards sets up Roode in the corner but Aries comes in with a running drop kick and follows up with a Brainbuster Suplex for the 1-2-3.

Eddie Edwards is eliminated

The crowd chants for Aries as Richards engages him in an intense stare down. Aries sends Richards into the ropes and Richards comes back with a back hand spring spin kick that knocks Aries into the ropes which gives him enough momentum to come back with a spinning forearm. The two captains come in and start duking it out until MVP delivers a uppercut clothesline combo but Aries breaks up the pin attempt. MVP goes after him but Roode rolls him up from behind and puts his feet on the ropes while Aries holds them in place for the pin.

MVP is eliminated

Richards is all alone against Roode and Aries. Roode cuts him off with a knee to the gut and delivers several boots in the corner. Aries tags in and hits a running elbow into the opposite corner and follows up with a face plant bulldog for a two count. Roode tags in and delivers a back breaker and throws him out of the ring. Roode distracts the referee while Aries hits Richards with a double ax handle off the top rope and to the floor. Aries throws Richards back in the ring and Roode covers him for a two count. Roode slingshots Richards into an Aries’ forearm and Richards falls back on Roode’s knees and Aries catapults in with an elbow drop.

Richards counters a double back body drop attempt, drops Roode and knocks Aries out of the ring. Richards goes for the double stomp off the top rope, Roode moves out of the way and lifts up Richards for a Roode Bomb. Richards counters and applies a single leg crab and Aries comes in and whacks him several times in the shoulder with a steel chair and the referee calls for the bell.

Austin Aries is eliminated

Roode wants the match to start immediately but Richards is on ground and screaming in pain.  MVP, Edwards and a host of referees come out to check on Richards as we go to break.

We are back and Richards has ice on his shoulder as Edwards asks the doctor about the severity of the injury. Referee Earl Hebner walks in and says he will give Richards one hour to come back and fight Roode or they will forfeit the match. Earl leaves and the doctor says he doesn’t know if Richards can come back in an hour.

***Elimination Match To Be Continued***


Samuel Shaw vs. Mr. Anderson is announced for Lockdown this Sunday and a video package is shown of his affairs with Christy Hemme. Shaw says he will make something beautiful when he heads to the ring in one minute.


Back from the break and Samuel Shaw walks out to the ring and is a little disturbed to see the empty chair of Christy Hemme at ringside. Mr. Anderson interrupts things and says Hemme will not be at ringside this evening due to Shaw. However, he will play Hemme’s part this evening. Anderson introduces Shaw by calling him the CREEPY BASTARD. Anderson announces Eric Young saying his beard alone weighs two stones.


-Eric Young vs. Samuel Shaw:

Shaw reads Anderson the riot act for sitting in Christy Hemme’s chair at ringside. EY hits him from behind and delivers the ten count punches in the corner. Shaw comes back with an uppercut to the throat and chokes him repeatedly in the corner. Shaw is distracted by Kennedy’s presence which gives EY the opportunity to deliver a flying forearm and a belly to belly suplex. Shaw rolls out of the ring with EY right behind him and Shaw throws some hot tea in EY’s face and the referee calls for the bell.

Shaw throws EY into Anderson when sends him to the floor. Shaw picks up Anderson and applies a standing head and arm triangle choke. Anderson tries to fight it but he succumbs to the effects and falls unconscious. Shaw takes the microphone, leans into Anderson’s face and says he is going to claim what is rightfully his. Christy Hemme looks on backstage and walks off in fright.

Winner via DQ: Eric Young


Davey Richards is still being looked at by the doctor. MVP asks him to hang in there. Richards says he needs to go to the hospital. MVP gives him a pep talk saying he signed The Wolves because they are two be the baddest men on the planet, and right now, he needs heart.


MVP goes into Austin Aries’s locker room but can’t get to him because Al Snow and Pat Kenny break things up before it beings. MVP tells Aries he has no character and storms out of the locker room as Aries has a big smile on his face.


Dixie Carter is filming an apology video for missing the Wembley show until Ethan Carter III interrupts and Dixie asks the camera man to leave. Of course, they don’t and Dixie says Ethan needs to win at Lockdown and that MVP will rue the day he invested a dime into TNA. Dixie also says MVP will never see what she has coming for him at Lockdown.


Samuel Shaw is looking around backstage looking for Christy Hemme while calling her by her first name. Shaw sees female clothing in a door way and bursts in to find Velvet Sky. He asks where Christy is and Velvet reluctantly tells him she is in the makeup room.


EC3 comes out to the ring and claims he was sucker punched by Kurt Angle. EC3 says he looked up to Angle growing up but they say never meet your heroes. He claims Angle will have to use the cage as a weapon at Lockdown because Angle fears his submission wrestling. Carter lists off the various injuries he will inflict on Angle’s leg with his dreaded LEG LOCK. Carter dubs himself an American Icon and says he will be new face of American wrestling when he beats Angle at Lockdown.


Kurt Angle comes out to the ramp and says EC3 is an American asshole and heads to the ring. EC3 leaves and Angle heads to the back but he is blindsided by EC3. EC3 throws Angle in the ring and chop blocks him several times and applies the leg lock which brings two referees out to break up the carnage. EC3 lets go of the hold, sits down in the middle of the ring to admire his handiwork while Angle is writhing in pain.


Backstage: MVP gives Richards another pep talk and says he believes in his strong style spirit. Richards reminisces about a night in Japan when he asked MVP for advice and says he was told he needs to stand for something or he will fall for everything. Richards says he is hurt but still breathing.


Video package is shown highlighting Kenny King living it up in Las Vegas with a coming soon graphic.


-Six Knockouts Tag Team Match: Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne & ODB vs. TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim, Lei’D Tapa & Alpha Female w/ Chris Sabin

ODB drills Gail Kim with a clothesline, delivers a splash in the corner and follows up with a Bronco Buster. Lei’D Tapa clubs ODB, tags in and hits a dropdown back breaker for a two count. Lei’D Tapa hits a running clothesline in the corner, steps on her hair and pulls up on her arms. Lei’D Tapa spits in the referee’s face and ODB fires back and tags Velvet Sky.

Alpha Female tags in and shrugs off two clotheslines from Sky but gets caught with a running neck breaker. The other Knockouts come in and a brawl ensues while. The referee tries to break it up while Chris Sabin comes in with a belt in his hand while looking at Velvet Sky. Sabin calls her a stupid skank for breaking up with her.

Velvet slaps Sabin and ducks down while holding the rope as Sabin charges in and falls over the top and out of the ring. Alpha Female sneaks up behind Sky but gets a kick in the head for her troubles. Velvet delivers a sit out pedigree for the pin.

Winners: Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne & ODB


Samuel Shaw finds Christy Hemme in the makeup room. However, it is Mr. Anderson in a red wing and beats up Shaw and proceeds to put red lipstick all over his face. Anderson says Shaw better leave Christy alone or he will be in a bad way and leaves. Shaw grabs the wig, sniffs it and says he will see both of them on Sunday.


Gunner is in the ring and calls James Storm a coward for costing him the world title. He says Storm can’t run when they are locked inside a steel cage and that bad memories and his PTSD will be unlocked at Lockdown. Storm comes out to the isle and makes fun of Gunner’s military accomplishments and says Gunner will be blaming him for that world title loss when he is an old man. Storm tells him to pack a lunch because he is going to deliver an all-day ass whipping.


Gunner questions Storm’s manhood and asks to make their match at Lockdown a Last Man Standing match. Storm doesn’t answer but hits him with a sucker shot to the gut and follows up with a Last Call Superkick and walks out.


Backstage: Boddy Roode drags Brian Hebner to the ring telling him it’s been an hour and he is sick of waiting. Richards is being taped up by MVP and Edwards and it looks like he is going to wrestle.


Roode and Brian Hebner are in the ring and Roode demands that a ten count be made. Hebner gets to eight and The Wolves’ music plays. Richards comes out is ready for war.


-Bobby Roode vs. Davey Richards:

Roode immediately goes for the shoulder with boots and forearm shots. Roode slams Richards’ shoulder into the steel post, throws him back in the ring, and yanks Richards to the ground by the injured arm. Roode delivers an elbow drop to the injured shoulder and Richards screams in pain. Roode drops Richards’ arm on the top rope. Richards fights back and tries to climb the ropes but he can’t. They fight on the apron and Richards hits a unique dragon screw leg whip to Roode which causes him to limp back in the ring.

Richards delivers enziguri that knocks Roode out of the ring and follows up with a running suicide dive. Richards connects with a missile drop kick for a near fall. Richards misses a round house kick, Roode picks him up for the Roode Bomb but Richards slides down and applies a single leg crab. Roode turns to his back and kicks Richards in the shoulder to break the hold.

Roode stumbles in the corner and moves out of the way as Richards charges in shoulder first and rams his shoulder in steel post. Roode delivers a Roode Bomb and applies a crossface and Richards has no choice but to tap out.

Winner: Bobby Roode which gives Team Dixie the one man advantage at Lethal Lockdown.

Roode won’t get go of the cross face which prompts MVP and Eddie Edwards to come out. Roode rolls out of the ring and holds his hands up high in celebration.


Backstage: Magnus walks into Dixie Carter’s office and questions her strategy for Lockdown. Dixie tells him her strategy is for Magnus to back up his mouth and beat Samoa Joe. Magnus is appalled that he has to do this without any help and leaves.


Face to Face: Samoa Joe says Magnus will come out and face him in front of his countrymen if he has one ounce of courage. Magnus comes out and says Joe should know better than to question his manhood because he knows him better than anyone. Magnus mentions all the tag team titles they won together and says Joe turned on him. Magnus calls the Main Event Mafia a joke and says he became the main event once they were out of the picture.

Magnus admits he has a healthy fear of Joe but says Joe has blown many opportunities because of his rage. Magnus calls it his weakness and will take advantage of it and win at Lockdown. Joe says everything Magnus says is true because sometimes he blacks out and goes a little crazy because the rules of pro wrestling and not conducive to his brand of violence. Joe says Magnus will be knocked out or tapped out at Lockdown and that Magnus is already good at doing one of those things.

Joe looks right into Magnus’ eyes and tells him that he will not walk out of Lockdown as TNA world champion and that he  might not walk out at all. Magnus head butts Joe and works him over in the corner. Joe turns things around and works over Magnus with lefts and rights. Magnus tries to get away and throws a wild punch. Joe ducks and applies the Coquina Clutch. Joe is relishing this moments as Magnus taps out and that’s our show.

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