2/27/14 Impact Wrestling Recap

Feb 27, 2014 - by Jason Graening

Join the Starman as he covers tonight’s Impact Wrestling that was taped at the London Wembley Arena in London, England.

A “Previously on Impact Wrestling” recap kicks off tonight’s show that focuses on the upcoming Lethal Lockdown match and the two captains will face off tonight in the ring. James Storm turning on Gunner and costing him a chance at the TNA World Championship and Kurt Angle being inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame is also touched upon.

A pissed off Gunner is walking around backstage and is looking for James Storm. He tells the camera man that Storm doesn’t have a chance in hell when he finally shows up. We head into the Wembley Arena where Mike Tenay informs us that Dixie Carter is not in attendance tonight and she has given control over to Bobby Roode, EC3 and Magnus. MVP’s music then hits as the new investor makes his way to the ring with a clipboard in his hand.

MVP grabs a microphone and says Gunner will get another opportunity at the TNA World Championship in the future, however, at Lockdown it will be Samoa Joe vs. Magnus for the World Championship. MVP then introduces the #1 contender, Samoa Joe, as he makes his way to the ring and we are treated to a recap of how Joe earned a shot at the title. Magnus then introduces Joe’s opponent, Magnus, as he also makes his way to the ring and we are treated to a recap of how Magnus retained the title over Gunner last week.

With the two in the ring, MVP says all he needs from them is to sign the contract to make their match at Lockdown official. MVP tells Magnus, however, that the Magnus rules will not be in effect and that Joe’s rules will be – as the winner will be decided by tap out of knockout. Joe signs the contract and Magnus says he has a whole deck he hasn’t played yet and he will put Joe down like the dangerous animal that he is.

Magnus then signs the contract and the two stare each other down. Magnus begins to talk some trash as Joe head butts Magnus and assaults the champion as referees have to come out to break things up. Joe manages to get away and chases after Magnus and continues to beat him on the entrance ramp as agents come out to pull Joe away.

A video of the Wolves defeating the Bro Mans for the TNA Tag Team Championships at a house show is aired. The Bro Mans are backstage and are wanting to get the titles back. The group catches up with Bobby Roode and Roode says he is going to make a match between the Bro Mans, Bad Influence and the Wolves. Roode says if they win, they will be on Team Roode, but if Bad Influence wins, they will be on his team. If the Wolves win, Roode says he will continue looking for winners to be on his team.

Match 1: The Bro Mans vs. Bad Influence vs. The Wolves
Christopher Daniels starts off against Davey Richards and go back and forth in the opening moments until Kazarian is tagged in. The Wolves begin to use quick tags and double team moves to wear Kazarian down until Daniels trips up Richards and Bad Influence begins to use quick tags and double team moves to wear him down. Richards makes the hot tag to Eddie Edwards who takes out everyone, including the Bro Mans before picking up a near fall over Kazarian. Bad Influence then double team Edwards and pick up a near fall of their own as the London fans start a loud “TNA!” chant. Edwards is able to regain control and takes Kazarian down and goes for a pin attempt but it is broken up by the Bro Mans. Richards then makes a blind tag and goes for a high risk move but Robbie E. makes a blind tag on Richards and picks up the pin fall over Kazarian to steal the victory and join Team Dixie for Lethal Lockdown.

The announce team hypes the Knockouts Tag Team Match as EC3 is backstage and says his aunt has given him the opportunity to pick his own opponent and he is choosing one of the greatest wrestlers England has every produced. EC3 then talks about Kurt Angle’s Hall of Fame induction and how he is going to expose Angle and become the new face of American wrestling.

Bobby Roode is backstage talking to Austin Aries and asks him if he can trust MVP. Aries wonders if he can trust Roode and laughs at the idea of working for Roode and his 10%. Roode tells Aries to make the right decision and walks away as Aries says he always makes the right decision.

Match 2: Ethan Carter III vs. Doug Williams
Before the match, EC3 tells Williams that he is going to defeat him just like the US will win the World Cup in soccer. Williams drills EC3 for that remark and goes right on the attack and takes EC3 down with a shoulder block. EC3 finally connects with a low blow and then takes Williams down with the One Percenter to pick up the pin fall. After the match, EC3 puts Williams in a leg lock as the referee tries to break it up.

James Storm is then seen arriving to the arena and is heading for the ring as we head into a commercial break. We return to the show as Storm’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring as a recap of what happened last week during the TNA World Championship match is aired. Storm says he doesn’t run or hide from anybody and says he is here if Gunner wants to know why he did what he did.

Gunner’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring as Storm tells Gunner said he had the whole thing planned out ever since Gunner climbed on top of him and grabbed the Feast or Fired Briefcase. The final nail in the coffin was Gunner handing him the TNA Tag Team Championship case like he was giving him some scraps. Storm then brings up how he helped Gunner and didn’t even get a thanks for it. Gunner talks about being a Marine and fighting for Storm’s freedom but Storm says while Gunner was risking his life, nobody gave a damn about him and nobody owes him a damn thing. Gunner then strikes Storm and the two come to blows until Storm runs off and we head into a commercial break.

Gunner is backstage and says Storm has to come through the doors eventually and he will have to go through him. Magnus is then seen standing in the ring and is standing next to a tattooed bald man and says he had to go to Germany to find a natural born killer since the UK doesn’t have any around. Magnus then challenges Samoa Joe to come down and take on Bad Bones.

Match 3: Samoa Joe vs. Bad Bones
Joe runs down to the ring and goes right on the attack as Magnus watches on from the ringside area. Joe then takes Bones down with the muscle buster before locking in the rear naked choke to make Bad Bones tap out. Joe then stares down Magnus and makes the belt motion around his waist.

The announce team tell us that Kurt Angle’s TNA Hall of Fame induction will be coming up after the break as we head into a commercial.

Austin Aries is talking with MVP in his office where MVP says he needs to get a decision from him. Aries brings up talking with Roode and says he can’t trust anyone in the wrestling business. Aries then suggests that he wants to see both of them up close and personal and wants to be the special guest referee in their match tonight. MVP says he will take that chance and trust him before agreeing to make him the referee.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring and introduces Kurt Angle, who will be be the next member inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame. Borash goes over Angle’s accolades, including winning an Olympic gold medal before things became “damn real” in TNA. A video package on Angle’s time in TNA is aired before Borash introduces Angle to the ring. Angle makes his way to the ring as Mike Tenay says he can’t think of anyone else more deserving than Angle of this honor and Taz talks about being friends with Angle over the years and is happy for this achievement.

Borash presents Angle with a Rolex watch as Angle soaks in the cheers from the London fans. Angle says the TNA Hall of Fame isn’t about him or even TNA, but about all of the fans. Angle thanks the fans for their support and says when he was supposed to be inducted back in October, he wasn’t in a good place both professionally and personally. Angle talks about doing some soul searching and is now ready to accept the induction after getting himself clean and having amazing matches with Bobby Roode. Angle then thanks the lord, his wife, his children, the TNA roster, and all of the fans before saying it’s a great night to be Kurt Angle.

EC3’s music hits as he says everything was very touching, but has a touching tribute of his own which shows EC3 taking out Angle a few weeks ago. EC3 says he is sorry to deprive Angle of his moment but he has big news to share. Angle invites EC3 into the ring to share the news as he steps up to the podium and EC3 reads a statement that says Angle has suffered tears to his knees and that he will have to have surgery, which may cost him his career. EC3 apologizes for attacking him and injuring him and says he thinks it’s time for Angle to officially retire.

Angle asks EC3 why he would get in the ring when EC3 knows he will tear his throat out. EC3 says he is more mobile than Angle as Angle asks him why he didn’t come to the actual source to get the news. Angle says his MCL has no tear and neither does his ACL. Angle then asks EC3 if he really wants to be in the ring right now with him. The two stare each other down for a moment before Angle decks him and EC3 rolls out to the floor and retreats up the ramp. Angle then says MVP gave him a Hall of Fame gift in the form of a steel cage match at Lockdown against EC3.

Match 4: Madison Rayne & Velvet Sky vs. Lei’d Tapa & the Alpha Female
The match starts as Gail Kim quickly gets involved, which allows Lei’d to take Madison down. Madison tags in Velvet as the Alpha Female is tagged in as Velvet brings in Chris Sabin and kicks him but the Alpha Female grabs her. Velvet connects with a neckbreaker as Lei’d tags herself in and Madison is also tagged in. Lei’d takes Madison down but misses with a splash from the middle rope. Madison then goes for the cover but Sabin distracts the referee as Gail comes in and takes Madison down from behind. Lei’d then slams Madison down to the mat and picks up the pin fall to win the match.

After the match, Velvet gets in Sabin’s face until the Alpha Female pulls her off and puts her in a full nelson. ODB then comes out and chases Sabin away and she clotheslines Lei’d over the top rope. Velvet looks to take down the Alpha Female but Sabin pulls her out of the ring.

The announce team then hype the main event and we get a video package on Tigre Uno that says he is coming to Lockdown. Samuel Shaw is backstage and says Christy Hemme was in trouble last week and he helped her. Shaw says nobodies understands and he is going to make them understand as we head into a commercial break.

Samuel Shaw comes down to the ring as we see what went down last week between him and Christy Hemme. Shaw gives Christy a look before getting into the ring and grabs a microphone. Shaw tells Christy that she has misunderstood him and invites her into the ring to clear things up between them. Christy heads into the ring and keeps her distance as Shaw says he has enjoyed their time together and he thinks she has as well. Shaw continues to say that other men have lusted after her and he is there to protect her. Shaw then says these men only want one thing from her but he wants more.

Mr. Anderson’s music hits as he makes his way down to the ring as Shaw tells Christy that he is one of the guys that only wants one thing from her. Anderson tells Shaw to shut up and informs Shaw that his relationship with Christy is not real. Anderson says what is real is the ass whooping Shaw will be getting. Shaw steps in and says he hasn’t done anything wrong and if he were, she would be receptive to it as women like her are always available. Christy them slaps Shaw as Anderson comes into the ring. Shaw then grabs Christy and shoves her into Anderson before putting Anderson into the judo choke hold as Christy looks on in horror and the fans start a “creepy bastard!” chant.

A video package on Willow is aired where Jeff Hardy plays with skeletons and an umbrella. James Storm is then seen leaving the building as we head into a commercial break. We return to the show where we see Gunner beating up Storm in the parking lot. Storm comes back and chokes Gunner with a strap but Gunner comes back and sends Storm into a trailer. Gunner continues on the attack until Al Snow and Pat Kenney come out to break things up. Gunner tells that he will be done at Lockdown. The announce team then hype the Lockdown pay-per-view as they run down the card.

A video package of the Abyss/Eric Young saga is aired. A camera man talks to Eric Young about the situation who says he hasn’t heard from him since then but hopes Abyss gets the help that he is looking for.

Match 5: Bobby Roode vs. MVP (Special Guest Referee Austin Aries)
The match starts with both trying to gain the advantage until MVP takes Roode down and puts him in a headlock. Roode is able to reverse with a head scissors but MVP is able to escape. The two then jaw a bit before locking up once more until MVP takes Roode down with a clothesline but Roode is able to easily kick out. MVP then connects with a boot to Roode’s face but Roode is able to comeback and takes MVP down with a neckbreaker for a near fall. Roode continues and hits a knee drop for another near fall. Roode then hits his neckbreaker from the middle rope and gets yet another near fall.

Roode then hits a suplex, but MVP is able to roll out of the way of a knee drop before taking Roode down with an overhead suplex. MVP then drives Roode’s face into his knee before hitting his signature elbow drop. MVP then lands a bridging suplex but Roode kicks out of the pin attempt. Roode then counters an attempt at the Playmaker and takes MVP down with a spinebuster for another near fall. MVP is able to come back and hits the Playmaker but Roode kicks out. The two then exchange blows until Roode takes MVP down with an enziguri. MVP comes back with a dropkick to Roode’s knees and MVP looks to put Roode away but Aries clocks MVP with a discus punch. Roode then hits MVP with the Roode Bomb and picks up the pin fall.

Aries raises Roode’s arm in victory as the announce team wonders who MVP will get for his team as he only has 10 days left before Lockdown, which brings Impact Wrestling to a close.

Quick Results
– The Bro Mans defeated the Wolves and Bad Influence by pin fall to become members of Team Dixie.
– Ethan Carter III defeated Doug Williams by pin fall.
– Samoa Joe defeated Bad Bones by submission.
– Lei’d Tapa & the Alpha Female defeated Madison Rayne & Velvet Sky by pin fall.
– Bobby Roode defeated MVP by pin fall.

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