Nikki Bella Comments on The Yes Movement, No Nudity on The Network, Chamber Twitter Ratings

Feb 24, 2014 - by Marc Middleton

– There is no nudity on the WWE Network as far as segments that have appeared on past pay-per-views. They are now blurred out, such as Miss Kitty’s breasts being exposed at Armageddon 1999.

– WWE’s Elimination Chamber ranked #3 for the night in Nielsen’s new Twitter TV ratings, behind True Detective and The Walking Dead. The pay-per-view had a unique audience of 1.512 million, which represents the number of Twitter accounts that commented on the show. This was down from the Royal Rumble. The Chamber had total impressions of 16.919 million, which represents the number of times the show was tweeted about. This was also down from the Rumble.

– Nikki Bella posted a photo of herself wearing one of the new Daniel Bryan stickers and wrote the following about her soon to be brother-in-law:

“Today I will wear this with pride. They keep trying to keep him down but they will never succeed. My brother in law @WWEDanielBryan will never give up fighting! And I’ll never give up rooting for him! I am so proud of him. I said YES! #YesMovement”

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