GRP #7: Thoughts on the WWE Network, WWE PPVs, CM Punk, Viscera’s passing, and much more

Feb 21, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

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On this special Friday edition of their podcast, Steve Gerweck and Frank D discuss:

– DISH Network not carrying WWE’s Elimination Chamber PPV
– Thoughts and predictions for the PPV
– Will Frank D order Elimination Chamber?
– The death of the Survivor Series PPV concept
– WWE’s PPV buy numbers
– Bad PPV names
– CM Punk’s sabbatical from WWE
– The potential lackluster Wrestlemania 30 card, and why Wrestlemania 31 is already looking more promising
– Hogan’s return
– Praise for John Cena, and missing the boat on turning him heel
– Latest developments with WWE’s TV negotiations
– The passing of Viscera

– All this and more in this 90 minute plus podcast!

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