1/23/14 TNA Genesis Part 2 Recap

Jan 23, 2014 - by Atlee Greene

-1/23 TNA Impact Wrestling: Genesis Part 2 Recap

Von Braun Center Arena in Huntsville, Alabama


The show opens with Rockstar Supd trying to calm down Dixie Carter. Magnus walks in and shakes hands with a high powered attorney who informs them that the new investor is planning a hostile takeover. The attorney says his response will be quick and swift but they need to play ball tonight. Magnus wants to know what “play ball” means and the attorney says the board of directors is allowing someone to be in Sting’s corner for tonight’s match.


Magnus says they can move the goal post and tells Dixie to make the match NO DQ and NO COUNT OUT. Magnus says he thinks the investor is Sting. Dixie says it’s not and Magnus says she has always had a blind spot towards Sting. She denies it and the attorney makes one last attempt to calm everyone down and says he will get to the bottom of it.


Magnus, Rockstar Spud and EC3 storm to the ring. Magnus claims Sting has been politicking with the new investor in order to get someone in his corner for tonight. Magnus says “I thought you were a man?” Sting comes out and says he doesn’t trust Magnus to wrestle a straight up match after he wrestled AJ Styles “like a man.”


Magnus asks Sting how much he paid the investor to get someone in his corner and Sting says he is not going to sell out like he did, claims he doesn’t know the investor, and says he got a phone call saying someone will be in his corner. Magnus reminds Sting that he made him tap out at Bound for Glory and that there are no second chances. Sting says he dusted himself off and got back in the game and has studied the tape of their match.


Sting says Magnus has lost the respect of everyone as a PAPER CHAMPION chant breaks out. Magnus slaps Sting. Sting laughs it off and proceeds to punch him in the face. Spud and EC3 blindside Sting until Samoa Joe hits the ring and cleans house. Sting introduces Samoa Joe as his backup for this evening.




Supd is frantic as he finds Dixie in the hallway and they are really concerned about Samoa Joe being in Sting’s corner tonight. Dixie says they need to make sure Samoa Joe is physically incapable of being in Sting’s corner. Spud suggests putting Joe in a match and Dixie says she is going to make someone famous in the process and make it someone’s first singles match in the United States. Rock Star Spud is chosen and he is scared to death. Dixie reminds Spud he won British Boot Camp. That doesn’t reassure Spud and Dixie pushes him out of the shot and tells him to get his gear on. Once spud leaves, Dixie says under her breath “PLEASE DON’T GET KILLED.”


-Briefcase on a Pole Match: Gunner vs. James Storm


The bell rings and Storm immediately goes for the briefcase Gunner pulls him down. Gunner tries and Storm pulls him down. Storm gets thrown over the top rope and he skins the cat to get back in the ring. Storm knees Gunner but gets clotheslined for his touble. Storm goes outside to the apron and Gunner slams his head into the turnbuckle. Storm blocks a second attempt and kicks Gunner in the face, climbs to the top but Gunner cuts him off and delivers a fall away slam.


Storm reverses a sling shot suplex attempt and delivers a back stabber. Storm follows up with a code breaker and goes for the Last Call super kick. Gunner blocks it and drills him with a side slam. Gunner climbs for the briefcase but Storm stops him as they battle on top and in front of the case. Storm takes Gunner down with a hurricanrana and both men crash into the canvas.


Storm makes the climb, grabs the case but Gunner gets his head in between Storm’s legs and falls backwards. Storm drops the case on impact and the referee waves it off saying he needs sole possession. They trade blows until Gunner headbutts Storm which leaves him stunned long enough to grab the case and be declared the winner.


Winner: Gunner retains the TNA World title shot briefcase




Kurt Angle says Bobby Roode has gotten the best of him over the last several weeks and that if he can’t beat Roode in the cage, he doesn’t deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.


Velvet Sky is being filmed via #IMPACT36 and she gets a gift and a letter from Chris Sabin. She reads the sweet sounding letter that ends with her knowing what to do with the gifts he got her for tonight. In the bag is a stuffed animal and a lead pipe. Velvet is confused by this and quickly turns off the camera.


-X Division Championship: Chris Sabin vs. Austin Aries with Velvet Sky locked in a cage


Velvet came down to the ring with the gift bag Sabin got her in the video and gets locked in the cage with the bag. They lock up and exchange headlocks until Sabin backs Aries into the corner and slaps him in the chest. Aries hits a deep arm drag out of the corner, rolls him up for two count, backslide pin attempt, applies a bridge submission, let’s go, and throws Sabin out of the ring.


Aries climbs to the top but Sabin runs back in the ring and trips up Aries and follows up with a baseball slide dropkick in the corner for a two count. Sabin throws Aries out of the ring and taunts the crowd. Sabin suplexs Aries back in the ring from the apron. Aries comes back with several forearms, drops Sabin with a shot to the back of the head and delivers a second rope moonsault for a two count.


Aries goes for the Brain Buster suplex but Sabin cuts him off and kicks him in the gut. Aries comes back with a discus punch and follows up with a running drop kick into the corner. Aries lifts up Sabin for another Brain Buster suplex but Sabin blocks it, pulls Aries trunks and sends him head first into the second turnbuckle.


Sabin goes to the cage outside of the ring, grabs the gift bag from Velvet and is upset to find only the teddy bear and not the lead pipe. Sabin yells at Velvet and Aries comes out of nowhere with a double ax handle from the top. Aries throws Sabin back in the ring and hts Sabin with a missile drop kick. Aries follows up with another running drop kick in the corner and delivers the Brain Buster for the 1-2-3. Velvet smiles and bops her head to the sound of Aries’ entrance music as the new champ celebrates.


Winner: Austin Aries is the new X Division Champion




Pre-Taped Segment with Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards. They are wearing black trench coats and it has a Boondock Saints feeling to it. They ask why Dixie would say The Wolves are world renowned but make the hunters of professional wrestlers dance for their meal. Richards tells her that they don’t dance…they dominate. Richards also says those that know their reputation know not to tempt fate and those that don’t need to consider this their warning. Edwards says this is the beginning of a true genesis in TNA and that the investor will be revealed to the world, next week in Glasgow, Scotland.



-Steel Cage Match: Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode


Angle shoots Roode into the ropes, Roode kicks Angle in the face but Angle comes back with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Angle tries to deliver the ten count punches in the corner but Roode power bombs Angle into the cage. Roode chops Angle in the corner and charges in with a clothesline. Roode hits a vertical suplex for a two count. Roode takes too long to deliver a piledriver, Angle takes down Roode and slingshots him into the cage and delivers three geraman suplexes.


Roode counters the Angle Slam and side steps Angle as he charges in and slams his head into the cage. Roode follows up with a Spinebuster for a two count. Roode places Angle on his shoulders and Angle slips down and slams Roode into the cage. Roode gets an Angle Slam for his troubles and gets caught in the Ankle Lock. Roode gets to his feet and delivers an enziguri with his free leg and clubs Angle in the back of the neck for close near fall.


Roode tries to escape through the cage door but Angle grabs his leg to keep him in the ring. Roode slams Angle’s head into the cage and starts favoring his left leg due to the Ankle Lock. Roode makes the climb, Angle meets him up top and they take turns slamming each other’s head into the cage. Roode falls down; Angle climbs to the top of the cage but stops and second guesses his escape. Angle decides to go for the moonsault off the top of the cage and crashes into the canvas when Roode moves out of the way. Angle looks hurt and Roode takes this opportunity to walk out of the cage door. Angle grabs his leg and pulls him back in the ring. Roode kicks Angle off and crawls out of the cage door. His hands touch the floor and Angle grabs his legs at the last possible second. Roode tries to hold onto anything he can but Angle is too determined and pulls him back in the ring and applies the Ankle Lock.


Roode’s reversal sends Angle head first into the cage and hits Angle with the Roode Bomb for a two count. The fans chant “Angle, Angle” as Roode scales the cage. Angle quickly runs up the ropes and delivers an Angle Slam from the top rope. Angle makes the climb, Roode follows to stop him and Angle slams Roode’s head into the cage to knock him off the ropes. Angle continues the climb while Roode crawls to the door. They tease a photo finish but Angle drops to the floor first, holds his knee, and is declared the winner.


Winner and still eligible for the Hall of Fame: Kurt Angle




-EC3 tries to motivate Rockstar Spud but calling him a champion, the British Dream and makes him roar like a lion to obtain some courage. Spud is ready and convinced he is going to win while EC3 rolls his eyes.


-Bros-Mans and DJ Ion come out and kept spouting random hashtags such as #Bromance and #Brotastic and a whole host of others. Ion calls Bromance the greatest tag team champions of all time and proclaim that Eric Young and his cupcake eating partner Joseph Parks are going to get down with the beatdown.


Eric Young charges out to the ring but they just beat him down from the start until Abyss comes out and Bromance is scared to death. Abyss clotheslines Bromance, chokeslams Jesse, and hits Robbie with the Blackhole Slam. Ion is all alone and tries to run but Abyss grabs him and delivers The Shock Treatment.


Eric Young gets to his feet and is shocked to see Abyss and then smiles about it. Abyss grabs Young’s throat and thinks about the chokeslam but decides against it and leaves.


-Samoa Joe says he watched Magnus over the last year go from brother to sell out. Joe says the clearest communicator is pain and Rockstar Spud will bear his message as Joe begins a new genesis.




-Backstage: Kurt Angle says he tried talking Sting out of putting his career on the line. Angle is asked to give Sting a message since this might his final match. Angle says everyone in the company loves Sting and that he loves him, wishes him the best, and hopes Sting wins.



-Samoa Joe vs. Rockstar Spud


Spud did his EC3 inspired lion roar as he walked to the ring. The bell rings, Spud yells at Joe and tells him he is the man. Joe turns his back and gives Spud the first shot. Spud goes for a waist lock and Joe throws him off. Spud delivers a series of chops and shakes the ropes like the Ultimate Warrior. Little does he know, Joe was unfazed and drops him with a vicious chop. Joe repeatedly kicks Spud in the face and runs for the Otani kick but Spud rolled to the floor.


Spud jumps off the top rope but Joe catches by the throat, lifts him up but Spud pokes him in the eyes. Spud delivers several drop kicks to Joe’s knee. Spud charges into the corner but Joe catches him and slams him down. Joe perches him up top, delivers the Muscle Buster and applies the rear naked choke for the tap out. Joe grabs the mic and says anyone in Dixie Land will have to go through him if they want to interfere in the title match.


Winner: Samoa Joe via         






-TNA World Heavyweight Championship vs. Career: Magnus vs. Sting


Sting knocks down Magnus with a shoulder block and Magnus returns the favor. Sting catches Magnus with a back elbow and forces Magnus to cower in the corner. Magnus locks up Sting arms but the icon reverses and Magnus grabs the ropes. Magnus gains control, puts the boots to Sting and mocks his “WOO.” Sting catches Magnus with a back elbow. They run off the ropes and catch each other with a double clothesline. EC3 comes out but Samoa Joe gets in his face and threatens him to leave. EC3 backs up the ramp as Sting looks on.




Sting applies the Scorpion Death Lock and Bad Influence come out and blindside Samoa Joe and throw him in the ring. Joe delivers a kick to Daniels and Kazarian which sends them out of the ring. Joe his a running dive through the ropes to the outside on Bad Influence and EC3 while Sting throws Magnus out of the corner. Magnus comes back with a boot to the gut and goes for a vertical suplex but Sting counters and delivers a Scorpion Death Drop. Sting covers Magnus but Zema Ion interrupts the count and pulls  the referee out of the ring.


Samoa Joe blasts Ion with a vicious right hand and stomps him into the ground. Jesse and Robbie E come out to make the save and throw Joe into the steel steps. Bro-Mans and Bad Influence enter the ring and pummel Sting in the corner until Kurt Angle comes on and cleans house with a plethora of german suplexes and Angle Slams. Magnus climbs to the top but Sting cuts him off and delivers a suplex plex, makes the cover, another referee runs in and Magnus kicks out at two. Sting misses a Stinger Splash and hits the referee in the process.


Magnus jumps off the second rope but Sting catches him and applies the Scorpion Death Lock. The referee is down as Magnus taps out. Bobby Roode comes in, takes off his elbow pad and clotheslines Sting in the back of the head. Roode exits as Magnus hits a michinoku driver and holds it as Dixie Carter drags Earl Hebner to the ring. Hebner slowly makes the count and Magnus gets the pin. The aftermath shows Dixie waving Sting’s contract in the air with a big smile on her face. Magnus rips it up and EC3 and Dixie hold up their arms as the victors.


Winner: Magnus retains the TNA title and rips up Sting’s contract

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